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Sexy BBW Exhibitionist Phone Sex

exhibitionist phone sexExhibitionist phone sex is how I am having some fun these days. We must make our own fun in the age of social distancing, right? I wanted a little get away, so I rented an Air B and B a couple of hours away. It was a little A frame cabin on a lake. There was a hot tub and a fire pit. I know I went alone. This sexy bbw, however, did not plan to stay there alone. The first night, I got naked and stood on the little balcony off the master bedroom. It was still daylight. I wanted the men to all see my big tits and smoking body. There were a lot of A-frame places near me. It was a cluster of rentals. I did not want to be isolated. I wanted to be seen. I heard some drunk men yelling, “Show us more.” I bent over, spread my ass cheeks and yelled for them to come over. About twenty minutes later, I had a place full of horny men on a fishing trip. No wives. Just 6 best buds, a lot of beer and horny cocks. They decided a clambake was better than fishing. Lucky me. My wet bald pussy entertained every man’s cock in all three holes. I am not sure if they took Viagra before paying me a visit or I just met some virile 40 somethings. One of the men said none of them get laid regularly. I hear that on the phone all the time too. So sad. These men were in good shape. They were handsome. And they had hard cocks with cum filled balls that needed drained. I picked that Air B an B because I hoped there would be men fishing in the area since that is what the area is known for. None of those men fished. They did, however, eat a lot of pussy and drain their balls into the sexy BBW’s fuck holes. Now that is a men’s retreat.

Cum Shots on Tits

cum shots on titsI can take a lot of cum shots on tits because I have huge boobs. Natural big tits too. They are sort of my best feature. They are what bring all the boys to my yard. I have a milkshake too. I never want for cock. I can have almost any man I set my eyes on. Last night, I sat my sites on brothers. I have had brothers before and a few father son combos. I love being that hot to men that they will share me with some one they never thought they would share a woman with like a relative.  Men can get weirded out easily with threesomes when it is one sexy BBW and two men. I think they prefer a different configuration like two girls and one cock. I was on the patio of this local dive bar last night chatting with a friend when these guys approached us. My friend is married, and she was not interested in taking a man home. I lived right around the corner and I was more than happy to entertain two hot guys. My tits love to entertain too. At first the guys were hesitant to come home with me because they were brothers in the biological sense. I had them do a few more shots and showed off my big boobs. I asked them who wanted some big tit fucking? My melons are mesmerizing. I knew my boobs would break down their wall. A quick titty flash and a few shots of liquid courage and we were back at my place fucking. My tits got their cocks first. Then my mouth got a go at their big stiff dicks. Finally, I had a pussy and ass free for some brotherly love. They fucked me in unison and left me coated in cum. I love waking up with cum covered titties.

A Sexy BBW Phone Sex Slut

bbw phone sexMen go crazy for a sexy bbw phone sex slut. I know this is fact because my phone rings 24/7. I can be on a call. I can not be working, and men are horny for this sexy BBW constantly. I love the attention. Honestly, I am proud to be a big and curvy girl. I know bigger girls can have the reputation as being desperate. I have never not gotten any man I wanted. I have fucked all kinds of men in my life. Older men, younger men. Married men, single men. Rich men. Famous men. They all come back for more too. On a rare occasion, I get some asshole who thinks he can fat shame me. They are a few and far between. I was shopping for groceries the other day. I had on my mask because it is required in all public spaces. This guy comes up to me and tells me I would not need a mask to keep me safe if I just got some sunshine and lost some weight. I told him if his dick was as small as his brain, I felt sorry for any woman he has banged. I turned away and finished my shopping. He followed me to my car and had the audacity to ask for my number. I man shamed him. Told him I would rather go home alone to watch Lifetime movies and fuck my dildo than spend any more time with a rude asshole. That is when he pulled out his dick and told me to give him a second chance. His dick was no bigger than my pinky. I laughed. I snapped pictures and posted them all over the Internet. If you fat shame me AND have a small dick, be prepared for small cock humiliation phone sex. I am a sexy BBW. I can have any man I want. If I do not want you for whatever reason, you will not get me. I have standards. I want nice men, good lovers and big cocks.

I am Not Doing Cheating Phone Sex, You Are

cheating phone sexTechnically, I am not committing cheating phone sex. You are. I am not married. I do not have an exclusive lover, either. What I have is a collection of married lovers.  I like it that way. I am not the exclusive kind. I get bored easily and prefer the variety of multiple lovers. Married men cannot commit to me; therefore, they cannot expect commitment from me. Just the way I want it. Last night, one of my married lovers was trying to slut shame me.  I was not having it. I told him he was in no position to make demands on me. I showed him the door. I have lots of married lovers, and I meet a new hunk every week. There is never a shortage of lovers for this sexy BBW. He came back an hour late groveling for a second chance. He had flowers in his hands. I knew he had more in store for me, so I let him back inside. He apologized to me. Then he got down on his knees to worship my wet bald pussy. He started to toss my salad too. I knew he was sorry then because he hates ass licking but he knows how much I love it. I am an anal slut. Most big girls love anal sex and that includes a good rim job. He worshiped my fuck holes for hours before I granted him permission to fuck me. I mean he did have to earn my forgiveness. He is a good lay. He has a big dick and he eats pussy better than almost any man I have fucked yet. His cock is a tad curved and since he is close to a foot long, he hits spots I never knew I had. Every time we fuck, I get a hot squirting pussy. That does not mean I will accept bad behavior though. I love married men, but I will take anyone to the curb who tries to own me.

Exhibitionist Phone Sex: I Joined My Caller in Nature

exhibitionist phone sexExhibitionist phone sex is best together. I love telling a guy how to expose himself. With cell phones, it is easy to talk to men who are outside or in public spaces. I have a favorite exhibitionist caller. He lives in Oregon where lots of fires have been occurring. Things are finally clearing up, so he went for a hike and took his favorite sexy BBW with him. I felt inspired by him, so I ported my number into my cell and went to this nature reserve near me. We hiked together in wooded areas. Even though thousands of miles apart, we felt connected. Under the same sun on a nice day, we exposed ourselves in the wild. We masturbated together just like I would with any mutual masturbation phone sex caller. Instead of masturbating at home, we masturbated outside. We were naked and exposed. Talking dirty in front of nature. He described what he saw. I did the same. Either of us could have been busted by anyone out enjoying some nature. We did not get busted, but that is always part of the thrill. The risk of getting caught is always in the mind of an exhibitionist. He has a sexy voice. He told me how to rub my pussy and I told him how to stroke his cock. We both edged. Finally, we came together. It was an impromptu thing for me to join him. He was more rural in his hike than I was. I took more risk, but if anyone happened upon me, I doubt I would have been in trouble. I mean, what would you do if you ran across this sexy bbw playing with her pussy in the woods? Hopefully, you would pull out your cock and masturbate with me. Or better yet, maybe you would fuck me.

Hot Phonesex GFE

hot phonesexI am a hot phonesex GFE. I love being a sexy BBW sugar baby. Last year I accompanied a very wealthy producer on a luxurious vacation to Mt. Fiji. He paid me, but I would have gone there for free because it was paradise. It was most beautiful place I had ever seen. We stayed at this exclusive resort overlooking the mountains. For miles all I could see were fields of beautiful pink and purple flowers. The air was crisp and clean, and the sky was the clearest blue I had ever seen. Same with the lake water. I felt like I was in a different world. My sugar daddy was 30 years older than me. I did not think I would see him again. Like most sugar daddies, he is married. I met him on one of those special arrangements sites. He was in town this week on business and wanted to see the sexy BBW who rocked his world again. How could I say no? I met him at his hotel. He may be a senior citizen, but when he pops that little blue pill, he fucks me like he is in his 20s. We had the most amazing weekend in bed.  I do not know if it was the blue pill or my company, but my sugar daddy was a sex machine. He gave me a hot squirting pussy several times over. I drained his old balls as many times. We did not go anywhere exotic this time, but we had just as much fun fucking. Thanks to Viagra old men fuck me better than most men my age.


Sexy BBW Phone Sex

bbw phone sexI am a sexy bbw phone sex slut, but do not mistake me for some humiliation junkie. I do not tolerate fat shaming. I have a theory about the assholes who call and want to call me names or make me oink like a pig. I think they have tiny little dicks and are angry at the world because they cannot get pussy. They somehow mistakenly think a full-figured girl is so desperate for attention and sex, she will let any loser or asshole into her panties no matter how poorly he treats her. Wrong. Fat is where it is at. I am a curvy beauty. I rock my curves and I never settle for less than I deserve. I have plenty of men who want to treat me right, so I can kick the angry little white boys to the curb. I met this guy at a club last night. He thought that back handed compliment shit would work with me. Get this. He told me I was pretty for a big girl. I retorted, “I’m just pretty,” and walked away leaving him with a dumbfounded look on his face. I do not know why girls fall for stupid insults like that. Rejection was nothing this jerk was accustomed too. He stalked me at the club. He got in my face violating the club’s social distancing rules and got tossed out on his ass. He was yelling something about fat chicks do not reject him. Well, this sexy BBW rejected him. He was with another guy who refused to leave when his jerk friend got tossed out. He came up to me and apologized for his friend. He told me I was the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen. Someone raised that boy right. I went home with him. Made sure his asshole friend new it too. He was a great fuck. I told him to aim higher regarding the company he keeps. Let this be a lesson to you angry little men out there. You will never get in my panties with insults or back handed compliments.

Wet Bald Pussy on a Motorcycle Ride

wet bald pussyI went for a motorcycle ride with this new man I met and got a wet bald pussy. Maybe it was from the vibration of his ride or maybe it was because he was fucking hot. He is an out of town businessman I met at a club Wednesday night. He rented this motorcycle to take me for a drive in the country. I told him about the farm house I am renovating. He wanted to see it. He is an architect. I was happy to have him give me some pointers, but I mostly wanted to fuck him. I am a sucker for older men. He is tall, handsome, intellectual and rich. And out of all the sexy women in the bar that night, he hit on me. He likes sexy BBWs. He has this theory on skinny girls. He thinks they are cranky and bitchy because they do not eat. And he thinks a sexy BBW is more confident and confident women are better lovers. I planned on validating his theories. When he picked me up yesterday, I was in a sexy outfit. I hopped on the back of his bike, and pressed my big tits against his back. My hands were around his waist but I could feel the head of his hard cock touching my hands. He was huge for that to happen. We got to my cabin and immediately fucked. I did not even get all my clothes off before his foot-long cock was inside me. He was just as horny as I was. After an hour of passionate fucking, he gave me some great advice for fixing up the farmhouse. We went out to the field and fucked some more. He is an exhibitionist too. I mean this man could have easily been a porn star. He watched me grind my bald pussy on the rented motorcycle as it was parked and we ended up fucking a third time too. Damn. I wish he lived in my state because he may be the best man I have fucked yet and I have fucked a lot of men.

Big Tit Photos at the Lake

big tit photosI posed for some big tit photos for extra cash. What do you think? I have big knockers. My boobs are Internet famous. Honestly, I have been nude modeling since I was 18. Guys love looking at big tits. Luckily for me, I was gifted with natural 44 EEEs from the heavens above. I got into this line of work because I had so many titty pics. I enjoy showing them off regardless if I get paid or not. The way I see it, the pay is just icing on the cake. I am a sexy BBW. We did a photo shoot out at this lake this weekend. Mostly, we were secluded, but at one point we had some onlookers. I perform better with an audience. Seriously, I step up my A game when I know I am being watched. My photographer enjoyed me as his subject. It was obvious by the tent in his pants. I helped myself. I am a cock sucking whore and I did not care that folks were watching. Be the hottest thing they see all month maybe all year. I started slobbering on his throbbing purple head. I think the word spread quickly that there was a hot BBW sucking cock by the lake. A small army of men had gathered watching me. They were stroking their cocks. I signaled them closer. I wanted a circle jerk. I wanted to be a big breasted bukkake star. I love being watched, but I love being the center of attention too. I was the center of attention at that lake. When the photos were done, I was covered in cum. Head to toe cum bucket. The best part is that I made a $1000 for it. I have more pictures to use for my phone sex blogs; I got covered in cum and I got paid. That is a good day.

Exhibitionist Phone Sex with a Sexy BBW

exhibitionist phone sexI love exhibitionist phone sex calls. In the days of portable phones and cell phones, I can expose myself outdoors while we talk. I have been working in the country this week. Last year, I inherited a small farm from my grandparents. I am fixing it up to be an Air B and B rental. It is a little less than an hour from the city, so I am sure once I start renting it, it will stay booked. I got a call yesterday for my favorite fetish. This guy told me he was naked in his backyard and asked me if I would join him. Of course, I would. I told him it was fate because I do not get many phone sex fetish calls for exhibitionism even though I often blog on the topic because I love it so much. I went out in the front of the house by the fields. I let my big beautiful boobs get some sun. Oh, and I masturbated with my caller. It was a beautiful day too. I love rubbing my pussy on calls, but when I get to do it outside too, well, that is a damn good day. We talked for hours. I think he was partying, which is no problem for me. Exposing my big beautiful body and playing with my bald pussy are my addictions. I could masturbate all day long. I kept hoping some one would see me naked outside, but the farm is a mile off the road. It is not like people have not caught me before, it was just that I was hoping to fuck a handsome stranger. I love phone sex but playing with my juicy cunt will never replace getting fucked. I do not care if you are a drinker or a partier, if you want to masturbate and explore kinky fetishes together, I am there.

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