Video Game Lessons


I was watching the little ones play a video game last night and it came to me. If they could earn prizes like in their games I bet they would work harder! Sucking 4 dicks gets you an extra dessert.  Riding 8 cocks gets you a new video game. I had to wait to see if it would work. Today I had an early morning party. I reminded my girls when they woke up about the rules of the game. And then sat back and watched.  I was dead on about the little ones. They were super excited about the game. I couldn’t believe how much harder they worked. How much more they begged to be filled and fucked. They were like little machines. They just couldn’t get enough.  I do believe I owe each and every one of my slutty little ones a new video game! Tomorrow I will have to make it harder for my sluts to get something. After all… They are supposed to be making me money.




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