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Let’s Play Together

Fantasy Phone SexWhat kind of hot kinky fantasies do you have baby? I bet they all start with a nasty hot slut, don’t they? Well I am that nasty hot slut. I love my job; I get to talk to horny men all day and play with my pussy. The number of times I orgasm a day is off the charts. I love when a caller gets nasty dirty too. Like the ones that tell me exactly what to do with my dildos and other toys. I have a paddle too and one guy loves to hear me paddle my fine ass as he listens to the smacks land. It is incredibly hot, and my pussy just stays wet. Of course, listening to you jack off during the call only makes me hornier. I love the sound of a wet cock rubbing against the phone as I stick my dildo down my throat and deep throat it. There is nothing I won’t do for you and if you want to hear my sloppy pussy, I will move the phone between my legs so you can hear every stroke of that dildo plunging inside of me. So baby, I know you are already stroking your big cock, so pick the phone up, give me a call and let’s play together.

We Partied All Day And Fucked All Night

party girls phone sexWe had partied all day and fucked all night and there he laid on the edge of my bed passed completely out. Now he had given my holes a good workout and they were a little sore and still had some of his cum running out, but I am a nasty cum slut and I needed more. I decided that instead of shaking him or kissing him or sucking on his morning wood cock I would just stand beside him really close and let him breath in the smell of my juicy wet pussy. It didn’t take long until those eyes opened, and a smile appeared on his face. He rolled over and grabbed me, pushing my face against his crotch while moving my hips to his face. As I blew his morning wood, he ate my cunt like it was his last meal. He couldn’t get deep enough with his tongue. We quickly orgasmed and as his face was wet from my cum, I grabbed him for a deep kiss, tasting my pussy juices on his tongue. Now that he was awake, we did another line and started all over again. It was another day of using and abusing my holes and his as well. We got really kinky and you are going to wish you had been there to join in.

The Man The Myth The Legend BDK Is The Best

party girls phone sexLast week I got invited to Big Daddy King’s mansion to play. I was so excited to finally meet this legend and he did not disappoint. I walked in and the place was beautiful and there in the back room sat his throne. Totally made for the king himself. I sat in anticipation of his arrival and I swear my pussy was already wet just thinking of meeting him. He walked in in a robe and boxers and I could see that anaconda outlined in them. That cock was huge – I don’t know how the boxers kept that beast contained. I was just waiting for the seams to break and that snake escape. But as he approached and motioned me over, I got my first glance and that fabulous big black cock. He put me on my knees, and I removed those boxers and there it was. The man, the myth, the legend right before my eyes. I grabbed that beast, but it was too big for just one hand I had to use both hands to start stroking him. As I kissed and licked it, he tilted my head up for me to give that beast a blow job. Even a slut like me couldn’t get it all down my throat no matter how hard I tried. I did take him as deep as I could, gagging and gasping for air as I blew him. It was the most incredible time of my life. I fantasize about the next time I get to see that beast until then I will just close my eyes and rub on my wet pussy.

Everybody Likes A Freak

fantasy phone sexWhen you think of your fantasy girl what do you envision? A beautiful horny freak? That is what I thought. Well I am all of the above and more. I am pleasant on the eyes, always down to fuck and nothing is too taboo for me. My last boyfriend was pleasantly surprised when he took me to a college friends for a party. As the night went on and the drinks and shots kept flowing and some pot and a line or two were done, he looked over to see me and his friend’s wife dancing and grinding on each other. As they cheered us on, I grabbed her face and we started making out. That was all it took to get the boys worked up so as soon as the song was over, they suggested we take it back to their place. On the ride back me and her were in the back and the boys in the front. I pulled her dress up, her panties down and buried my face in her juicy bald pussy. I love the taste of a woman’s juices. As she moaned the boys couldn’t stop turning around to enjoy the show. After we got home, we had an even better show. Give me a call and I will tell you all about are freaky night.

Sucking That Nerd’s Cock

fantasy phone sexHe thought I was inviting him over to help me set up my computer, but I had a totally different agenda for him. He was a cute nerdy type I had met at the store but being the slut that I am, I quickly noticed the big outline in his pants. That boy was packing a mighty fine cock and I wanted to have it. So, he knocked, and I let him in and showed him the computer and he got all set up. I got us a beer and handed it to him as I knelt beside him. He was really into the whole computer thing when I reached my arm between his legs and started rubbing his big cock. He seemed startled but did not stop me. Then I reached my hand in there and unleashed that monster. He had forgotten all about the computer by then and turned towards me. I started blowing him, taking him deep in my mouth. Just as he was about to unload, he pulled his dick out and squirted all over my breasts. Then he laid me back and rubbed the cum all over my nipples while he started moving his hand up my skirt. That nerd was a complete freak and I am still reliving all the dirty things he did to me, and you are going to be totally surprised when I tell you.

Fucking My Neighbor While His Wife Was At Work

Party Girls Phone SexHey baby come play with me. That is the line I use when I see my hot neighbor walking down the hall. He smiles and nods and that his wife is working late, and I can expect a little visit from him around dinner time. Tonight, I left the door unlocked and yelled for him to come in. There on the couch I sat, completely naked, fucking myself with a beautiful glass dildo of his wife’s that he left last time we played. He came towards me removing his clothing as he went. I could see his dick sticking out the top of his boxers as he grabbed the dildo from me and buried his face between my legs and ate my pussy as if it was his last meal. I played with my tits as he brought me to a squirting orgasm, just like he likes. He then wrapped me in a deep kiss so I could tell just how good my pussy tastes. Then he grabbed my legs, put them over his shoulders and started pounding my juicy wet pussy. So hard that I could feel his tight balls hitting against my ass. We fucked for a few hours until I sent him back home to wait for him lame wife. He smiled as he closed the door.

Let’s Party

Party Girls Phone SexSo, if you are reading this you must also be partying and super horny. I have been sitting here doing lines and smoking bowls and rubbing my clit. I am soaking wet and just waiting for a caller to play with and I think you would make a great playmate. You can stroke your cock while I tell you how I would spread your legs and get between them and give you a wet sloppy blowjob. Do not worry I know how to relax my throat nice and wide so I can take your big thick hard dick all the way down. And do not be gentle either baby, ram my face deep in your crotch until I start to gag and tears flow from my eyes. That is exactly how I like it. Then I will grab my dildo and start fucking myself as I tell you how I want you to bend me over a table, spread my legs and pound my juicy wet pussy. So hard and so fast that I feel your balls bouncing against my ass. Doesn’t that sound like a good time baby? I will have a line laid out, a bowl packed and my dildos ready to have some fun with you.

Let’s Party

Party Girls Phone SexYou know what I like to do most, party and fuck. So, go get a fat blunt, a line or even a shot and give me a call and let’s get this party started. How about I show up at a party in a hot black party dress with no panties. I casually spot you in the room and strategically bend over so that you can see my sweet ass. I know that gets your attention so I sit where you can watch as I cross my legs and give you a nice view of my juicy wet pussy. You are starting to get a bulge in those pants, aren’t you? I see that too and then I nod at you and you follow me to the bathroom. We walk in and I close the door. You pull put my on the sink and pull up my dress burying your face in my cunt and start to lick on my clit. I lean back and moan as you bring me to an amazing orgasm. Then you lift me down, turn me around, pull up my dress and bend me over the sink. You ram your hard cock deep inside my pussy from behind as I watch you through the mirror. I love how your strong hands grab my hips and pound me. I feel your dick getting harder as you shoot your load inside my soaking wet pussy. I casually turn around and pull my dress down, smile at you and walk out the door. Doesn’t that sound like fun baby?

Let’s Play

Party Girls Phone SexSo, I go to a party and we drink, and we smoke, and we do lines. I see you across the room and you look like an entire snack. I make my way over and we start talking. We do some more lines, a few shots and go to the balcony to smoke a bowl. You know what pot does to a girl right? Well my pussy starts to get damp just looking at you and imagining your dick inside my juicy wet bald pussy. I see you staring at my tits and I pull you closer. We start making out and doing some lightweight grinding. I feel you dick getting harder, so I start rubbing it with my hand. I hear your breath getting faster in my ear. You grab me tighter and bury your tongue deeper in my mouth while your other hand softly rubs my tight ass. I am not standing in between your legs and can feel your cock pulsating in your pants. I whisper let us take this to the bedroom. You grab a bottle and 2 shot glasses and follow me. You walk in behind me and lock the door as I remove my clothing. You admire my big tits and beautiful cunt. You walk towards me while removing your clothing. Do you want to know what happens next? Give me a call and let me tell you all about it as you stoke your cock and I finger my wet pussy.

Fucking Them Both On The Balcony

Party Girls Phone SexSometimes I like to get really dirty. So, I put on my sleeziest, tightest latex and headed to the neighbor’s party. They know how to have a great time and the alcohol and blow were readily available. After snorting a few lines and downing a few shots, I grabbed a drink and headed to the balcony to smoke some pot. While I was out there, I started to talk to this hot guy and soon we were making out. I then felt a tongue licking my exposed ass and felt the snaps undo and his finger slide in my pussy. I looked back and it was his friend. I continued making out with the one while the other got my pussy nice and wet. He had completely undid the bottom of my outfit and was lifting my legs up and putting his rock-hard dick into my juicy wet pussy. As he rammed my pussy from behind, I reached down and started jerking the other off while still kissing him. Once he was hard, I bent over and gave him a blow job while the other continued to pound my pussy. It was so fucking hot that as I felt myself begin to orgasm, they filled my pussy and mouth at the same time with their warm salty sperm. I did not even bother to clean up, just redid my bottoms and looked for the next guy to fill me up. I left that night with cum running from my creampie pussy down my legs. It was awesome.

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