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Using Uncle’s Cock

Family Fun Phone SexI’m too much of a filthy slut so when I was over at my uncle’s house, I snuck into his room to see if I could use his cock. I was just so horny my aunty was gone and I knew my uncle had drank too much and would not realize what was going on. I pulled my uncle’s cock out and started sucking it even suck and pulled his balls. I wanted his cock hard and throbbing. Since he was on his back it was easy to sit my wet pussy on it. I shoved it deep as I played with my clit, my uncle was started to wake up a bit but I was too much into it that I didn’t care. As I fuck his cock hard, I felt his hands grab my tits. I looked down and saw he was staring straight at me, he picked me up and pushed me down on my stomach licked his fingers and rubbed my asshole. I knew what was going to happen next and I just played with my clit as he shoved his fat cock in my ass. He fucked my ass hard and it felt so good I came all over my fingers. He shoved two fingers in my pussy as I felt his cock starting to fill my asshole up. He turned over and went to sleep, the next morning he caught me alone and told me how my asshole was nice and tight and he loved it.  

Perfect Horny slut

GFE Phone SexI’m such a horny slut, but I am perfect for phone sex fantasies. I love hearing all the kinky things you like to do or want to do to me. When I see your cock bulging from your pants it just makes me want to get on my knees and just start sucking your throbbing cock. Hearing about how you would use me wherever we are gets my pussy wet, I just want you to bend me over and stick your cock in my willing pussy. That is not where you have to end it if you want to pound my ass, ill open it and spread my ass for you to be able to shove your cock in my asshole. I want you to use it up and fill it up with cum, make me your anal whore I like it knowing my body pleases you is what I want. I was built to be a whore and it only turns me on even more when you make me that.  

The Professor’s Slut

Fantasy Phone SexI have been busy being a dirty slut I have slacked on my school assignments. As I walked into the professor’s office, I could see he was wound up. I decided I would help him relax and that would help me get on track with school. I got really close to him and started rubbing his cock and told him I’m there to turn in extra credit. I got to my knees and pulled his cock out and started kissing it and sucking it. As he got hard, I played with his balls and I could feel my pussy getting wet. He lifted me up and bent me over his desk ripping my panties off in the process. He spread my legs open and plunged his hot deep in my dripping cunt, pump after pump he told me how I would be getting an “A” in class. He also was moaning how I belong to him and how he would make sure of it, before I could respond he grabbed my tits and pulled them then started pumping his cum in me. I visit The Professor every week now he makes class so much fun.

Used At Work

Fetish Phone SexOne of my first jobs was at a massage parlor, it is also the first place I ever got used and pissed all over. I walked in to one of our wealthy clients place they already had a massage room set up so when I got there, he was laying down with a sheet over himself. I used the hot oil to massage his back and legs he turned over and he had a massive hard cock, I didn’t mention anything and then he starts grabbing me and pulling my head towards him. I tried to fight back when he smacked me and said if I was smart, I would do ask he wants that he will make sure I keep my job and are tipped well. He didn’t stop until he was rubbing his cock on my lips until I opened my mouth and started sucking it. He shoved my head deeper on his cock until I couldn’t breathe and gaged, he then bent me over the massage table, pulled my pants down and shoved his cock deep in my pussy. He fucked me hard and fast I could barely hold myself up, he choked me as he pounded me until I felt his cock start pulsing me and filling me up. He then started pissing all over me and telling me that he has marked me and I am his now.

Bar Slut

Fantasy Phone SexI love when a man takes control of me and bends me over and fucks me where ever and whenever he wants. It reminds me of a date I had a few weeks back, we went to have a drink at this biker bar. I was drinking heavy and flirting a lot, any chance I got to touch him and grab at his bulge I did. We took more shots and I was feeling so drunk, he took his hand and stuck it under my skirt and fingered my wet pussy. I was really enjoying it when he stopped and bent me over the bar, he right away shoved his cock in my dripping cunt. My head was spinning I couldn’t stop him he ripped my shirt to expose my tits. As he pounded me, I could hear men cheering and whistling. It made him fuck me harder and deeper, I felt his finger entering my ass and start to open it up. He kept pumping my pussy over and over until I felt his cum rushing in me, I thought he was done until I felt his fat cock being pushed into my asshole. He played with my clit and fingered my pussy as he pumped my ass and he didn’t stop until he filled it up, as everyone cheered, I turned around with cum dripping out of me and my date was nowhere in sight 

Young Slut

Family Fun Phone SexI was a horny sluty pre-teen. Any chance I got to rub my pussy I did, I never wore panties because they just got in the way. I would rub my pussy on the edge of the bed or the couch anywhere I could! Until I discovered daddy’s hard meat, I was older now so I wasn’t on his lap as much as when I was younger. But this day I was showing him a book I was reading, with tiny shorts on and no panties I started wiggling on his lap because I felt a lump poke me right on my ass and between my legs. It felt so good and the more I wiggled the harder it got, daddy looked at me in my eyes with shock and asked me what was I doing. I responded with “it feels good in between my legs can you please help me I want more”, with that he picked me up and took me in the room. He took my shorts off and laid me down, his fingers went straight to my cunny I knew what he was doing I do it all the time if he could use his hard thing. With an eager exciting look in his face, he took his pants out and his big hard meat popped out. Asking me if I was sure, he lowered himself on top of me rubbing his meat on my clitty. I wanted more so I humped him back and then it slipped in me, with a pop and a sharp pain he was deep in me. I started rubbing my clit as his meat went in and out of me it felt soo good and then my body shook with the best orgasm I had so far, it must have felt good for daddy too because he started moaning and I felt his meat pumping in me. I used daddy any time I wanted. 

Perfect Daddies Whore

My favorite role to be is daddy’s little slut because I am and have always been his little whore. He broke me in young and built me up like the perfect cum dumpster whore, I would undress for him and he would take his time touching every inch of me stopping at my little cunt he would spread my lips and poke both my little holes. He would pull his big man meat out and taught me how to suck it, sometimes he would shove it so deep I would gag hard he would spray his baby juice down my throat and I learned how to not gag that hard and take him deep and hard all the time. When I was ready, he finally told me I was going to get a special gift, that night he came to my room laid me on my belly spread my legs and licked me all over. It felt so good and tickled me all over, he kissed my cheek covered my mouth and stuck his mand meat in my hole with a pop I squealed. He kept pumping me while whispering how much he loved me and that it would feel good soon, he started playing with my button and it did feel good. He started pumping harder and playing with my button faster, I let out a moan and my hole started squeezing. He kissed me hard and I felt it his man meat pumping in me. I am the perfect whore because daddy made me that way. 

fetish phone sex

Taking The Babysitter

I’ve always been a freak but I became I huge fucklicious freak when I babysat for a lawyer. He would stare at me like a horny teenager with his massive hard cock poking out all the time. On one of my overnight sitting jobs, he came home drunk and woke me to have a shot with him. I wasn’t 21 yet so I jumped at any chance to drink, we took our shot and he told me how my nipples always make his cock hard I told him to show me right away he pulled his hard cock out. Seeing how hard and big it was it made my pussy tingle and start dripping, with no words he bent me over the table. Whether I wanted it or not I was going to get fucked, ripped my shorts and panties off like a mad man he covered my mouth and stuck his big dick inside me. He pinched and pulled my nipples while humping me hard and fast, he bite me and pulled me hair even smacked my ass sore. Before I knew it, he started pumping hot cum in me. Before going to bed he told me he would make sure I got the morning after pill.

Fetish phone sex

Travel Whore

The slut in me came out when I went on vacation to brazil. I had a long flight so I was playing with my cunt during the flight but I couldn’t reach orgasm, I needed a big hard fat dick to fuck my pussy hole. So, I looked around to see who was on this flight and my eyes connected with a light skin sexy black man by the looks of him I could see he had a big dick for me! I decided to signal him to meet me in the bath room, when he opened the door, I went straight to his pants. His dick felt so good getting hard in my hands and his balls were nice and big I knew he was going to have a big load of thick gooey cum. I started sucking his man meat and I tasted his yummy pre-cum I could feel how hard and throbbing it was I turned around and spread my pussy lips open for him. As soon as he stuck his big black cock in me, I played with my clit over and over as he pounded me hard. He started moaning in pleasure and then he bite my shoulder and it sent me into the hardest orgasm as he filled me up with his big load. I slept through the rest of the flight with a smile.

Roleplay Phone Sex

Office Gangbang

Fetish Phone SexI walked into the office party really late, as I walk in all I see is the drunk men I work with. They pushed me into the conference room and right away started ripping my clothes off. Before I could scream or run away, I was pinned down and a dick was shoved deep in my mouth, I almost threw up. My nipples were being pinched and I could smell cock from every direction. Then I felt the pressure of a fat cock being shoved straight into my ass, I felt the pounding and ripping of my asshole. Then I felt the rush of cum being filled up into my mouth and the next cock being shoved back in. After that I felt my ass was being filled up with cum, as it was pulled out my ass another one was shoved in my pussy. I was pounded like if I had no walls time after time dick after dick load after load, I had to take it I had cum all over my face tits an ass. Finally, the last dick was pounding me and when he finished filling me up, they all clapped and called me a good office whore told me to clean and make sure I am not late for work in the morning.  

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