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We Partied And Fucked

fantasy phone sexWhat did you do this weekend? I hope you had as much fun as I did. I had scored some blow and called up a hot ass freak who is always down to fuck. I told him to pack a weekend bag and get his horny ass over here. I had already had a few lines when he arrived, and I was horny as hell. My cunt was wet and begging to be pounded. As soon as he walked in, I grabbed him and pushed him down on the bed. I took all his clothes off and hovered over his face jerking his cock. He laughed when he saw how wet I already was and with just a few strokes of his tongue I was creaming his face. He then threw me off and put my head on his cock. He grabbed my hair and held my face while he rammed his hips up, fucking my face as I gagged and choked. I fucking loved it. When he started to cum and fill my throat with his load, I sucked him dry. I raised my head and licked my lips and passed him the tray. Want to get fucked up and play baby?

It Ended With Anal

fantasy phone sexI was at a party the other night and it was full of nice hot ass men. The ratio was definitely in my favor and I had my choosing. I studied the bulges in their pants before deciding which one would be my mark for the night. I walked over and started the conversation while smoking a joint and handing it to him. Pot makes my pussy warm and wet and he was a fine man, so I whispered into his ear to follow me to the back room. I locked the door and slipped off my dress. He smiled as he checked out my big tits and smooth wet pussy. I laid back as he unbuckled his pants and came towards me. He spread my legs and buried his face deep inside my cunt and made a great late-night snack out of my clit and pussy. He was hard as a rock as he stood up. He pushed my legs behind me and pushed his thick long cock deep inside my wet hole. He went for a few thrusts and then took it out and pushed it deep inside my tight ass as I gaped to take him all the way in. Nothing better to end the night than some hot anal, don’t you agree?

Let’s Get This Party Started

fantasy phone sexI am not one to pass up coke or cock so when I happen upon both I am pleased. I was out at the club scoping out the product when this nice fine-looking man approached asking If I would like to join him and his friends in the private room for some blow and booze. Gladly I joined. Once there I realized I was the only female in a group of about ten men. Just what my whoring ass likes. There were lines on the table and bottles of liquor for the taking. I quickly did a few lines and poured me a glass. They were at a bachelor party and I suppose I was their entertainment. What they didn’t know was by the nights end I planned on taking all their money, all their coke and a fair share of the liquor. I played along like I was a dumb naive girl. As the night went on and the coke and liquor flourished, they became a bit more forward and grabbier. I laughed and said oh let’s pretend I am a stripper, get out your money and let’s get this party started. Soon I had danced my way to close to $1000.00. I don’t know if it was the coke, the liquor or taking their money, but my pussy was wet, and I was ready for some fucking. I blew a few cocks taking them deep in my throat until they blew their loads all over my mouth. I took a few cocks deep inside my pussy and rode them so hard they were begging for more. I finished with some ass fucking as the grand finale. Pleased they gave me the rest of their cash. I pocketed the cash, the blow and walked out with a smile knowing that I had just played the players.

A Day Of An Escort

fantasy phone sex

I have a high dollar client who likes to get his freak on while at work in his corner office. He hires me as a temporary secretary for the day and I love it. Not only does he pay me big bucks, but I get a check cut from the company as well. I always show up dressed like the naughty sexy secretary but still a bit conservative. He has his assistant show me around and then introduce me to him. It is a little game he likes to play, and I am happy to oblige. So, after the norm and she had introduced us I sat in front of his office and he had her shut the door. I stood up and leaned over his desk showing him by massive cleavage and asked what he would like for me to do for him today. He smiled as I unbuttoned my blouse and walked towards him. I removed my skirt and blouse and stood there in only my panties and bra. He smiled as he turned his chair around and I got between his legs and started unbuckling his pants. I took his big cock out and started stroking it while I licked his balls. Then I looked up at him and smiled as I took that long cock deep in my mouth for him to throat fuck me. We had quite the kinky time that day, bet you wish you were my boss for the day too. Why don’t you call for some fun fantasy phone sex and tell me all the dirty things you would like me to do to you.

Fantasy Phone Sex With Naughty Boys

I bet you woke up with morning wood this morning, didn’t you? You know who would like to help you out with that? Me, of course. I love a nice hard cock in the morning. I love to hear your voice as you stroke that big dick to the sound of my voice. Me telling you how I want to start with a hand job, jerking you until the pre-cum leaks. Then I will lick that pre-cum right off the head. It is sensitive isn’t it baby. Just like I like it. I will move my head between your legs, brushing my hair back as I take your dick deep in my mouth. You can almost feel my warm breath and soft tongue, now can’t you? I will rub your balls as I take you deeper inside my mouth, opening my throat, taking you all the way down. I can hear you moaning now as you grab my head and ram my face to the base of your dick, fucking my face hard as ram it in my throat. I feel you getting bigger and your moans getting louder. I look up and watch your face as you shoot a huge load of cum down my throat. I just love a good morning blowjob, don’t you? Know what else I like? Fantasy phone sex with naughty boys like you.

Fantasy Phone Sex Makes Me Wet

fantasy phone sex

What does fantasy phone sex look like to you? Let me tell you about one of my callers. He is a hot ass guy with a filthy kinky mind. He even makes me look vanilla. His idea of a good time is to turn me out. Not to his friends either. To the rankest nastiest guys, we can find. We go around town looking for those that are down and out. He likes to find families. A mom, dad and a few little cuties. Then he offers them not only some cash but any and all of my sweet holes for their service. What he wants in trade are those little lovies. Most are either addicts or hard on their luck. The prospect of some cash and a hot ass slut is an easy yes. You might think I would cringe or be disgusted but I am not. Not at all. I will gladly take that rank cock into my mouth and suck them off. Or spread her dirty legs and munch away at her filthy cunt. I do that because the payoff is so worth it. We get to take those sweet lovies and use them. There are no limits, and we use them as we please. Spreading their legs and tight little asses to abuse and use. The things we did to them makes my pussy wet just writing about it. Want to hear all those evil dirty hot ways we fucked their holes? Just give me a call, you are going to love it.

He Lowered My Wet Bald Pussy Onto His Cock

fantasy phone sexDo you like fantasy phone sex? Let me tell you a story. When I was in high school, I was what you would call awkward. I didn’t develop until my college years. So, to say that the “in” girls were mean would be a total understatement. When I got notice of our high school reunion, I was excited to show those girls from school just how hot I turned out to be. I walked in and immediately saw them at the entrance table. When I grabbed my name tag and signed in their mouths just about dropped. They had packed on some pounds but still had those attitudes. I could see them whispering and talking as I mingled with the crowd. I saw the queen of the mean girl’s husband eyeing me, so I waited until he was alone at the bar and walked up beside him. He remembered me from high school and couldn’t tell me enough how hot I had become. Wanting to get the one up on his bitch wife I asked if he would like to tour the high school with me. We walked into the gym and sat finishing our drinks. I then leaned over and started kissing him. I sat on the bench below, unbuckled his pants and pulled out his quite impressive dick and started sucking on it. Taking him nice and deep as he moaned and whispered that he really should have paid more attention to me. Before shooting his load, he lifted me up, pulled up my skirt and lowered my wet bald pussy down on his cock. Lifting me up and down while pounding my pussy and eventually shooting his load deep inside me. I made sure to leave a little lipstick mark on his shirt before leaving him with my digits so we can hook up again.

Hot Ass Sex Made Me Squirt

fantasy phone sexI frequent the bar down the street and I also frequent the bar down the street’s bartenders’ nice hard cock. It is a great cock, and he is a great fuck, and we have hot ass sex. I go in a few hours before closing time and sit at the bar. I mingle and get a few free drinks along the way but at last call I am right back at the bar, waiting on him. I sit and drink while he closes everything down and makes sure everyone is gone. Then we get freaky. We have had sex on the pool table, bar counter, numerous bar tables, the nasty dirty floor and even the owner’s office. But my favorite time was when a group of young men were hanging out front and caught us. We didn’t initially know they were watching but once we saw them, we decided to put on a show. We moved close to the window and I stripped down to just my panties and thigh highs, sat on a bar stool and opened my pussy lips with my fingers giving them a closeup of my twat. My friend then bent down, put my legs on his shoulders and ate my pussy. He licked my clit and nibbled on my pussy until I was ready to cum, then he moved and let me squirt right at those young men, my cum hitting the window. Next, he grabbed me from behind, bent me over a chair and rammed his cock right into my soaking wet pussy, grabbing my nipples hard. I then threw him down, and gently lowered myself on his big, hard cock. I rode that cock as they looked on. We fucked for hours, putting on a free show for them. Once we could fuck no more, we could see them standing at the window jacking off. What a fun night. Give me a call and let’s have some fantasy phone sex baby.

He Woke Up With My Cum Filled Cunt In His Face

fantasy phone sexWe had partied all day and fucked all night. I rode him so hard and so long that he was laid out on the edge of my bed passed completely out. Now he had given my holes a good workout and they were a little sore with his cum still running out and making my pussy and tight asshole glisten, but I am a nasty cum slut and I needed more. I decided that instead of shaking him or kissing him or jerking or sucking on his morning wood cock I would just stand beside him really really close and let him breath in the smell of my juicy wet cum filled pussy. It didn’t take long until those eyes opened, and a smile appeared on his face. He rolled over and grabbed me, pushing my face against his crotch while moving my hips to his face. As I blew his morning wood, he ate my cunt like it was his last meal. He couldn’t get deep enough with his tongue. We quickly orgasmed and as his face was wet from my cum, I grabbed him for a deep kiss, tasting my pussy juices on his tongue. Now that he was awake, we did another line and started all over again. It was another day of using and abusing my holes and his as well. We got really kinky and watched some porn, played with some toys and had a hot ass time. You need t call me so I can give you all the nasty naughty details.

Using Them For Drugs, Drinks And Dick

fantasy phone sex

I was feeling a little naughty one night, so I got dressed in a tight black dress and matching heels, with nothing else. I had a few drinks, did a little coke and headed out for the evening. I stopped at the nearby hotel bar hoping to find some guys on a business trip. Those are the best as they are horny and have a nice business credit card at their disposal. Sure, enough I find a group sitting at the bar. I put myself in their conversation and soon went to one of their rooms for some blow and pot. It was me and two of the guys in the room partying. Lots of drinks from the mini bar and I even put some of the snacks in my purse for later. After all it was on his dime so why not. We did lines off the table and passed around a bowl. I was feeling good and the men were getting handsy. That is when things started to get nasty. I hadn’t fucked two guys in a while, so I was thrilled. I sucked one of their hard cocks while the other took me from behind in my wet cunt. He came in my mouth and I reached back and kissed the other unloading his cum from my tongue into his mouth. They loved it and so did I. He quickly came all over my pussy and then used his cum for lube and stuck his nice hard cock right in my tight little ass. Oh, I love a nice ass fucking. Soon we took it to the bed, and they fucked all my holes continuously. I sucked their cocks so many times my stomach was full of cum. I rode those dicks until they no longer could get hard. My pussy, ass and throat were full of cum and raw by the time we were done. I looked at them laying on the bed, smiled as I let myself out.

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