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Age Play Phone Sex Cum Slut

Age Play Phone Sex

My slutkin is the hottest little piece of ass and an Age Play Phone Sex cum slut. I raised her to be what she is and she does not disappoint. This is especially true when it comes to being the tease she is. She does do a fine job licking my pussy while I am getting a juicy hot cum shot on my tits and face. She comes up and kisses mommy licking up all the stray jizz. Does she not sound like a deviant little whore? She is every part of the deviant slut I make her out to be. It’s delightful how well she takes to mommy’s new boyfriends. She is a real pleaser and it often freaks the guys out thinking I am going to freak out about it. Like I will be in bed with one of my boyfriends and he isn’t aware of the likes of my daughter. I will be asleep and naked, he will be in bed naked with me. Little Emily Jasmine will sneak into bed and get between us. She crawls right in nice and naked too. Emily is fixated on cock and will put her little hand on his dick and stroke it, and giggle. She even has been known to crawl right up and start sucking on my lovers cock while he is completely frozen and fears reacting. But a dick always knows how to react and well… she does make them cream!

Anal Phone Sex Fucking Teen Milf

Anal phone sex

I’m a teen milf and anal phone sex is the best fucking fun to get my daughter in on it. I love her tiny little mouth and tongue pleasing my pussy. I have her licking my mommy slit and butthole like a good little fuck slut. I get her to stroke, lick and suck on that big daddy penis. It’s great having a helper prepare my asshole and your big daddy dick with her whore mouth and tongue. She is such a good slutkin that she will grab your cock with her small soft little girl hand and guide it into her mommy’s butthole. Look at her putting your fuckrod to my ass then licking that butthole and the head of your cock. It pops right in and she is such a good girl licking at your balls and my mommy pussy juices. I want your load to spunk all over her little mouth and my mommy butthole.

Always A Party w/ Age Play Phone Sex

I love Age Play Phone Sex and it is always a hot fucking time! I’m so inspired by the slutkin at times that I cannot help but be a flirtatious whore that wants to rock that cock in my pussy all the while I make out with little Emily. She loves to pucker up for me. I love to swap that man load to her little cum slut mouth. She laps your seed up right from my pussy like a good little whore. It’s never a problem to have the two of us together. I will help you in penetrating her baby girl pussy and that hairless pink butt hole. We have so much fun together and three isn’t a crowd for us. Just know with me it’s a package deal to have little Emily along for the ride.

age play phone sex

Sloppy Fucking Wet Blowjobs Phone Sex

Blowjobs Phone Sex

Blowjobs phone sex is pretty hot. That slurping, gagging and sucking on big cocks while you imagine my daughter and me sucking you off. Mmm… I get really wet slopping down this big hard cock of yours. Oh! 9inches! Mmm… I need to get my daughter in on this sloppy blow job. You don’t mind do you? I have a little slutkin demon spawn that loves draining pervy men of all their man goo. My little Emily Jasmine is a complete slut already. Well with a little guidance from me. I am always present and play along when it comes to using my sex doll offspring. I never knew how much fun it would be to play with her little girl pussy. It’s actually fucking hot for me. I love fucking my daughter as much as I love dick. I love that she is becoming a cum slut phone sex lover just like her mama. I know you could enjoy the two of us together sucking that cock and working on those balls. I lick her tight little girl slit and she licks mommy’s juicy wet cunt. We really love to play together and sharing that cock is amazing fun to have as a young teen mommy and her little slutkin. I bet you have the perfect size for a little slut hole.

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Another Fucklord Visit!

I rent from an old pervert that had purchased this wonderful little apartment for his daughter. She wanted nothing to do with her dad, nor the things he has bought for her. He hit’s us up for daddy’s girl phone sex type scenes but in real life. He wants to spoil my daughter and me like we are his girls. He makes a visit monthly and instead of rent he gets to play with his two lovely daughters. He gets so turned on with the idea of his baby girl having a daughter. He loves playing daddy and grandpa to the two of us. He used to molest his daughter when she was young and why she wants nothing from him. I get a free ride and other ways he spoils us by allowing this little tryst. It’s great dressing as a school girl and my daughter dressed as a little princess. She loves to wear the pretty sundresses he buys her and the pretty cotton panties too. Her little cunie and butthole belongs to her grandpa Eddie for these few hours. My pussy is available for my daddy to breed also. He really wants a little girl to call his own.

Daddys Girl Phone Sex

Mommy Date Night

I decided to take to the GFE phone sex thing and would be hot to share my daughter as a surprise. I had a date the other night and left my slutkin Emily at home. I just wanted a break from the little munchkin mini me. So I dressed all sexy and shit and had a date with an older wealthy man. I met him through some friends and we had fun at the party so decided to give a date a go. I was wined and dined and it was nice. I still couldn’t help be the flirtatious tease I am after a few glasses of wine. I get horny on wine. I decided to give my date a handjob under the table at a Michelin star rated restaurant and yeah it was a dreamy meal. I was horny as fuck and we had a fairly private little nook. I felt him nearing orgasm and I felt the best mix for the divine Godiva chocolate dessert souffle would be a mouth full of salty cum. I leaned down and finished him off with my mouth and got a big gooey thick load down my throat. I quickly washed it down with some bubbly as the waiter approached. He was ready for more. We were getting into each other on the couch when my daughter came out and started licking his balls and giggling. She is such a little whore and needed to get in on things. Luckily he wasn’t minding one bit. We fucked and sucked him dry.

GFE Phone Sex

Licking My Slutkins Pussy Right Now

Age Play Phone Sex

I’m a bit of an Age Play Phone Sex specialist, you could say. Bath time is exciting when the two of us take a bath together. Whether an actual bath or a shower, it’s kinky! You know me, I’m a wild little mama with a sweet ass bald cunt slutkin. I have been licking her pussy since the first load of jizz was spilled on her tight hole before cock could fit in it. I love the taste of slippery bald cunt juices. I will eat her sweet little ass like it was the bottom of the pudding cup. But to be honest that’s how I eat her pussy too. I love a custard filled cuny early in the morning. That would be both having my pussy stuffed with that man custard and her sweet snatch all ready as a sweet cream pie. We enjoy cum so much together. I love to lap that pussy right before some spanking phone sex also. It’s great to make her wet and tease her with my tongue while she lays over the principles knee. Bare ass up and panties down. I lick her real good and give that naughty p daddy a taste of my daughters pussy from my mommy lips. His cock bulges and throbs under her warm petite little body and he just slaps that ass a few times before he needs to bury his cock inside of that juicy tight pink puckered fuck hole. Kinky discipline Roleplay phone sex is erotically exciting with the two of us. She can’t talk on the phone at al since the legal age is 18! But the idea of all these things you get to do with her and me, the slutkins mommy will instigate, urge you and help! You want this fantasy fuck and you want it bad!

Spanking Phone Sex

Fetish Phone Sex Cum Slut

I’m a totally no taboo kinky mama! The fetish phone sex cum slut daughter of mine is as bad as mama. I really cannot control the little brat. When she wants something she will not let up. The other night the slut snuck out of her bedroom window to go spy on the neighbors that were having a party. Was a college gathering and she is a feisty brat. She snuck in on that party and being the slut she is and so petite she managed to get wasted. I had to over there when i realized what happened and smoked some and had a few drinks while I scope the place out to find her. I won’t lie, I flirted and sucked a few cocks and got some blow for it. It’s what I do and how my daughter picks up the best attributes of her mama. When I found her she was getting throat fucked by the biggest fucking dick I had to be a good mom and help her out with that. What fetish do you have? A young daughter and mama sharing your dick? Of course it is!

Fetish phone sex

Her Teacher Saw Mommy Smoking Weed

These are the time of online school and Zoom meetings with teachers. This pandemic has changed how we do normal things and how social interaction is diversified to an online platform. This has played a role in this party girls phone sex post. The interactions for students and teachers are almost completely online. That means these teachers have an opportunity to see what goes on in the households of their students. Some do have the option for a couple of times a week in a classroom with strict measures in space and hygiene. However, for the most part it’s going to be online. Well, as many of you guys know, it causes some privacy issues at home sometimes. I get it, and deal with it also. I now have to watch myself while the little slutkin is in her class or conferences with the teachers. I was doing my usual thing and was hitting a bong in the background while the munchkin was in  Zooming with a male teacher. I was just wearing a pair of bikini panties and walked through the background without a thought. I was topless and my face was buried in the bong. Mr. Henderson got a full view of this and called me out right there. He went private and direct and called me to discuss this behavior. My daughter is well taken care of and extremely happy, intelligent and a good student. There is no reason to raise too much a issue, and Mr. Henderson knew this. He wanted to use this to his advantage. This led into some Blackmail Phone Sex interaction and Mr. Henderson showing up at the house. Needless to say he was quite relieved to get a welcome at my house with the slutkin and I ready to service the throbbing hard dick in his shorts that day.

Party Girls Phone Sex

Blackmail Phone Sex Exposure

The delicate situation of Blackmail Phone Sex sessions make naughty perverts squirm. They are nervous, aroused, and delightfully turned on over the idea of being dominated by a nasty hot femme fatale. The jailbait tight waif with a sweet bald cunt is the ultimate pleasure for your perverted mind to go to while jerking off. Just imagine and think about that sweet sexpot driving you mad. You see her giggling and pointing at you as you are naked in front of her and you have a cock that is just perfect for such a tiny cunt. You know your cock will fit inside her and not hurt her. She has sucked on much bigger dicks and giggles that you are small. She knows you can fuck her tight cuny though and wants to feel it. I know you will do anything to get inside of her. I take my phone and record the whole ordeal.You are aware that a simple mistake will have this video blasted to everyone that has control over your livelihood. You are my neighbor. I am friends with your wife. I know where you work. My list of recipients to send this video to can destroy you. You made a promise. If you do not follow through you will be destroyed. How’s that for Blackmail? Now go get that credit line extended to meet our needs. You are best to keep that extended credit line a secret.

Blackmail Phone Sex

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