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My girls did such a wonderful job this past Monday!  The last time they did this they were punished hard, with a capitol H.  This time however, they asked for permission and told me why they wanted to do it.  Valentine’s Day is coming and my girls want to yet again sell their little snatches.  I gave them permission because they wanted to buy me a very nice gift for Valentines this year.  How could I say no?  I did tack on some rules though.

I told them that they couldn’t just fuck anyone.  I would have to ‘vet’ them to make sure they weren’t going to do serious damage to my girls.  I also told them that dependent upon what they were willing to do we would set the price.  Even though someone was paying them they were the ones in control.  We would also have to have security so in case something happened we could get the guy out of there quickly. Plus, because I will not know these guys except for what I can gather from the quick vetting that I will be doing, condoms are mandatory unless one of the girlies know the guy.

We were all set up and ready to go.  We even had a god damned snack and beverage table. I cannot tell you how proud I was of those girls.  Even the littlest one got to be in on it two.  She was all dressed up and she would lead the men to the proper room.  It was so adorable!  My girls made so much fucking money!  By the time we left the place we held this ‘event’ they were smiling from ear to ear.  I told them that what ever they do not use on the gift goes straight into their college fund, but I would allow them to buy themselves one thing before that money went toward their education.

I hope your valentine’s gift is a great as mine is going to be!

A Visit From My Ex-Husband

Hot phonesexI am sitting here in my home office, and my ex-husband is upstairs in the guest bedroom sleeping.  Seems he has managed to get himself into some trouble.  He showed up at where I work last night and said he needed to talk.  I told him that I can’t just sit down and talk to him, because I was working.  He could meet me after my shift was done.  He didn’t leave, he stayed.  He was making me feel self conscientious because every time I would get near him he would just be staring at me.  I really wanted to know what it was that he wanted to talk to me about.

When I got done he was in the parking lot waiting for me.  I asked him what he wanted.  He said that we should go back to my house and he would tell me there.  The whole drive home I kept imagining what it was he was going to tell me.  Did he find out about me and the girls? Did he find out about Marcus? Did he find out that I like to do drugs?

Finally we both made it back to my house, he followed me inside.  I paid the sitter, then we both went into the kitchen.  He sat down and started to cry.  What the fuck was going on? I have never seen this man cry before, never.  I wasn’t sure what to do.  I rubbed his back until he stopped.  He looked at me and said that he really fucked up.  I told him to go downstairs in the family room and I would get us something to drink after I changed and would be down in a minute.

I handed him a beer, then sat next to him.  He started to put his hand on my thigh and try to kiss me.  Oh hell no. This was Not going to happen.  He got the hint, then he told me what was wrong. The woman he married has a Daughter and a Son.  Both of which are a few years older than my eldest girl.  His step-daughter took some pictures of him and her together, but he was drunk and passed out, but from the look of the pictures you cannot tell that he was unconscious.  She sent them to him when he was at work and now she wants him to pay for her new car.  If he doesn’t she will show the pictures to her Mom.

I told him to just tell his wife what happened before the little shit can send the pictures.  He told me that he didn’t know how, plus, she always takes her Daughter’s side in everything.  There is no way she would believe that he wasn’t awake when all this happened.  We talked for a long time, then I told him he could sleep in the guest bedroom.  As soon as I heard him snoring, I called Marcus.  I gave him all the information on this girl. Where she goes to school, what she looks like, where she lives, where she works, the whole thing.  Marcus said that he would take care of it.  I am pretty sure that little bitch is about to be in a world of hurt, and she is going to receive the most brutal fucking of her life.

All I am doing now is waiting for a call from Marcus. I am not going to let the ex-hubs go home until I receive that call.  I am pretty sure that his Step-Daughter will have a huge change of heart at some point today.  Who knows, I might even go and wake him up and give him a nice fuck just to help make him feel a little better.

The Birthday Party For Marcus Part II

Cock Worshiping Phone SexAs you recall the last time I blogged I left you with a bit of a cliff hanger.  Everyone who did not have the red wax seal on their Party Invite was asked to leave.  Once they were all gone Marcus stood up and instructed those who had the Number 1 written on their piece of paper to make their way back behind the stage.  I saw a rather young looking Mom stand up and take her little one behind the stage.  Marcus then instructed who ever had the Number 2 on their paper to go back as well.  A Dad stood up and took his two little ones back with him.  A woman then came around and gave the few adults left goodie bags, and smaller ones to the girls and boys where were also in the audience.

My girls asked if they could open theirs and I told them they could.  Mine was filled with all the types of nose candy that I love!  I was so damn excited.  The girls got different little things, earrings, bracelets, gift cards, regular candy, that sort of thing.  They were trying on their jewelry when the lights lowered.  Marcus stood up and said, “Let the show begin!”  One girl, two boys, a Mom and Dad all came out.  They were all naked.  They looked at Marcus for direction and he nodded.  All those who were on stage started to touch, kiss, lick, and suck on each other.  It was pretty hot.  A lot of Adults in the audience were squirming in our chairs.  Now I knew what the numbers on the papers were for. 

After two other sets of people went up on stage it was our turn.  We went behind the stage and put on our lingerie.  The girls were actually nervous.  They had done all this before, but not on a stage with a spotlight on them.  I walked out with them, nobody else had been called back it seemed.  It was just us four.  Marcus nodded at us and we began.  It was just my girls and I.  I was licking their little cunts, sucking on their tiny nipples, and they were finger fucking me, sitting on my face, and a whole lot of other things.

After about fifteen minutes or so, Marcus came over to stop us.  We looked up at him and he started to take his clothes off, he announced that he wanted everyone up there with us.  It turned into a P-Mommy and P-Daddy orgy.   Little cocks, stiff, wet from being in mouths and pussies where all around me.  Tiny pussy holes were being stretched open by cocks and dildos.  I was sucking on a little ball sack when I felt a woman’s tongue plunge inside of me.  We played for a very long time. 

When we got home that night each one of us was exhausted!  Marcus called the next night to thank us for doing such a great job and to tell us that we would be invited back next year for sure.  My girls are just as excited about that as I am.

The Birthday Party For Marcus

Party Girls Phone SexAs you know from my last blog, my dealer; Marcus; was having his kick ass Birthday Party this past weekend.  I have to say, it was nuts!  We were to bring the outfits with us that he picked out for us to wear and to arrive dressed up as much as we could be.  He said, “Think Ghetto Black Tie.”  I had no fucking clue what the hell that meant! As a matter of fact, I still don’t!  I figured we would just dress up with some sparkle and then hope that it would be okay.  I had one of my favorite dresses on and I had my girls dressed up in their forest green dresses with the green sparkle trim.  I think green looks beautiful on them because it brings out the green in their eyes.

The venue that he had booked was super nice.  When we pulled up there was even a valet service.  Marcus went all out it seemed.  We walked in and instantly were meet by one of the men who hung out with Marcus.  He took the garment bag I had with our outfits in and told us to enjoy ourselves for a while, the show wouldn’t be starting until much later.  Show? What show??? 

There were others there the same ages as my girls, so they asked if they could go and hang out with them.  I told them sure.  I grabbed a glass of champagne and mingled.  After a few hours of trying not to get drunk off my ass so I could help my girls out with whatever Marcus had planned for them, the lights dimmed a few times.  The same guy who took the garment bag told everyone to go into the next room and find a seat.  He also said that the younger ones should find their Mom’s and Dad’s and sit with them.

After we had set down a woman came up to me and gave me a slip of paper with a number on it.  What the fuck was going on?  Then Marcus came out and everyone cheered.  He thanked everyone for coming to his party and he hoped everyone had a good time, but if your invite didn’t have a red wax seal on it, then you weren’t a VIP guest and could make your way out of the venue.  Marcus is one ballsy son-of-a-bitch.  This announcement almost cased a few fights.

After everyone who didn’t have the red seal left,  the fun really started.  I will allow you to think about what might have happened.  I will tell you all about it in my next blog!  *insert cliff hanger here*

An Upcoming Birthday Party

Drugs Phone SexMy cell phone started ringing around 3 a.m. this morning.  I kept hitting decline because I couldn’t turn it off as I use it for my alarm.  I was getting so pissed off.  I finally answered it at 3:40 a.m. to find out that it was Marcus.  I was not happy, not at all.  I swore at him and asked him what the fuck he wanted so god damned early in the morning.  He just ignored me.  He talked over me and told me that he would be there in about a hour.  To have not only myself, but the girls up, hair done, make-up on and naked under some robes or something.  Then he hung up.

How the hell did he expect me to have all three of my girls done up, and myself in just a hour? I turned on my flat iron, curling iron, hot rollers, grabbed my make up bag, did my hair, then went and got the girls up.  I don’t think he realized that they have school today. My poor girlies were almost unable to stay awake, they just wanted to go back to bed.  I heard a key in my front door and I knew it was Marcus.  I heard him go into my kitchen and make himself a cup of coffee.

I wasn’t done with myself yet!  I put my make up on as quickly as I could, gathered the girls then went downstairs.  He was sitting there with a smile on his face when we came in.  The girls went over to him and gave him hugs, and kisses on his cheek.  I asked him why he had us done up like this, this early in the morning.  He put his cup down and said, “It’s my Birthday bitch!”  We all said Happy Birthday, and all of use gave him a huge kiss.

He said he came over because he was going to have two parties.  One with his family, and one with some of his better ‘clients’ and friends that he couldn’t bring around his family.  He told me that it was going to be Sunday night at 8 p.m. sharp.  I said, “Okay?”  He went on to tell me that he came over so he could pick out the outfits that we were going to wear to his second party.  The girls and I tried on outfit after outfit from that huge box that we got from him as a Christmas Present.  Finally he settled on a red and black lace number.  He said we all looked beautiful, he even told me that I cleaned up well and if I were to do my make up and hair all the time I might have a man.  I have no time to mess with the hair and make up crap.  I only do it when I go to the work at the Gentlemen’s Club, but other than that, nope.

I asked him why he just couldn’t come over tomorrow night and do this.  He said he was excited, and couldn’t wait.  He gave us all a kiss on the cheek, gave me a little package of party powder and left.  Now the girls are excited and they cannot wait until the party on Sunday.

Taking Cock In Your Ass 101

Anal Phone Sex

I am asked by a lot of you how I started making my Daughter’s into cock hungry girlies.  I am always happy to tell you.  One thing that I usually do not expound upon is how they learned how to handle a real cock.  Toys can only do so much, also, telling someone how something is done sometimes does not translate well, especially when you are speaking to someone so young.  I found the best way to teach them was to show them. Having someone fuck your pussy is pretty self explanatory, but I made them watch anyway. 

They all giggled the first time they saw a real cock. It was actually kind of cute.  They were mesmerized by it, the length, the girth, and just the way it looked.  They took turns touching it so they could see what it felt like, then they watched as it was slipped into their Mommy’s pussy.  The whole time I was relaying how it felt, how to move their bodies, that it was okay to touch the man hovering above you as they thrust in and out of you.  They did not need a lot of direction where regular penetration was concerned.

Then came their Anal Sex lesson.  They were shocked that someone would want to put their dick into an asshole.  They make these icky faces when I was explaining it to them.  Once again, I set up an object lesson so they could see what it looked like.  My partner was able to get hard rather quickly.  It really turned him on knowing that my girls would be watching so closely.  I showed them how to relax, they stuck their little faces close to my ass as they watched that large cock sink into my asshole.

I didn’t lie to them, I let them know that sometimes it hurts, but you just have to remember that you need to relax and you could always rub your clit to keep you aroused.  I also let them know that if it hurts more than they can stand they can always ask the man to reposition, unless they were being punished for something then they would just have to suck it up and suffer.  My partner told me he could feel their breath on this cock when he would pull out before slipping back in.  That made him cum pretty damn quick.

After he pulled out I had my girls get behind me so they could watch the cum drip out of my ass.  The middle one asked if she could touch it, I told her yes.  Then I explained that some men will want to ‘clean you’ afterward, or feed you their dick that was just in your ass, or even scoop it up with their fingers and make you lick it off.  All three of them pulled faces, so I had each of them take a little taste.  They didn’t like it at all, but I told them that they would have to get used to it.  I made arrangements for my partner to come over once a week for a couple of months, so my girls could get used to the taste of cum that runs out of a freshly fucked shit hole.  It took a bit of training/learning, but now they do not even bat an eye.

Matching Lingerie

Family Fun Phone Sex

My girlies have a lot of different outfits that they wear to look sexy for some of the men who they come in contact with.  Since they do not make lingerie for their size, it is up to me to retro-fit lingerie that I buy for them.  This takes a lot of effort and time.  One of you suggested that I learn how to make the lingerie from scratch, that it would be cheaper.  I don’t think they realized just how damn lazy I am! That’s not true, I am not lazy, it is just that I have so little time.  Between working here, the club, and taking care of the girls, I barely have time to breath then to make patterns to make their own clothes.  Plus, I have to fit in time to have a little fun with my favorite candy/medicine on the planet. 

Yesterday a huge box came to the house.  I mean it was like a refrigerator sized box.  I had not ordered anything so I had no clue what it was.  The guy brought it into my living room on a hand truck.  He set it down then said have a nice day and left.  I didn’t have to sign for it or anything.  I looked at the box to see if there was a label, or note, or anything that would tell me who it was from, or if it was actually mine and not a neighbors. I didn’t see anything so I opened it.  It took a bit of doing, but I finally got it open.

Inside there was the most beautiful lingerie, in not only my size, but all my little slut’s sizes too!  I just could not believe it.  I had most of it out and sorted when my phone went off.  It was Marcus, asking me if I liked the stuff he sent me.  I thought he meant the medicine that someone brought over that morning, I told him I loved it but it was gone.  He sent me back a question mark.  I sent one back to him.  He said, “I mean the sexy shit.” The lingerie was from him! 

He told me that one of the women he deals too couldn’t pay for her stuff.  He let her ride for three weeks, so she owed him big.  He said she was too ugly to fuck, so he bought the lingerie, and had her do the alterations on them for free.  It is what she does for a living, so he just had her work off what she owed him.  He said he would never sell to her again, but to enjoy the clothing, consider it a perk of being a long time customer.  I know Marcus has a soft spot for my girls, I think that is why he really did it.  Anyway, now we have all these matching lingerie outfits, and we get to wear our first set to a party next Sunday that was set up by Marcus.  I cannot wait!

Dirty Dick Never Hurt Anyone

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex

Do you know what happens when you take a little break from discipline? These girls of mine think they can do as they please.  I went on a little bender and although I was at home, I was in no shape to really be able to pay attention to what my girlies were doing.  I finally crashed on Tuesday morning and when I woke up it was like a garbage truck exploded in my house.  My girls know better than that!  My girlies heard me get up and start the shower, I could hear them, “Oh no! Mom’s up! Quick, clean up!”  What my baby dolls didn’t know is that I had already seen everything.

I got out of the shower and could hear things being tossed in trash bags, and dishes being washed hastily in the sink.  I smiled to myself, although I was hurting, I thought of the perfect way to punish them and stop from feeling ill at the same time.  I was just done doing my hair when the doorbell rang.  My oldest one went to answer it and I heard her say, “Mom is upstairs Marcus.”

Marcus called up to me, I told him I would be right down.  When I went downstairs, Marcus and three of his friends were sitting in my living room.  I brought them all coffee.  After we spoke I called the girls in and told them to sit on the floor.  Marcus stood up to walk around the house to survey the mess.  I could hear him enter the oldest one’s room then he came running back downstairs and into the kitchen.  He grabbed a plastic bag and some tongs.  I was thinking, “What the hell.”  I could see my oldest and middle girl look at each other.

Turns out that there was about twenty condoms tucked under my one daughter’s mattress.  They were there because they thought it would be a fantastic idea to sell their asses for pizza and make-up while I was on a bender.  I asked them why they didn’t just come in my room and ask for it? They said because they didn’t want to bother me.  What the fuck sort of excuse was that?!?!? Yes I was blasted, but hell, I could of at least moaned a yes at them. Plus, the fridge, and cupboards were full of food!

Marcus took over and made the two oldest clean out the condoms, then him and his friends took turns ragging their asses out.  After they were fucked good and hard, they had to clean off those dicks.  The two of them were crying and sobbing when they were done being fucked.  Before Marcus left he told them that if they ever did anything like that again he would be back with 100 guys, and if they didn’t get the house clean like it usually is by the next morning when he stopped by, he would start calling those 100 guys to come over.

I have never seen those two girls clean so well, and so fast in all my life.  I am pretty sure they learned their lesson.  Good thing they had several more days off from school to heal, or they wouldn’t of been able to sit still in their seats in class.

Holiday Break Family Fun

Family Fun Phone Sex

What a great Christmas we all had.  My sweet sluts enjoyed all their toys, as they should they in essence bought them.  There was one thing though that they asked for that I couldn’t put under the tree.  They wanted me to be a fuck toy for a little while on Christmas.  I had no problem finding someone as some of the guys who hang out at Marcus’ place always try to get into my panties.  I don’t do anything for free, and the only thing I would gain from letting them do so is cum in my twat.   Yeah, that is not enough of an incentive.

I phoned up one of those guys who was the nicest looking of the bunch and asked him to come over.  He was just partying by himself so he said he would.  When he got to the door my oldest one opened it and said, “Hi Jake.  You are going to fuck my Mommy today.”  I could hear him say, “What!?!?”  He walked in and I was already naked.  My other two darling whores were sitting on the couch smiling at him.  I explained that this was one of their Christmas presents.

He walked right over to me and tried to kiss me.  Fuck no! No kissing … ever!  He got undressed and I was very much impressed by his cock.  It was better than I had anticipated it would be.  I went over to him and bent over.  I could feel him stroking his cock against my ass, then he pressed it hard into my pussy.  He fucked me for a few minutes then came.  Lame.  Not only were the girls disappointed but so was I.  He said that he had wanted to fuck me for so long that he couldn’t hold out.

I rolled my eyes at my girls and they laughed.  I turned around, got on my knees and coaxed his cock back to life with my mouth.  The girls got up and stood by us so they could have a better view.  I could see the middle one paying really close attention.  She is a fantastic cocksucker in her own right, but she could always get better. 

He was getting hard so I started being more aggressive, the girls started to chant, “Cum on Mommy’s face, Cum on Mommy’s face!” over and over again.  Talk about pressure. He did though and he came hard!  I showed the girls the cum then they helped me clean it off my face, scooping it up on their fingers and licking them clean, or putting some of it in my mouth then kissing me.  When the girls and I were though he was beginning to get hard again from watching us, but his time at my house was over.  I grabbed a robe, put it on, gave him his clothing then had him leave. 

I love my girls, and I think giving them that present was proof!

They Worked Hard For Their Presents

Mommy Phone Sex

I really love being a P-Mommy.  The Holidays is where I really shine in my duties as a Mom.  The girls know that if they want Santa to leave them some really good things that they have to perform to their utmost best.  During this time of year there is a lot of cock to suck, cock to pound, and asses to clean to make that money for Santa.  I have raised them to know that if you do not pay Santa so he can feed his reindeer then he can’t bring the presents to the houses.  One year I made sure Santa didn’t come just to show them how important it is for them to do what they need to get that money.  They were so disappointed, but they need to learn.

This year they have been doing all sorts of things that will help Santa out.  From walking pets for the neighbors, to babysitting, to allowing men to cum in their little fuck holes, or going down on dick just like Mommy taught them.  This Christmas will be one of their best!  Not only are they doing what they need to get that cash, they are doing excellent in their schools.  I think after they open their presents I will have to make sure they give me what I always want, their sweet little pussies, and their tiny little asses against my tongue.

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