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Fantasy Phone Sex Holiday

Today is that fucking dirty Holiday called Thanksgiving. You know what I am Thankful for? I am Thankful for You! Pervert! I love my perverts and love to share my slutty little whore doll with all of the guys. Hell today I got to trade her little cunt violation for some fucking skag. It’s hot how I was able to shoot up and even gave the little slut a taste. I shot some between her little toes and watched her eyes roll back. She had a huge cock in her mouth and ended up vomiting on it.

That was just extra lube, right? Like she got that mucus covered cock forced into her tight hole. I cheered him on in making his big cock fit in her fuck hole. He pumped her tight little pussy full of special cream. I am a naughty mommy and went down on that sluts pussy and slurped the cum from it. I kissed the princess with that jizz snowballing it in her mouth. The celebration is On!!

Fantasy Phone Sex

Romantic Phone Sex Ageplay P-Daddy

Emily’s favorite p-daddy loves nice Romantic Phone Sex with her. He enjoys kissing her sweet little mouth and letting me coax him into fucking her. Her little holes are so tight and tiny. But he has a p-cock. That means he has a small bitty cock that is perfect for little holes. My Emily says he wants to marry her. It’s so sweet. He pumps her little cuny full of his peas.

Romantic Phone Sex

I could not be a prouder young slut mommy. The fun that Emily Jasmine and I have is way too naughty. I never thought being a mommy would be so fucking hot. Guys seriously get off on my little angel being the slut she is. Like her mama my brat is already fucking big dicks too. We share some hot cock sucking times. Just look at how young Jodi Foster was turning tricks in Taxi Driver.

You can’t shame me for what I love. If that’s your game then your just a loser at it. My daughter is my world and I am hers. Sure she was trained unwillingly, but again they cum into this world unwillingly too! Think about that. Yeah, I am the best mama for my slutkin and she is the best little whore for her mama. Two peas in a pod and your pea pod is throbbing now isn’t it Mr. C?

Princess Phone Sex

Got Caught with Drugs Phone Sex

It was late and my slutkin was drowsy after we left a friends party. We stumbled around the neighborhood to a spot where cabs waited as it was drugs phone sex we were looking for. I was high and so was Emily. We were stumbling and giggling and we accidently bumped into some undercover dick. My slutkin Emily Jasmine is a bad girl. She looked at him and slurred I bet your a dick. He was in no mood more her cuteness. Seems he had some real pent up issues with young girls and moms.

He flashed his badge and gun. He was grabbing us both with a firm grip. It seems we found ourselves a free ride after all. I was frisked hard and he found the baggie of ice, an ounce of weed and a couple of ecstasy pills. Oops! Was all I could say and shrug. He didn’t like my attitude, or my daughters. He took us to his stake-out headquarters to share us with the other pigs. They were all way over due with unloading their balls. So fucking hard up. They made us undress and decided they would search us their own way. They decided that making us drink their piss would sober us both up and fucking us was not out of any question there.

Drugs Phone Sex

Blowjobs Phone Sex in The Park

Little Emily Jasmine and I were strolling through the park the other day. We noticed some dude being weird. Emily whispered loudly to me that she bets he was perving. She wanted to give him a show! That’s exactly the thing she loves to do, teasing perverts in public!

She went over and sat next to him on the bench and he had his hand in his pocket. The little brat she is she leaned over to him and asked what he had in his pocket. I could not contain myself from laughing. Little slut spread her legs and told the guy she wasn’t wearing panties and that he should take a peek. Then she saw it! He was stroking his cock harder! This was so hilarious and naughty!

Little Emily asked the Pervert to show it to her. She wanted to touch his turtle head. He froze for a second and stared at me like a scared Deer in the headlights. I laughed and nodded my head. He was so unable to contain himself. Her little hand reached out to pet it and bam! She got slimed! I told her she needed to be a good girl and lick that head clean and be a good girl. If it gets hard again, you better give him a blowjob!

Blowjobs Phone Sex

Cum Slut Phone Sex Gangbang Slut Holes

It’s hard for me not to get wet thinking about this recent Cum Slut Phone Sex Gangbang. We had the nastiest fun, little Emily Jasmine and I. My friends are the best when it cums to their desiring of this slutkins pussy and starfish.

We were partying up in Canada with some old and new friends. Someone brought a bunch of ecstasy to the party and dosed us all! I party with mainly guys and so it was a bunch of dudes a couple of large Furry Friends and little Emily and I. She gets so strung out and cute.

The fact that she is a little whore and copies me is the cutest thing ever. We started really getting hot dancing around and the ecstasy kicking in. Shedding clothes, doing lines, smoking weed and drinking. This was a bomb ass party. Someone came with the idea of letting the furry fucker lick little Emily and boy was it on! I swear this was a cum soaked bash and I had about 6 fucking cocks plus 2 red rockets and so did Emily!

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Slutkin and Mama Fetish Phone Sex

Fetish phone sex pervert party mommy Haley is back! The sweet brat, fruit of thy womb, labor of the fuck, trophy of the sperm donor Emily Jasmine is also missing you! My daughter is the cum suckling little tramp that men like you crave to have. She is your mini lover. Bald pussy glazed in daddy cum is delicious. Little Emily Jasmine needs to play the tease for your big daddy cock. You can be her husband daddy or just mama’s pervert lover. I will fuck your brains out while the little slut suckles at mommy’s tit and licks my juices. Licking your mud hole is something she is also good at while I prep my strap-on to pound that ass pussy of yours. Don’t worry little brat Mistress will also have a nice cock to fuck you into submission also. We have truly missed our perverts.

Fetish Phone Sex

Drugs Phone Sex Fun With Tranny & Slut

The best fun was the other night when I was out partying and enjoying Drugs Phone Sex. I was wasted and met up with sexy t-girl Raina. She was a freak! We made out and got hot on the dance floor. I whispered that I had the tastiest little idea for a real party, back at my place. I knew she was packing a great cock and I wanted little Emily to be intoxicated and fucked by that big tranny dick.

Drugs phone sex

We got back to my place I prepped some special drinks. I cranked on the music and Emily came out wide eyed and sleepy. Raina thought she was adores and I laughed. Jasmine Emily was so confused!  I just gave her some of the special cocktail and a little bit of blow. She loves blow! Hahahah… My little druggy slut, just like me! Little Emily started waking up and getting woozy at the same time. I made out with Raina as Emily sat between us. I pulled that tranny cock out and boy did Emily’s eyes get big! She has never really seen a sexy t-girl before, in person!

I had little Emily sucking that big tranny dick with me and it was hot. I invited Raina to take that sweet little cunt hole of Emily’s and fuck her good while I got down and licked her little clitty and butthole. I worked my tongue from Emily’s bum to Raina’s. I sucked her big balls in my mouth and had her jizzing in my little sluts hole! Little Emily was so intoxicated and filled with cum it was amazingly fun!

Forced Intoxication Phone Sex

Tease & Denial Phone Sex

Just the other day my sweet and innocent little angel said the silliest thing to me. Little Emily Jasmine told mama that she wanted to dominate a man with Tease & Denial Phone sex. You know I was getting so baked and sitting on the mountain when she said this. I just grabbed my little princess and started laying on the raspberries to her belly. She giggled so much! We both ended up rolling around in the meadow and getting silly.

It’s true though. Little sweet Jasmine is a stoner slut just like me. We ended up laughing so hard she pissed her pretty panties! I had to take them away and handed them off to a pervert that was spying on us. Just some old man hiker. I slipped them in his backpack as we wandered down the path. Little Emily Jasmine was bare cunted under her little school uniform skirt and it was so dirty. I leaned down and started to lick her little cuny right there in front of this pervert. He was really getting his jollies off and I thought it was the perfect way for her to start learning to be the little tease slut she was talking about.

Tease & Denial Phone Sex


Cum Slut Phone Sex Birthday Bash

It was my daughters birthday on Mother’s Day. She was a good deviant slut and we had the best party. Since it was one of the years where Mother’s day landed on her Birthday is was special. Very special in the types of party we had. Cake, with lots of sugary frosting and some other kind of cream was flowing also.

We had about fifteen to twenty men at the party, and yes just us two gals celebrating our big day together. It was a mother and daughter sharing. After all they say sharing is caring. We were showing so much care to these big cocks at the party. I had my girls sweet tight ass pounded with so many cocks she was prolapsed, gaped, and flowered into a juicy little open rosebud. It was profoundly exciting the amounts of fucking and cum we got into. That cake was consumed and demolished with the kinky filthy fun we had. It was the best way to enjoy that cake. It was certainly filling the holes and offering the pure sweetness it was meant to give. I think we are having a cum withdrawl and just need to get some more spooge flowing… join in the fun. Anal sex for all!

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Getting Dirty 4 Age Play Phone Sex

If getting dirty and kinky is your thing then I think Age Play Phone Sex is a great outlet when you call me up! I have a specialty of being a young slut and a mommy. I have a daughter that is amazing. Her skills working my young mommy pussy into a gushing wetness are fab! Fucking little thing knows how much mama likes to get fisted and boy she was trained well by me!

I was getting really stoned and had taken half an ecstasy tablet I came across. Yeah, yeah, you’re sitting there thinking who the fuck takes half an ecstasy tablet and calls herself a party girl right?! Well, duh! I found half likely from a party night where we had 5 tablets and split between three of us and like think one didn’t get taken. That’s how crazy stuff gets around here, or t could be from like the time I gave Emily half of one to see how it would effect her. Hahaha!

But I was saying that I was getting high and horny. My slutkin and Bruno were here and I needed to have some fun! I got Emily between my legs and was getting that mutt muff licking my asshole and oh my fucking gawd! I had him mount my ass and Emily was fisting my cunt and I was screaming and cumming like crazy! That was the last I recall of last night I woke up and had crusty cum all over me.

Age Play Phone Sex

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