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Cocksucking Phone Sex with a Sexy BBW

cocksucking phone sexWhen you are a sexy BBW you get a lot of calls for cocksucking phone sex. Guys assume if you like to eat, you like to swallow cum. With me, that is a correct assumption. I love blowing cocks. Long before I lost my virginity, I was sucking dads off in the neighborhood. Most older men I knew then had no problem getting head from a schoolgirl. Fucking me was more of a risk, especially if I got pregnant. So, most of the dads would not fuck me. But I blew friends’ dads, teachers, and dads of little ones I babysat for too. I have been sucking cock for many years, so I have mad skills.  Now that I am all grown up, however, I have no problem getting fucked. Sometimes, I fuck a guy who only let me blow him when I was a schoolgirl. I was back home recently for my mother’s birthday. I slipped in and out of town for a couple days, but I ran into an old friend’s father when I was picking up my mother’s birthday cake. He was more salt than pepper now, but I recognized him. He did not recognize me. Of course, I am 20 years older with way bigger boobs. Plus, I am thicker now too. I tried hitting on him, but he acknowledged that he was happily married. I mentioned he said the same thing when he let me blow his cock when I was a teen girl. He almost lost it. He could not believe it was me. The hard cock in his pants betrayed that line about happily married. I fucked him in his SUV. I could not take him back to my mom’s place, but he wanted me as much as I wanted him. Of course, I did blow him. I love giving head. But it was hot to fuck a nearly 60-year-old man after so many years. Our secret of course. His daughter would kill me. Personally, I think you can be happily married and still want this sexy BBW. What do you think?

BBW Big Tit Photos

big tit photosAre you a fan of big tit photos? I am a bit obsessed with posing naked. I love to show off my body. I look good, don’t I? Sometimes I pose for professional outfits like Score and other times I am letting some random dude snap pictures of me for his spank bank! Barry was not a random dude. He is a 23-year-old barista at my Starbucks and an art school student. He said I was way hotter than any of the models used in his nude portrait courses. He asked me very politely if I would pose for him. He wanted to use me as his subject for his art project. I was flattered. I had no reason not to believe him. I have been to his art shows. He has been working at Starbucks for a couple years now. I am addicted to Chai tea lattes, and I am what you call a VIP at my local Starbucks, LOL. He is 10 years younger than me, but age is just a number, right? He is cute and talented. He may be rich one day. Maybe I would help make him rich by being a kick ass subject for him. I am an exhibitionist phone sex BBW, so I had no problem posing for him. We went out to the country over the weekend when it was a warm 50 degrees. Cold to be naked outside, but way better than the below zeros temperatures we have been having lately. He took me on his bike, and I stripped for him. We were in the cold for a solid hour snapping pictures. When we got back to his place, we fucked. He had a boner looking at my sexy BBW body. I was wet too. I mean I was posing for a cute boy who was going to immortalize me on canvas. How fucking hot is that? I let him fuck my wet bald pussy because I was just as turned on as he was. Hell, I may even get some free Starbucks out of this. Either way, I am happy to be his muse.

Sexy BBW Phone Sex GFE

bbw phone sexBBW phone sex is what you need to cure the winter blues. I always feel a little post holiday slump after the new year, so I throw myself into work because I love being a sexy BBW GFE. I am good at taking care of men because I truly enjoy it. I find that so many married men are neglected sexually and that breaks my heart. That is why I am here. To take care of neglected cocks. I swear the reason why I am not married yet is because I am having way too much fun being the mistress. I have a big pool of married men I can call on anytime to fuck. Often, they call on me because their balls are backed up. Last night Trevor came over. He had not been laid since before Christmas and his balls needed drained by a sexy BBW who loves cum and adores him. I could have just given him a blow job and sent him home, but I was horny too and he brought me my favorite candy bar. Last time I saw him was a few days before Christmas and I learned that was the last time he came. That is incredibly too long for a man to go without a ball draining, don’t you agree? If his wife is not going to fuck him, I will. There is nothing wrong with Trevor. He is handsome and hung. Rich too. He develops video games. I pushed Trevor into my living room chair and sucked him dry. I give great head. I put my all into it because I believe my job as a mistress phone sex slut is to drain balls on and off the phone. I sucked him almost dry. I fucked him dry though. I made him cum quickly with my mouth so he would last long enough in my pussy to make me cum too. He left my place drained and in a great mood.

GFE Phone Sex: I am a Lover Not a Fighter, Unless You Have a Loser Dick

gfe phone sexI am known for gfe phone sex. I am the sexy and sweet girl next door and the mistress of married men. I know how to take care of men. I enjoy doing it too. But not every man is worthy of me. Most of the time, I find a sweet way to let a guy down gently. I am not a mean girl. But sometimes I am pushed into channeling my inner Regina George. This guy I met at the club the other night seemed perfect. He was tall and handsome. For once, he was not married. Smart, and generous. He bought my girlfriends and I fancy drinks all night. We had a good time. I did not want the good time to end, so I invited him home with me. I was very disappointed that he had a turtle dick. That is a dick that is SO small it looks like a frightened turtle hiding in its shell. I had to give him a hard pass. I was not into his dick. He thought since I invited him back home that entitled him to have his way with me. That was my breaking point. I kicked him in the balls like something out of a cbt phone sex call. He was not happy, and he grabbed my leg making me fall to the ground. This guy was going to fuck me if I wanted it or not. That was not happening. I was not letting his turtle dick near my bald pussy. I grabbed him by the balls and squeezed my long fingernails into his balls. His voice went up a few octaves. Once he realized I had some fight in me, he started to back down. I was a little disappointed because I wanted to unleash some serious rage on him. He settled for me punishing him for his bad behavior with some small dick humiliation, CBT and a good pegging. I am a lover not a fighter, but if you try to push your tiny dick inside me, you will meet the fighter in me.

Cheating Phone Sex Mistress

cheating phone sexI love cheating phone sex calls. I always know when I am talking to a married man late at night. He is talking so low or wanting a cyber sex session instead. They try to tell me it is because of roommates, but I know all about married men. I am a professional mistress. I have a bunch of married men in my back pocket. Married men love this sexy BBW. They love me for many reasons too. The main reason is because I take care of men the way wives used to take care of them. I suck their cocks and swallow their cum. I listen to them. I support them. I believe in them. I let them titty fuck me and ass fuck me. My skills as a gfe phone sex slut help me be a great mistress. I had a few married lovers needing my services last night. Two married lovers who I was not able to see before Christmas because of their hectic family and work schedules. Just my dumb luck that they would both want to see me the same night. I booked them 4 hours apart, hoping that would be plenty of time to fuck me. Married lovers rarely stay long because some one will notice they are not home. It was a close call, but I did not get busted. I thought I would have time to take a whore’s bath before married lover number two arrived, but he was early. He just missed my other lover. I convinced him to fuck me first. Usually, he likes to eat my wet bald pussy first, but it was full of cum. When he fucked me, he just thought I was happy to see him. I licked his cock clean after he fucked me, trying to erase all the evidence that I was cheating on a married lover with another married lover. I have no shame. One man will never be enough for me.

GFE Phone Sex Christmas

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex is always popping around the holidays. I am a sexy BBW GFE. All my married lovers have been showering me with presents for Christmas. I have collected a ton of gift cards, cash and some sexy clothes and pretty jewelry. Last night, my married neighbor came over. He is my broke sugar daddy. Okay, so he is not a sugar daddy. He is more of a fuck buddy. His wife is the one with the money, but he does cover my rent when I am short with some fancy accounting. He wanted some quality time with his sexy neighbor mistress. I keep him around because I like him. He is good to me in and out of bed. He is hung like a horse, and he loves to eat pussy. He could spend eternity between my legs. So, he can’t shower me with gifts like my richer sugar daddies, he makes up for it with lots of things. He brings me Starbucks in bed. He fixes things around the house. He cooks the books when I am short on the rent. And he worships my body. Last night, he brought me my favorite drink and dinner from my favorite restaurant. It was like straight out of a romantic phone sex call. We dined on the floor in front of my tree. The Christmas lights acted as mood lighting. We made love, but before his cock entered my horny cunt, he licked Merry Christmas Baby on my throbbing clit. I ended up cumming on his face. I rode his face for a good bit until I came again. He likes to make me cum a few times before he cums. Now that is a keeper. We fucked all night. His wife is out of town so he could spend the night. It was a romantic Christmas date. Just what I love.

Married Men Phone Sex is What I Want for Christmas

married men phone sexMarried men phone sex is what I want for Christmas. I do not think Santa will think I have been a good girl, however. I am a professional mistress. I have a lot of married men I fuck on a regular basis. I love married men. They are eager to please, they love to spoil a woman, and they are so grateful for any attention you give them. I always rack up a lot of super gifts and gift cards from my married lovers. I enjoy being spoiled. I am not a selfish gold digger type though. I take care of all my lovers. I have been scheduling special Christmas dates all month with my men because it becomes tough to see them with their own family commitments and travel plans. Last night was my first of many holiday late night dates. My house is romantic looking with soft Christmas lights everywhere. My tree is up. I have baked, so I can give my special Santas some milk and cookies. Jeff is a banker. He is married with the idyllic suburban family. I met him three years ago at a Starbucks. I have been his mistress ever since. He treats me well. His wife is frigid. She never wants to fuck her hot husband. He is hung too. The way I see it, that is a waste of a good cock. He thinks he is my only lover. I let him think that. It is not because I do not think he is special. One man has never been enough for this gfe phone sex lover. He brought me champagne, flowers, a diamond necklace, and a bag of gift cards for my favorite stores. I gave him the best head of his life, my pussy and my ass. Sadly, most of my lovers cannot accept gifts from me because wives would ask questions. But all they want from me is my sexy bbw self. I love being a GFE. I pamper you. I take care of you, and you spoil me.

Hot Squirting Pussy

hot squirting pussyHave you ever given a woman a hot squirting pussy? You would know because you would be drenched in her juice. And your girl would be praising your skills. I can squirt. But it is a rare occasion. I think it comes down to position and cock size. The bigger the cock, the better success in finding my special spot.  I was with two guys last night. And both made me quirt. I drenched them and my couch. I had to clean the couch this morning. That was a first. Both guys had 9-inch dicks that were curved. I think it was the curved part that slid right to my G-spot. I had one in my ass and one in my pussy. Suddenly, I was spraying my juice everywhere and my body was convulsing in a good way. I picked them up at the mall. I was doing some holiday shopping, and so were they. They were following my sexy BBW ass all through the mall. They cornered me at Starbucks and started asking me questions like my name and if I was married. One even asked my sign. I suggested we go back to my place and have some fun. I figured I would suck some dick and get laid. I never expected to get a wet bald pussy because two curved dicks made me squirt. I cheated on my married lovers for two men I picked up at a mall. It is not really cheating though since my lovers are all married. I just was in the mood to be double penetrated. Sometimes, I am in a kinky mood like that. It worked out well for me. I think they would say it worked out well for them too. They got to fuck a sexy BBW and nut a few times.

Cocksucking Phone Sex Starts Your Morning Off Right

cocksucking phone sexDo you want a cocksucking phone sex slut under your tree? What man would not want to wake up and see a sexy bbw waiting to blow his brains out? Every man I know would love a hot bbw sucking his cock, especially if I was that BBW. My neighbor is my favorite married lover. He does not have the biggest cock nor is he the richest or the best looking. He is the nicest, however. And he eats the best pussy. That alone makes him my favorite. His wife is out of town for a few days. Their son is grown and out of the house now, so I snuck in early this morning before he woke up. I was 100% certain it was safe because I know her car. I know his schedule. I was in some red lingerie and a bow on each tit. He woke up to get his coffee and lost his shit when he saw me. He rubbed his eyes like he was sleep walking and I was a sexy mirage. I said Merry Christmas early baby. He came over and I worshiped his cock for an hour before I let him give me his biggest cum shot. He wanted to eat me, but this was all about him. My way of saying thank you for being such a great lover. He had a hard time just receiving, but I told him I do it all the time. He argued that it was different because women should always cum first. I do not disagree with him. It is the major reason I love him so much and why he is my favorite lover. We had a great morning. I got a belly full of cum and he got his balls drained before he even had his morning coffee. Every man should begin his day that way!

Bisexual Phone Sex BBW

bisexual phone sexI love bisexual phone sex. I am a sexy Bi BBW. I played doctor with neighborhood girls when I was just a young schoolgirl. I had this one friend Michelle. We were besties. We went to school together, rode our bikes together, we were in scouts together and we even took dance lessons together too. Our folks never knew that we would rub our bald pussies together and watch each other pee too. We were kinky young girls. We would play doctor in my bedroom when my folks thought we were playing games or watching TV. We played together throughout high school too. We stayed in touch with social media after we both went to college but have not seen each other in years. She moved back to town recently. She is married now with a few wee ones. She wanted a mom’s night out and called her old friend to catch up. She is a sexy BBW now too. She was my skinny friend when we were in high school. I love her with big tits and a round booty. Just because she would lick and trib my pussy when we were young and sexually curious, did not mean she would still be interested in playing with me. We drank beer and played pool while we caught up. I asked her back to my place after the bar closed. She was happy to come back and continue catching up. We drank more, started reminiscing about our sexually curious years and the next thing I knew, I was eating her wet bald pussy. Just as yummy as I remember. We finger banged and ate each other out the rest of the night. She woke up naked in my bed and freaked out because she never went home to her family. She loved eating and fingering me too. Women often play together. Does not mean we are gay. Just means we are horny and enjoy pussy sometimes. Wanna watch?

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