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Built for Titty Fucking Phone Sex

titty fucking phone sexI got boobs made for titty fucking phone sex. Look at them. Don’t you agree?  Guys give me lines like, “Your boobs are so big, do they have their own zip code?” Or they say something like, “What nice knockers you have; my cock would look lovely between them.” Really, any line works if a guy is hot and hung. I am a size queen. A sexy bbw built like me needs big dick. You know, something I can feel. Do you have something I can feel? The way I tell if a man is worthy of my pussy is to let him titty fuck me first. If a cock is not swallowed up by my big jugs, then I know he has a big enough cock for my fuck holes. If the cock survives my 44EEEs and there is enough left for me to suck still, then I tell him that he can fuck me. I have a big cock that can give me a hot squirting pussy. I need big cock like I need air. I am built like a shit brick house and that means little dicks will fall out of my cunt. It also means that I will not feel the cock. If I cannot feel the dick, no way can I cum. I will titty fuck just about anyone, but I will only fuck the guys who can slither between my 44 EEEs and break on through to the other side. Is that you?

I Love Cheating Phone Sex

cheating phone sexInto cheating phone sex? I am happy to be your dirty little secret. I have been a secret mistress for many married men over the years. Any given day, I am juggling a couple married men. I collect married lovers. Guys ask me all the time if I am married and if I have any rug rats yet. I am in my early 30s and I guess I should be married with 2.5 brats and a house in the suburbs, but that is never a life I wanted. I am a free spirit who does not like to be tied down. I do not like to have just one lover for the rest of my life. Men may say they are cool with an open marriage but the first time you fuck a black guy or some guy with a huge cock, that man gets all possessive. I decided many years ago that marriage and a family was not for me. Maybe it is selfish, but I want to fuck and party and enjoy life with few responsibilities as long as I can. Last night, I had it scheduled perfectly. Four lovers came to visit me during the night after their wives crashed for the night. I could not be a night owl lover if I had a husband and a few brats in the house. Sometimes juggling married men is stressful because a flat tire can through a monkey wrench in the plan, but most nights, it gets me the number of cocks I need in a day. I have a high libido. The more cock I get, the more I want. I am a sexy bbw phone sex slut. Luckily, married men love me because I give them everything their wives will not. Plus, I love to fuck. I will never just lie there like a dead fish.

Exhibitionist Phone Sex and Outside Fucking

exhibitionist phone sexIt was a beautiful day today. The perfect day for exhibitionist phone sex. Yesterday, I took a motorcycle ride with a handsome bad boy I met at Starbucks. We ended up at my inherited farmhouse now an Air B and B a few counties over. We fucked in the backyard in the tall grass. I was solo this morning but being there made me realize I needed to mow the lawn before the Air B and B guests arrive Friday. I took a drive with the top down. Not my top. The top to my convertible car. When I got to my farmhouse to start mowing, a man drove up. He was with a landscaping company. He was handsome. Owned his own business so not a deadbeat or a freeloader. I asked him how much and he quoted a price out of my bracket. I was honest. I told him that until my Air B and B takes off and I recuperate the money I poured into the place to rehab it, I would have to mow my own lawn. He admired my independence and made me a second offer. That was an offer I could not refuse. It was also an offer so generous that I could not thank him properly. He mowed several acres for free. When he was done, I came to meet him naked with a big glass of lemonade. I said you can have one or you can have both. He took the glass from me and chugged the cold lemonade. With his other hand, he grabbed me around my waist and pulled me towards him. We kissed. Then we were rolling around in the grass fucking. The lawn was freshly mowed so even my big tits had grass stains. My ass had grass stains too. We went inside to shower and had hot ass sex in the shower too. You do me a favor like mowing several acres of tall grass for me when it is 80 degrees outside, good chance I will repay you with tits, ass and pussy.

Taking Big Tit Photos

big tit photosI love posing for big tit photos. I have a great rack. It is no secret that my big boobs are my best feature. They are also the reason I have nice things. I had my first photo shoot in over a year. It was for Score magazine. They are an online outfit that specializes in busty women. I have 44 EEs. They are real too. We did an outdoor shoot because of Covid. It was a little chilly, so my nipples were always erect. I could see the photographer had a growing bulge in his jeans. Him and the lighting guys were asking if my tits were real. I jiggled and bounced and assured them I was all real. After the shoot, it was clear that I had unintentionally cock teased these men. I am an exhibitionist, but I was cold. One of the guys gave me his coat and escorted me inside. I was horny. The two guys on the shoot were horny too. It was clear that they were aroused snapping pictures of me. I teased that I knew what would warm me up. They read my mind and whipped out their hard cocks. I am such a cock sucking whore. I took both of their dicks in my mouth. I swallowed them balls deep too. They did not care that their dicks were touching. They each fondled one of my boobs. I think they were just checking if they really were real. It felt amazing because my breasts are sensitive. It is like a straight shot to my pussy. They each gave me their biggest cum shot too. One came on my face. The other came on my tits. It was just what I needed to feel warm again. I am so glad my life is getting back to normal. I missed posing for naked photos.                                                                                                                                                                     

Romantic Phone Sex with a Sexy BBW

romantic phone sexRomantic phone sex turns me on. This past year was a disappointment for romance. I was lucky enough to get those quickie wham bam thank you ma’am moments in. Most of my married lovers had to scale back their visits because their wives were around a lot more. For the first several months into the pandemic, I saw none of my lovers. I am not the kind of woman who can go long without fucking. I have a higher libido than most men. I have this theory that the more curves a woman has, the hornier she is too. Would explain why I am always like a cat in heat. I have added more men to my posse of married men lovers, but I was craving a night of romance. I like to be spoiled and taken care of for hours. To take care of this sexy BBW, I need half a day. I have not had that in a year until last night. My married neighbor spent the entire night with me. His wife was babysitting her niece at her sister’s house. First time in over a year she has been gone an entire night and he knew just what he wanted to do with that time he had. He came over with wine, flowers, and some movies. We ordered some Grub Hub food. He gave me the attention I needed. He ate my wet bald pussy for hours, making me squirt. That was just what I needed too. A tongue buried in my box for hours until I could not handle any more. He drew me a bath and washed my hair. I love that level of spoiling. He spoiled me so well I never wanted him to leave. Reality called him home, but for the first time in too long, I got treated like the sexy BBW goddess I am.

Married Men Phone Sex with a Sexy BBW

married men phone sexMarried men phone sex calls are at the top of my list for favorite calls. Honestly, married men work harder at sexually pleasing women and they spoil women too. When you take marriage off the table, and you are just there for their sexual needs, men treat a woman far better. It is no secret that I have a bunch of married lovers. I have a posse of married men I juggle around, but I am always adding more. I am the kind of woman who needs sex daily and not just once. My friends joke that my pussy has a revolving door because men are constantly coming and going. I met a new handsome, married man at the grocery store last week. We had some witty banter over ripe melons, but I did not snag him right away. It took a second encounter before I could slip him my fuck card. It is like a business card but has my number and my social media handles on it. I slipped it to him this morning and an hour later he was over to fuck. He just missed another married lover. I had no time to shower or even take a whore’s bath. Not the first time I have given a man sloppy seconds without his knowledge. Will not be the last time either, I am sure. I was happy to see him. I told him that I had been masturbating ever since we flirted. That would explain why I was sloppy wet. We started with a sloppy blowjob. I am a great  cock sucker. His cock was ample because he went between my big tits and there was still some dick for my mouth. He fucked me good. I came a few times before he came. He had to get to work and so did I but I have a new married man in my rotation and he might be one of the bests yet.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex in a Bubble Bath

mutual masturbation phone sexMutual masturbation phone sex is one of the perks of this job. I mean where else can I get paid to play with my pussy. I am a fan of bubble baths. Sometimes, I sneak away in the evenings during my shifts and take a hot bubble bath. I bring my computer and my phone in case I get a call. I have discovered in the years that I have been doing this that the best way to make your phone ring is to get naked and get in the tub or shower. It is like horny men know when you are horny and naked too. I had tea candles lit around the tub and let Calgon take me away. One of the first things I did was play with my wet bald pussy. I was about ready to cum when my phone rang. It was a regular of mine. I teased him that he knew I was just thinking of him. He could hear the water, so he knew I was being truthful about my bubble bath. I keep a few toys in the bathroom too because I always want to be prepared to play properly with you. I love getting off with my callers. It is what makes this job better than any other job I have had. Last night, with the warm bubble bath around me, I put a dildo in my cunt while my caller told me how to fuck my pussy. He guided my pace. He would make me stop periodically, edging me and making my orgasm build. I love being told what to do with my wet kitty. I also love hearing men get off on the phone to me and with me. Want to get off with a sexy bbw phone sex slut? I am wet and ready for you.

Titty Fucking Phone Sex is What a Sexy BBW Does Best

titty fucking phone sexDo you enjoy titty fucking phone sex? My boobs were born for cock. I have a special size test that involves my 44 EEEs. If I can titty fuck you and my boobs do not obliterate your cock, you have more than enough cock for me. So, when I am with a guy, I give him head using my knockers as my accomplice. If your cock pushes on up between my tits and there is something left to suck on, you can fuck me. If not, the best you can hope for is head. Cocks that are equal to or greater than 8-inches, usually make their way to my wet bald pussy. Things are getting back to normal after a year in my city. Bars are open again and closing later than they were. They are not full capacity yet, but they are full enough that I can pick up men again. Trevor is in his 20s, but he likes curvy girls. Most men like a sexy BBW. I got on my knees to titty fuck him and subtly check out the goods. His cock slithered between my boobs and right into my mouth with no problem. He had a fat mushroom head too. I could have sucked his cock all day long, but my pussy was as greedy as my mouth. I hopped on his cock and took it for a spin. My 44 EEEs flopped in his face as he leaked pre-cum in my pussy. He was trying to grab on to my tits as we fucked but they were like huge fish out of water flopping all about. I convinced him to cum on my boobs. I love to lick cum off my boobs, especially while the owner of the cum is watching. It always brings a man’s dick back from the dead quickly. Trevor fucked me all night long needing nothing longer than the time it took me to lick his jizz off my boobs to get hard again.

Humiliation Phone Sex for Small Dicks

humiliation Phone SexI love humiliation phone sex calls. Let me be clear here. You do not body shame me. I am not a humiliation junkie. I am a strong, confident, sexy BBW. I do not let any man shame me. However, if a man has a small dick, I am all about humiliation. So, this loser has been iming me on and off for a few weeks bragging about his 6-inch dick. Like how is that possible? Six inches is nothing to brag about. It is average at best. I am sure for many women it gets the job done, but it is not making a woman scream or squirt. If you message me about a 6-inch dick, I think you are looking for small cock humiliation phone sex. Yes, 6-inches is twice the size of 3-inches, but 12-inches is twice the size of 6-inches. This guy acted like I was the crazy one because no one has a-foot-long cock. Apparently, this guy has never once watched porn or seen a black man naked in a locker room.  My personal experience is that when guys brag about their dick, acting like it is the best thing since sliced bread, it is often even smaller than they say it is.  This dude was all butt hurt that his 6-inch average dick would not hurt me or make me scream. I am still thinking this guy wants small dick humiliation because no man in the land of reality thinks 6-inches is going to hurt full grown woman, let alone a sexy BBW. I think P men like the young girls because their tiny dicks are big to a virgin schoolgirl. Men do not come at a phone sex woman bragging about a cock that would scare us or hurt us unless you are ten-inches or bigger. I promise you anyone of us will think you are wanting small dick humiliation bragging about something pathetic or average in size. Women like me want something we can feel. We want something to make us squirt, but that requires 10 inches or more.

Cum Shots on Tits

cum shots on titsI love cum shots on tits. I have some big jugs. I am a naturally busty girl. Long before I ever popped my cherry, I was letting boys from school jizz on my tits for $10. Jugs like mine earned me a pretty penny. I paid for college by letting schoolboys and dirty old men cum on my big boobs. I had this one dad of a girl I babysat for in the 90s who likely paid over a grand over the years to jizz on my boobs. He was a frequent flyer. I wanted to fuck him. I tried to lose my virginity to him, but he would not go that far. I think the fear of prison was stronger than the desire to fuck my young bald pussy at the time. I ran into him the other day. I had not seen him in 20 years. He is a silver-haired fox now. And no longer afraid to fuck me. He is still married to my friend’s mom, but she apparently stopped taking care of her husband ions ago. Sexy BBW Glenda to the rescue. This time, I finally got my man. He was not afraid to fuck me. I am legal age now. And he did not need to pay me a penny. He titty fucked me. He mouth fucked me. He ass fucked me. And he pussy fucked me. He is old enough to be my father and he came 4 times in an hour. That is impressive for men even half his age. I guess that is the power of my big 44 EEEs.

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