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Playing with My Wet Bald Pussy

wet bald pussyI love playing with my wet bald pussy. Because I am such an exhibitionist slut. I took a ride on my motorcycle this weekend. One of my married lovers gave it to me as a gift. Usually, I am with him when I ride it, but I am getting more confident in my riding skills. It was a beautiful day for a motorcycle ride, so I drove into the country. I got horny. The vibration on my pussy makes me wet. I pulled off in some cornfields, stripped naked and played with my wet cunt. I thought I was alone. I mean, I was in a corn field diddling my kitty. A farmer happened upon me. I thought he might bust me, but he pulled out his cock and enjoyed the show. It was a hot show too. I love masturbating for men. I love watching men masturbate for me too. He was a lot older than me. I do love older men, but this guy was like grandpa age. A silver fox. His cock was not huge, but it was hard. My guess was he had not stroked his snake in quiet sometime. Maybe he just needed the right motivation? I mean I am good motivation for any man old or young. I am a sexy bbw phone sex slut. Big tits, round ass and a pretty face. Who would not want to get off with me? I would have fucked him. I do not care if the cock is average, if a man is getting a boner for the first time with me in ions, I will fuck him to celebrate the occasion. He wanted to fuck me, but he was married. He been married longer than I have been alive and never cheated on his wife. It was so romantic; I did not push him. I just enjoyed the mutual masturbation and got back on my motorcycle after a good hard cum.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with My Neighbor

mutual masturbation phone sex Mutual masturbation phone sex is why I got into this business. I get paid to play with my pussy all day. Let that sink in. You likely get up every day to be some slave for a job where you are underpaid and unappreciated. You call me for stress release. And I am taking your money to put my fingers up my cunt. My friends are envious of me because they have jobs they hate too. Sometimes, I masturbate with neighbors. I am a horny gal. I have been told I have the sex drive of a teen boy. I take that as a compliment. My neighbor is married. We have been having an affair since before Covid. Since his wife started working at home, however, we have less time to see each other. Our bedroom windows face each other. She takes an Ambien and is knocked out for the night. He gets up flashes a light in my bedroom and we get off together. I love watching men be masters of their domain. When I watch a man beat off, I learn how he likes his cock stroked. I hope a man is paying attention to me when I rub my wet bald pussy because I am showing him how to make me cum. Men just need to pay attention to how we pleasure our own bodies.  I love playing with my pussy with or without an audience. Being a naughty neighbor gives me such a rush. I am an exhibitionist. I will always enjoy exposing myself to men. I like to watch too. Watching my handsome married lover beat his meat made me cum so hard. I slept great last night but woke up horny again. I went outside this time and played with mu cunt so more neighbors could see me. I think a guy’s day starts off great if he can look at a sexy bbw playing with her wet cunt.

Big Tit Photos on My Farm

big tit photosI posed for some sexy big tit photos today. I have been hanging out in my Air B and B rental all weekend since I have no renters. I was cleaning and making a few decorative changes. I like being out in the country. I rehabbed this old barn and I sometimes wish I lived there instead of in the city. There are no neighbors for miles. I like neighbors though. I fuck most of mine. I was outside sunning my nude body because there are no neighbors. Any who gets close to my farm is trespassing, so I never really expect visitors unless a delivery person. It was a Sunday and part of a three-day holiday. I was not expecting a soul. I was naked in my lawn chair when I heard a man clear his throat trying to get my attention. He had a huge box for me. He had a big package for me too, LOL. I could not help but notice the tent in his brown work shorts. I looked at his hard cock, thanked him, and had him put the box in my living room. It was a bunch of new linens and towels I ordered. I just did not expect them early, but it was a happy surprise. The Amazon delivery guy was handsome and hung. He told me I had the sexiest body he had ever seen. I smiled and walked over to him. I asked if he wanted some naughty pictures for his spank bank. He was happy to take some naked pictures of me. He was also happy to give me some cum shots on tits. I used my boobs to jack him off. Damn he shot a huge load on my boobs with only a few pumps. He was embarrassed. I wanted him to stay and fuck, but he was on the clock. He promised to come back tomorrow to fuck me properly. Guess I am staying another night at my farmhouse because I want that hard cock in my pussy for much longer the next time.

Wet Bald Pussy is What Married Men Want

wet bald pussyDo you want to fuck my wet bald pussy? I have a yummy cunt. Men stand in line for my pussy. Men cheat on their wives for my pussy too. I love married men. I do not want to be monogamous. I do not get why anyone wants one lover for the rest of their lives. If I ever got married, it would need to be an open marriage. My pussy likes lots of cock, sometimes several cocks at once. Last night was a busy night for me. I had a revolving door of married lovers over. I am very careful in how I schedule my married men. I even use a Google spread sheet to make sure I do not get busted. I know that married men cannot expect me to be faithful when they have wives, but I like to make men feel special. They are special to me. I just have a high sex drive. One man has never been my thing. It never will be. Only one of my married lovers knows how many other married lovers I have. That is because he is my neighbor and can see all the men who come and go late at night. He is my favorite lover. He is not the richest one or even the one with the biggest cock. He is the one, however, who accepts me as the cock whore I am. He is also a great lover. He can give me a hot squirting pussy with just his tongue and his fingers. He will spend hours between my legs and never complain when I drench him with my juice. He was the last lover over last night. That was because I saved the best for last, and he never minds my creampies. Do you like sloppy seconds? Sometimes my bald pussy is wet because I have a few loads of jizz already inside me.

Sexy BBW Phone Sex

bbw phone sexBBW phone sex with me is not what you may be wanting. I am a sexy full-figured woman.  I am not some fat chick desperate for attention. I do not get off on humiliation unless I am the one doing the humiliation. This guy I picked up at a bar got a dose of reality. I met him in a club. Handsome and appeared wealthy and confident. He overreached, however, sizing me up. He did the back handed compliment thing and thought it would work. I have a few extra pounds in the right places. I am not two tons of fun. He told me I was hot for a bigger girl. Then he added that he is not usually a chubby chaser. I took the drink he bought me and tossed it in his face. I told him to work on his charm and I found another hot dude to flirt with. While I was dancing with guy number two, this tool tried to horn in. I was not having it. I told him that he had his chance and he wasted it. I started making out with dude number 2 on the dance floor in front of him. He went away to lick his wounds. I figured he was gone, and off to be shot down by another chick. Wrong. He was not accustomed to rejection and not handling it well. He tried to push me into the men’s bathroom and fuck me. I am not against hot ass sex in a bathroom. I am against fucking assholes who think they can fat shame me. I played along until his pants dropped and I knew the source of anger and hate. The loser had a pinky dick. Short stack loser. I snapped some pictures and threatened to expose him as a tiny dick loser if he did not leave me alone. He left me alone the rest of the night, but I still exposed him on a few tiny dick sites. I took home dude number two who was nice and hung. I left the tiny dick loser with blue balls at the club with his bruised ego. Treat me like a lady or sit on a bar stool all night licking your wounds. You do not have power over me.

hot ass sex

Cum Shots on Tits, a Sexy BBW and a Poker Match

cum shots on tits

When you have tits like mine, men want to give you cum shots on tits. I went to a house party Friday night. It was boring as fuck, so I suggested strip poker. There was an equal number of men and women at the party, so it was easy to divide folks up into teams with two women and two men. This party needed some fun inserted into it pronto and strip poker often does the trick. Every guy wanted to play on my team. That was just because I had the biggest boobs there. My tits are 44 EEE and they are all real. I poured some liquor for folks, because adult beverages makes folks horny, and it relaxes the mood. Folks were just too uptight. Not sure why. Maybe because it has been a year seen anyone had a party, LOL. I had folks divided into groups of 4. The winner of each of the 8 groups would play each other and so forth. I was hoping to be in the final game, and I was. Despite my blonde hair, I am no dumb bimbo. I have a great poker face. I wiped those boys clean. And guess what? Not only did I drain their wallets, but I drained their cocks too. I drained their balls onto my tits. It was like their consolation prize for losing to a girl. I let the three guys I beat in the finale cum on my boobs. They each gave me their biggest cum shot too right on my big 44 EEEs. After that it became an orgy and now, we had a fucking party. It just took some booze and a strip poker match to get folks in the mood to fuck. Of course, if I am at your party, the men are always down to fuck. This sexy bbw can turn any boring party into a hot orgy.

Exhibitionist Phone Sex Story

exhibitionist phone sexI love exhibitionist phone sex. It was finally a perfect day. Not too hot! I love to be outside. I went for a bike ride yesterday and happened upon a little secluded field. I decided to have a picnic for one. My pussy was wet. That always happens when I ride a bike.  I guess it is from all the vibration on my pussy! I stripped naked and soaked up some rays. My nipples and pussy love the feel of warm sunshine beating down on them. The problem was, I needed dick. I was too horny. I needed to fuck. I started masturbating.  No guys anywhere around. I did see a soda bottle on the ground. I hate litter bugs but today I saw that discarded bottle as a sex toy, not litter.  I cleaned it off with a wet wipe and shoved it up my pussy. I began fucking my wet bald pussy so hard I started moaning loudly. I did not care. I was in the middle of nowhere. I was off the beaten path. I was so lost in masturbating, I failed to notice the park janitor jacking off watching me. I squirted and opened my eyes. He was staring at me like I was a roadside freak show. His cock was in his hand.  I crawled over to him and helped him out. I let him cum on my tits. He never said much, not even as he was jizzing on my tits. He did hold the garbage bag open once he pulled his pants back up. I tossed the soda bottle coated in my pussy juice in the bag, put my clothes back on, hopped on my bike, and went home beaming. I got back home, and I was wet all over again. This time I played with the real sex toys. It was not the same though. I prefer to masturbate with an audience.

Best Phone Sex with a Sexy BBW

phone sexThe best phone sex is with a sexy BBW because there is more of us for you to love and to fuck. I picked up a chubby lover at the gym this morning. He told me it was criminal for me try to lose my sexy curves or firm anything up that was meant to jiggle. I was flattered. I was not there to lose weight or even shape up. I was there to pick up men. I gave the stud paying me so many compliments my phone number and suggested he come over after his work out for a post work out work out, LOL. I was horny. I saw the ragging hard on in his gym shorts. He was clearly into my sexy BBW body and big tits, so why not fuck him. I mean I came to the club to pick up a horny man just like him.

When he arrived at my place, he went straight for my boobs. I pulled them out of my tank top, and they were bouncing everywhere. I have natural 44 EEEs. I let him fondle my tits and suck on them too. Once he pulled his hard cock out of his shorts, though, I wrapped my big boobs around his shaft for some big tit fucking. My boobs are so big that I use them to help me give head. I love titty fucking and cock sucking at the same time. It is my kind of multi-tasking. He finger banged my bald pussy as I gave him the best head of his life. I hopped on his stiff rod, pushed my big tits in his face and took him for the ride of his life. He did not last long in my pussy. I love making a guy cum so fast. That is the power of a sexy big, beautiful woman. Fat is where it is at boys.

Getting My Wet Bald Pussy Stuffed

wet bald pussyI love cock in my wet bald pussy. I was taking a stroll last night as it was cool and I wanted to see the full moon. I was just in my neighborhood. I happened upon a group of guys playing poker. I could see them from the window. They were drinking beer and playing cards. All looked so handsome too. I was a peeping Glenda in that moment, but I got busted. As I was trying to scurry away in embarrassment, I heard a guy say, “Wait, what is your hurry?” I was busted. There was no sense in trying to run. I told them I was out walking, saw them and had dirty thoughts. The moment I said that I had dirty thoughts about them, they all got bulges in their shorts. I was invited in and that is where things got interesting. We played strip poker. I am actually good at poker, but I did not let them know that. I wanted to be naked first. I want them to see my big tits and ass and want to fuck me. I knew they were all married, but I love married men phone sex. I do not shy away because a guy is taken. I just like to borrow cocks. Once I had faked a loss, I was standing in front of them naked. They grabbed my big tits and fingered my bald cunt. I started stroking and sucking cocks. I was the star of poker night with the boys. I did not know any of them either. I got to know their cocks, however. I am a cock sucking slut, so I showed off how I like to swallow dick. They took turns fucking my pussy and ass. They filled me up with a ton of cum. I need to walk around the neighborhood more often. Never know what can happen.

Hot Ass Sex with a Sexy BBW

hot ass sexHot ass sex with a sexy BBW is what most men want. I do not take kindly to men who body shame women. I am not a subby slut nor am I some desperate chick who is grateful for any attention you give me. I am a goddess and goddesses come in all shapes and sizes. I do not let men fat shame me on the phone and I do not let them fat shame me in person either. Men rarely try to honestly, but once in a blue moon I must check a guy before I wreck him. I was at this dance club last night. It was a weeknight so not super crowded. There was a super-hot chick with a total tool. I am bisexual. Instead of settling for a worthless man, I will take a woman home instead. This tool with the hot chick was being a dick to everyone, but especially her. I stole her away from him and started dancing with her. He got in my face and called me names like fat whore. I yanked his pants down and shamed his little dick. How did I know he had a small cock? Any guy acting like such a tool, usually does. I turned the tables on him. I took my bra off and tied his arms behind his back. I then stripped him completely naked, and body shamed him. He was skinny with no dick. I am good at small cock humiliation phone sex, so SDH in real time is never a problem. I had the girls in the club put him on blast. He was crying. The fucking bitch cried. Never once apologized for the things he said to any of us though. He could not take what he dished out. The icing on the cake was when I took his girl home with me. I ate her pussy and fucked her with a strap-on all night long. I left her loser boyfriend bound and naked in the club for the club owner to deal with while I made his girl cum harder than ever before. The small dick humiliation was fun, but the real revenge was stealing his woman. Cannot treat her well, you do not deserve her.

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