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My Phone Sex Fetish is Exhibitionism

phone sex fetishWhat is your phone sex fetish? I have a lot of them. One of my primary fetishes is exhibitionism. I am a sexy BBW and I am proud of my curves. I like to show off my beautiful naked body too. There is a lake with a beach about 30 minutes from where I live, so I decided to visit it yesterday. The sun was out, and it was a gorgeous day to show off my big tits and smoking body. I found an out of the way area, off the beaten path to masturbate and get some sunshine. I knew someone would happen by eventually. My first gawker was a teen boy. He may have been 18, but I am not sure. I did not card the boy. I like attention from anyone. I do not care about age. I was playing with my wet bald pussy, and I encouraged him to masturbate with me. I never even got his name. All I cared about was his young hard cock. I spread my legs as he got closer to me. He was stroking his dick with fervor. I was rubbing my swollen clit in the same fashion. We came together. His nut sauce landed on my big tits. He was just the first gawker I had that day. By the time I headed home, I had a few more loads of cum on my big tits.

Sexy GFE Phone Sex Babe

gfe phone sex

I love gfe phone sex calls. I love being a sexy gfe for married men. I do the things wives refuse to do. I love it too. I am very oral. I give the best head and a super-hot virtual blowjob. The pandemic has prevented me from seeing all my married lovers as much as I want, but it has not benched me completely. Larry was my lover last night. He took this sexy photo of me. He thinks it really captures my sex appeal. I am curvy and stacked and I love to fuck. I never get sick of compliments. I love to pose for naked photos, especially big tit photos. All my lovers are tit men as I am sure you are too. I have 44 EEE natural boobs. My boobs could swallow up Godzilla’s cock. Larry is not much to look at. People would wonder why I am with him if we could go out in public. Larry is not rich. He is not sophisticated, and he does not have a huge cock. He has a decent cock, but some of my girlfriends think he must have a monster cock for me to go out with him. The truth is Larry is a nice guy with the most amazing tongue I have ever had on my pussy. He overcompensates for other things with great cunt eating skills. He brings me flowers and Starbucks. He tells me I am beautiful. He is one of my favorite lovers ever and no one would ever see us together. If you see a hot chick with an average looking man and think she can do better, ask yourself if you can give a woman a hot squirting pussy with just your tongue. I assure you that women date men for many different reasons and looks is often at the bottom of the list.

Phone Sex with My Cousin

phone sexPhone sex is so much fun. I love talking dirty with my callers, but I can talk dirty with family members too. I had a hot phone session with my cousin last night. He is still overseas in Iraq and not getting any pussy. His trip home was furloughed because of this virus. Thanks to Skype, I was able to show him my sexy BBW body while talking dirty. We were catching up when he said my boobs looked amazing.  I am an exhibitionist, so I pulled them out to give him a closer look. I have nice tits and I do not care who sees them. My cousin and I are kissing cousins, so he has seen them before.

He took his cock out of his pants once I jiggled my great big tits in his face. We were playing a game of show and tell, and within 20 minutes we were masturbating for each other. He told me I was the hottest girl he has ever seen. The whores he can sometimes get in Iraq are skinny flat chested girls. I love watching a man stroke his cock, but my cousin adds a layer of dirty to the fun. I pressed my tits against my computer screen so he could feel like he was jizzing on them. I love cum shots on tits. When he shot his load, his bunk buddy walked in. My cousin was not embarrassed. He wanted his bunk mate to see his cousin’s big boobs. I jiggled my boobs for him too.  I also spread my pink pussy and made myself cum while my cousin and his friend stroked their cocks. My cousin came again with his soldier roommate. I may not be able to see my cousin, but at least I helped him have some release. I had a great time. Plus, I met his hung hunky roomie.

Big Tit Photos and Outdoor Fucking

big tit photosI posed for some big tit photos yesterday. I am an exhibitionist and a sexy BBW. I have long posed for professional and amateur photographers. This was a shoot for Score magazine. Over the years, I have done quite a few photo shoots for them. They pay well too. The photographer took hundreds of pictures of me out on my inherited farm. I love being naked outdoors. The photographer was cute, but sadly happily married. I did my best to sway him, but he was one married guy I could not win over. After a few hours of posing nude for a handsome married man, I had a wet bald busy. I just needed to find some one to fuck. When you look like me, that is never hard to do. I drove into the city, got a Starbucks latte and picked up a handsome barista. I brought him back to my farm and talked him into some outside fucking. I inherited the farm and several acres of land. No one for miles, so I assured him it was just us and mother nature. He was younger than me by 12 years, but he was still legal if even barely. I usually go for older men, but he was cute and biracial. I was hoping he had a big black cock. Every now and then, I like something big and black. He did inherit his dad’s cock. I have flirted with the boy for months. I usually see him in the drive through window. He knows me as Glenda Carmel Macchiato, LOL. I did not measure his cock, but I was certain he was at least ten inches. Once he got over the fact of being outside, his sexual prowess showed. He fucked me until I had a hot squirting pussy. Few fellows can do that. Starbucks will never be the same for me again. Hell, maybe I need more boy toy lovers. I am still walking funny.

Titty Fucking Phone Sex: Do You Have a Cock for My Big Tits?

titty fucking phone sexIf you like titty fucking phone sex, I have the tits for your cock. Every man who has ever met me, wants to titty fuck me. I have 44 EEE natural boobs. They were made for big dicks. Yes, I said big dicks. Small dicks can give it a try, but tits like mine will swallow them up. I am not trying to be mean, just stating fact. Big tits like mine, need a big cock for the best titty fucking. I have several lovers I am juggling now. When your lovers are married, it is easier to juggle. No one is just stopping by unannounced. Troy is my favorite lover. His cock is perfect for my tits. Plus, he has the biggest balls ever. I feel his hard nut sack at the base of my boobs with every thrust. Plus, with balls the size of a melon, he cums a lot and my big boobs need a bucket load of cum to feel covered. One load from Troy and it looks like a few guys jizzed on my boobs. Honestly, if I could see him more, he would be the only lover I needed. I am a seasoned cock sucker. Troy, however, has a cock that still makes me gag. You know you have a big dick if it slides between my big tits, comes out the other side and there is still enough for me to deep throat. I finally measured my married lover last night. He was just a little over 12-inches. I knew he was big, but I did not realize he had a porn star cock. He cheats on his wife because she will not suck his cock nor will she take it up the ass. As a mistress, I do all that and more, especially for him. I want to keep him as a lover. I want to keep you as a phone sex lover too, so whatever you got, I will make you feel special.

Exhibitionist Phone Sex Fun in the Sun

exhibitionist phone sexI love exhibitionist phone sex calls. I have a few callers who are in their back yards or in the middle of a hiking trail naked when they call me. They inspire me. I am a sexy BBW. I am not afraid to flaunt what I got because I have a lot to flaunt. I am a full-figured girl, but I am not ashamed of my body. Just the opposite. I have a lover I met during the quarantine who loves to fuck in public. We are a perfect match. He has a motorcycle and he came over this week to take me for a ride in the country. I rode on the back of his bike with a helmet and a smile. I had on some clothes, but anyone driving by would see my big tits bouncing in the wind. My wet bald pussy was grinding on my lovers back. I drenched his leather seats with my cunt juice. We found a field to fuck. Laid down a blanket like we were having a picnic, but we fucked instead. The sun was shining down on us brightly. We were not far off the highway. Anyone pulling over to pee or rest, would see us. That was what we were hoping would happen. A car did pull over. It was a family on a road trip and the men in the mini van had to take a leak. I could hear young voices. I could hear the parents too. I did not stop fucking. I wanted to be watched. I heard the father say oh shit and then I heard the boys gasp and giggle. I just kept ridding my lover’s thick shaft. The father kept his girls and wife away by saying they were pissing. They may have done that before they happened upon two people fucking in the field. They jacked their cocks quickly, came and left. I am sure they got back in the minivan and acted like nothing happened. Cannot be an exhibitionist without a voyeur or two. Our trip to the country was a success.

Eating My Wet Bald Pussy

wet bald pussyDo you like licking wet bald pussy? I have a theory about the men bitching about wearing a face mask in stores because they cannot breathe. I think those men have never gone down on a woman long enough to make her cum. And men like that, I want nothing to do with. I give great head. I am not a hedonistic lover. Since I give so much in bed, I want back what I give. I have kicked more than one man out of my bed for not eating my pussy properly. I am sure I will kick out more in my lifetime. Do you like to eat pussy? Real men do eat pussy and love it.  Lester is not the best looking lover, but he has wonderful cunt licking skills and that goes a long way with me. Lester is the kind of man who will make a woman cum a dozen times before cumming himself. He is the kind of man who takes his time between your legs and does everything he can to give a gal a hot squirting pussy. I think men who need to compensate for things like not being super good looking or maybe having an average cock, eat pussy the best. They are trying hard to please a woman and when her favor. I am a size queen. I have a lot of criteria I look for in the men I fuck, but I will forgo most of it if a man will go down on me and truly enjoy giving me pleasure. Lester may not meet much of my criteria as a lover, but he makes up for his short comings with his magic tongue and determination to give me the most pleasure I can handle. And this sexy BBW can handle hours of pussy licking.

Married Men Phone Sex is My Favorite

married men phone sexMarried men phone sex is among my favorite types of calls. That is because I love married men. I am in my early 30s and some say that is too old to still be a mistress, but this sexy BBW is not a one man kind of woman. Look at me? I have curves for days. I am still living my life to the fullest. Maybe one day I will get married and start having a family, but I will never be a faithful wife. Hopefully, whomever I marry will be cool with that. It has been a struggle to see all my married lovers during quarantine, even the one who lives next door to me. I am trying my best, however, to juggle my horny married men now that things are opening back up. Teddy came by last night. It was late. I had sent him some big tit photos I took, and he had to see me. He is a boob man. I love showing off my knockers too. I have become a selfie queen on quarantine. I have an iPad and I can set it on a timer to take photos of me that I send to my married lovers. Teddy showed up with a bottle of good Tequila too. It takes nothing to get my clothes off, but with some Tequila shots, it is even easier. I know he did not have much time. He left his wife home sleeping in their bed. I pounded a few shots then I chugged his cock. He came in my mouth, but the load was so big, it leaked out my mouth, dripped down my chin and I ended up with cum shots on tits too. He got hard quickly, even on Tequila, so he fucked me before he had to slither back home. I woke up this morning and almost thought it was a dream. Then I saw the empty bottle of Tequila and felt the cum in my cunt.

big tit photos

Exhibitionist Phone Sex with My Caller

exhibitionist phone sexI love exhibitionist phone sex. I have a caller who is an exhibitionist too. We enjoy getting naked and going outside together. He has a Harley and my neighbor has some Japanese bike that he keeps in my yard because I have a covered porch. When my caller called this morning, it was early, but the sun was shining. It was a warm beautiful day. A good day to expose my sexy BBW body. We both have neighbors all around us, but it was early. No one out. I usually do not participate with him because he calls at times when my neighbors are out. I love showing off my body, but I do not want to be arrested either. I did not know if it was the fact that I have been isolated for months or that I was just wicked horny, but when my caller was going outside to masturbate, I joined him. I sat on my neighbor’s bike while my caller was on his. My big tits were exposed if anyone was up early, they had a nice show. My caller saw a woman across the way on her porch swing. She was buried in her phone, but I encouraged him to yell, “Good Morning.” He did. I could hear her talking back. I mean, I would love to see any one of my neighbors stroking his cock first thing in the morning. He was talking to me and her and stroking his cock while she watched. I wished I was with him because he has sent me pictures. He has a nice cock I would love to fuck. He came in front of his neighbor. I came rubbing my wet bald pussy all over my neighbor’s motorcycle. I gave it a pussy shine. My caller came hard too. It was one of the best mornings I have had in a long time.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex: Let’s Cum Together

mutual masturbation phone sex Mutual masturbation phone sex gets us both off. That is why I love it so much. I mean in these times where hooking up is more challenging, at least we can talk dirty and cum together, right? Consider me your sexy BBW jack off expert. I love telling men just how to jerk their cocks for me. I love hearing you tell me how to rub my pussy too. I have been masturbating since I was a schoolgirl. Honestly, is there anything better than rubbing one out. I enjoy masturbating. When I was young, I used the shower massage, my mom’s shoes, my fingers, and the tub faucet to get off. I also watched some of my dad’s VHS porn videos and rubbed my wet bald pussy against things like stuffed animals. I was a horny little thing. I still am. I love hearing how you jacked off as a young boy and if anyone caught you. I did get caught once by my mother and it did not go well. But when my big sister caught me, she taught me a few things like how to use shoes to get my pussy off and now I have a huge shoe fetish. My sister bought me my first vibrator, but that is too quick of a cum for me. I prefer to make it last longer. I edge. Do you? All this talking about masturbation has my cunt super fucking wet. Let us get off together baby.

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