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Sexy college girl porn makes you a star

Sexy college girl porn

My friends and I are in a sorority together and we like to make sexy college girl porn. We met a loser in one of our algebra classes and he was so shocked that us ladies would even stop to have a chat with him. We invited him over to the dorms in order to have lots of dirty fun. Little did he know that we had plans to humiliate him! Us girls were giggling and laughing, we had him get completely naked first. We all laughed at his tiny pathetic cock! Giggling and laughing while wearing our sexiest lingerie. His tiny cock was already hard! I had decided to sit on top of his face, grinding my cunt against his face and he let me as we laughed at his pathetic little cock. He was so humiliated. You’re going to be my panty sniffing slave. I am so close to Cumming through my panties, my hot squirting pussy just came hard all over your face. Oh….Oh…. Oh! I came so hard, orgasming. The other girls took their turns on you. While watching you be humiliated, once we used you all up and covered you in are hot squirting juices, I got out a huge strap on. I stuffed my silky panties in your mouth so that no one could hear your screams. You’re so desperate. You want to be fucked deep and hard up your ass. I rammed that big, huge cock up your ass, and you loved it. I thrusted myself deep and deeper until I was balls deep in. You took your hardcore ass fucking like a good bitch while the girls pointed the camera in your face. You’re such a good porn star baby, I say as I slide my cock out of your ass deciding that I’m finished. The other girls continue to have their way with you, making you pose for the camera.

Pain slut phone sex Jillian wants you to cane her feet

Pain slut phone sex

You want to know my dirty secret? I enjoy pain slut phone sex. One night I went out for some fun. I had met this hot guy after a couple of drinks and went to his home with him. Once we were there, he tied me up. I was so turned on that I couldn’t resist being tied up by a stranger. He tied my wrists above my head and my sexy manicured feet to the end of the bed. I couldn’t close my legs because he made sure they were spread wide apart for him. He started rubbing my wet pussy, paying special attention to my clitoris. He even lightly licked my cunt, making me squirm. Once I got close to orgasm, he took a long cane and smacked my feet hard and pinched down on my clitoris laughing at me. He took a candle and let the hard wax drip in between my toes and all over my body. I wiggled around and moaned loudly. I knew I was due for a hardcore ass fucking.  It was too painful to have him fuck me like that but we were having some hot sex and I didn’t want it to stop. I like having my ass raped and the pain that came with it was unbearable. I screamed and accidentally pushed his cock deeper in my ass. His cock was balls deep. When he had enough of that he pulled out of my asswhole and started pinching and grabbing my nipples. I felt him put his mouth on my toes, sucking and licking them, and putting them in his mouth. I was so turned on. He was my hot foot worshipper. When he was done, he shot his biggest cum shot on my toes, it was so warm and sticky. I’m his dirty little pain slut.

Cum shots on tits will drive me wild

Cum shots on tits

Nothing drives a horny girl like me crazier than some hot and juicy cum shots on tits. I have some luscious hot and juicy tits. You like what you see baby? I bet you do. They’re so big. I’m the hottest girl in the sorority at my college, and I am known for being the kinkiest slut around. You close your eyes and imagine yourself shooting your biggest cum shot on these huge, luscious tits. You imagine titty fucking me and having me suckle on your cock moaning and giving you the best hummer, you’ve ever had. I want you to make me beg for your cum, I’ll moan so loudly for you baby. You can turn me into your cuckolding phone sex whore if you like. You can watch me get all of your friends, family, and strangers cocks off. After I get you off, you tell me that you want to see my hot squirting pussy in action. I play with myself fingering my cut, and I get myself closer… and closer…

Panty boy phone sex

Panty boy phone sexPanty boy phone sex gets my pussy so wet, along with some cock control and humiliation. You dirty panty slut! I’ve caught you wearing my favorite pair of panties. I won’t let this go. What’s wrong huh? Did you witness me taking a big, huge cock up my slut hole and feel the need to wear my pretty panties for some comfort? Well, I’ll show you comfort. The panties you just stick your nose in had that man’s biggest cum shot in them. I’m going to humiliate you for this. Stick out your tongue! Give a huge lick on those panties. I want your nose in them, and his cum in your mouth just sitting on your tongue until I tell you to swallow. He won’t shoot his cum shots on tits anymore, they’ll go directly into your filthy panty boy phone sex mouth. I bet you liked watching us have a big tit fucking moment too. Well, go ahead and get on your knees. He pumped me full of cum…..

Small cock humiliation phone sex

Small cock humiliation phone sex

If you like to be humiliated, degraded, and laughed at then you’re looking at the right girl when it comes to small cock humiliation phone sex. I’m playing with myself and fucking myself with a purple long dildo because your cock just simply can’t get the job done. I heard rumors from the other girls about your tiny little cock, they would laugh and tell me that you try to hide yourself in the gym bathrooms. You would wear these white briefs that covered everything. How pathetic! I would love to go in there and let one of the men put their cocks in between my big tit fucking me in between my breasts. They could shoot their biggest cum shot in my mouth while you watch with your tiny, teeny wheeny pathetic pee pee in your hands. I look at you with their cum just oozing out of my mouth, “You won’t ever be able to have any hot ass sex with a woman like me. Not that tiny thing!”

Edge play phone sex

Edge play phone sex

I am in need of dirty submissive who can endure the kind of treatment I have in mind for them in an edge play phone sex session. I want to put you on a leash and lead you around the house. Or better I want to pull you around by your cock, forcing you to follow my every move. I want to lead you to the bed by your cock, I know that you trust me to give you the best nut busting orgasm you’ve ever had. But. cock control is a part of what turns me on the most. I want to tie you down in some bondage on the bed and play with your cock, teasing it. Putting the tip of your mushroom head into my mouth while making an O shape with my lips and seductively looking at you in the eyes. You like that baby? I’d say as I watched you squirm. I bet you wish you were having some hot ass sex instead. Well, maybe I can put you in between these big tits and jerk your cock off with them. Don’t shoot cum shots on tits though. No Cumming for you. I’ll jerk you with my tits and expect some guided masturbation tips from you so that I can keep you from going over the edge. You think you can take it baby?

Daddys Girl Phone Sex can get huge and extreme!


Daddys Girl Phone Sex“Mmm, oh fuck it’s huge!” There’s something magical about my tongue rolling up and down a shaft that’s somehow managed to be bigger than my fucking head during daddys girl phone sex! When I say it’s huge I’m not talking in metaphor or pretty little lies, I’m talking about a monster that might just well be the cock of a king. Merely opening my lips to take it in isn’t enough, I have to open wide and press down like an orphan handed delicious food. While mentally marking on my calender to maybe donate to poor people for that remark, I managed to get it a quarter of the way into my mouth and felt it in my cheeks. It stretched me out, and I knew by the time it got down to my soaked pussy lips I’d be gaping while leaking juices and cum and fantasy phone sex juice. It didn’t play around, I’m pretty sure it didn’t know how. Halfway into my mouth and it was incredibly hard to breathe. It felt like I was suffocating even before it blocked my throat. Trying to suck on it was a task for a professional whore. I barely had the capabilities even with all my efforts and learnings to satisfy what was clearly a dream come true. The salty taste was unmatched by even the smell that wafted down my nose and up from my mouth. You know when you down a coke too fast and it hits your nose? That was this dick, and I was taking it slowly! Powerhouse didn’t describe it, my wet mouth was practically dry after trying to coat it halfway. If you could be mentally scared by the sheer weighty mass of a man’s progeny flowing down your throat from his tremendous meat, I’d be signing up for therapy after this hot ass sex.

Cum Slut Phone Sex gets real when drugs are involved

Cum Slut Phone SexMy cum slut phone sex slut head was so fuzzy I wasn’t sure I could have stopped even if my boyfriend had been begging. I needed this man’s dick and I needed it right that moment. I don’t really remember why, I had been drinking but every pump and bob of my head is added to a powerful feeling of bliss on my tongue and in my throat. It had to have been a drug, something slipped into my drink before I was brought back to the back room with some guy I never even got the name of. I knew he was some kind of playboy, his red coat was really memorable and he smelled of money. That lack of desperation was powerful. I remember wondering why a guy like that would stoop to drugging a daddys girl phone sex expert but now I know why, it was the power. Men like that get a taste of power very young and they don’t ever want to let it go. They don’t have to let anything go, there’s always another girl just like me to play games with. Our wet pussies begging for a fuckstick to fill them with meat and then hot steamy jizz and future problems. Our mouths needily slobbering on shafts we’d never seen before until right that moment. I can still remember the surging needs that flowed through me the very moment I saw his prick in the dark lighting of the private room. I fell to my knees without having to be asked or told. I moved my hips as I sauntered over across the floor in what I now imagine to be lewd shambling, my tits out, my hips naked as the day I was born. I needed his cum, more than anything else in the world. Drugs phone sex will screw a girl up in all the best ways.

Public Creampie Phone Sex for Groceries!

Creampie phone sexStuck in a parking lot being used for Creampie phone sex, my velvet red panties down around my knees while I’m forced down, and bent over on some nice big sturdy car while a throbbing shaft is spreading me out and fucking me hard enough to make my young beautiful voice sound like I’m auditioning for a musical. If you’re a normal guy, you’d probably wonder how I got like this, people watching from the side while my sopping cunt is stuffed and some guy I met like a literal minute ago is about ready to pump my fertile shoot so full of verile globs that my offspring have offspring. Well, it wasn’t really that complicated actually. My card wasn’t working after I’d already gotten myself a massive – cart perverts – of groceries. I couldn’t just walk away when I could cum slut phone sex my way out of it. I’d already been here two hours! So when some guy offered to pay for me I was happy enough that my sexy body had him losing his brain that I didn’t really think about what he’d want until he helped me bring them to my car. Now I get it, now I understand, and you know, fair trade and all, just like, I bought icecream? My icecream is melting while this man gets his freak on and if that isn’t a sacrifice for the pussy pumping cause I don’t know what is. I deserve things like this though, there’s nothing that gets more boring than a day without treating yourself. Sometimes that treat is some super nice high quality icecream that makes me wish I’d already eaten it. Sometimes, that treat is getting so pumped full of spunk that your danger senses tingle and you cum hard around his cock, spasming like a motor-operated sex toy, hoping you don’t cum down with a case of little consequences from your Fantasy phone sex fun, but knowing it’s probably happening. How was your day?

Hardcore Phone Sex and Dinner

Hardcore Phone SexWhat could be better, at the end of a long day of work, than coming home to find a hot fucking cum slut fingering her naked self in your kitchen? I was wet and wild when I got to his house, and I knew that he wasn’t due home for another 2 hours. So, I made sure he had something nice in the oven, and then stripped down to my skin. I climbed on top of his counter minutes before I knew he usually got home, and had set myself up in perfect line of view with the front door. I hiked one leg up and knelt on the other, hands both on my cunt, as I started working my puss to make sure it was as wet as I could get it. He opened the door, found me just like that, surrounded by the smells coming from the oven, and he was done for. He didn’t even make it all the way into the door before he was stripping. By the time he got to the counter I was on, he was butt naked. He pulled me so that my legs were wrapped around him, and pushed my body back so that I was laid out on his counter, holding onto his shoulders, as he slid into me. The only things you heard after that were the sounds of our skin slapping together wetly, our breathing getting heavier and heavier, and a few moans. He drilled my pussy so fucking hard, I came in no time, a hard orgasm that had me shuddering and quivering all around him, until he came deep inside me. That was definitely a great start to the night!