Hello My name is Elaina. I am a confidant and sexy woman. A real woman. The woman you have always longed for. The arm candy you just can’t seem to get. I know how special I am. Smart, Funny and Beautiful. I keep my body tight. My ass firm. My skin soft and inviting. I have big round perfectly bouncy tits that I can’t wait to tease you with. I am all about bringing sexy back! The more you want me, the better it is for me. So I have mastered the art of the tease. The way I talk. The way I brush against you. The way I walk. The way I kiss. How I will run my fingers over your body. Touching your soul. But don’t think it is all sweet kisses and seductive glances. I am much deeper than that. I love nasty, dirty SEX. I like edge play. Erotic, safe, sane and consensual fun. And if you don’t know what that means. Well it means I am pure gold not vanilla. Everything about me is sensual. And if you like a vanilla life, then you can’t handle me. I know all about the guys who dream of having me on their arm or in their bed. And I don’t mind spreading my time around. If you know how to treat a woman of my caliber. I do love to live the night life and I love to explore and have fun in every way. Most of all I love to tease. Unmerciful teasing that will leave you begging for my sweet kisses. Begging to slide that cock right in my juicy wet slit. No dear, you won’t get this golden love hole without a whole lot more effort. You have to want me more than anything else in life at this very moment. THAT is what turns me on and THAT is what will win you a ride within the sweet wetness that I have to offer….

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