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Welcome Home Babe

fantasy phone sexWelcome home baby. I have been waiting for you. Waiting to please you like only I can do. My tight young body. My little perky tits, perfect pussy, and heart shaped ass. My mouth just waiting to devour your rock-hard cock. Come join me. Let me take off your clothes and lay you on your back. Kissing your face and slowly making my way down your chest to your hip bones. My pearl necklace grazes your cock and balls, making you squirm with excitement. I position myself between your legs and suck on your balls and then deep throat you.

I take you deep in my little warm mouth. Swirling my tongue around your shaft. My hand moves down and starts rubbing your tight asshole. I push just a little and my fingertip is in. You clench but you love it. I suck you harder and push my finger deeper. You start to relax. I taste the precum and move my head from your cock. A string of your cum and my spit on my mouth as I look at you. I remove my necklace and start to rub it against you ass, pushing the beads a little further with each pulse. You like that and your cock leaks uncontrollable. I pull them out and clean them with my mouth. I smile at you wondering what you are going to do to me.

Afternoon Delight?

fantasy phone sexHappy Monday to you baby. Did you have a nice weekend? Wanting to keep the party going but those pesky obligations got you in a funk? Don’t worry baby I am here to take care of you. I can be your dirty little lunch or break secret. Go to your car or lock your office door and let’s play. My tiny tight pussy did not get all of the attention it needed this weekend and perhaps your cock needs some afternoon jerking too.

We meet for some afternoon delight. In your car, in the parking garage. You know I am a horny slut from the next office and I have already given you a sneak of my young bald cunt under my dress. You push the seat back and my perfect pouty lips will be happy to service your big thick rock-hard cock. I lean over and take you deep. You are amazed at my lack of gag reflexes and push your hips deeper. Your hand reaching over and fingering my wet pussy as I sucky sucky you. I taste the precum and don’t want it in my mouth. I want it in my tight twat. I lift up my dress and straddle you. My little body fits nicely on top of you and I fuck you. You fill me with your warm cum, a treat that I will feel running down my legs all afternoon. Ready to play babe?

Jerky Jerky Your Cock Tonight?

fantasy phone sexHey baby? You looking for some fun tonight? Need a little jerky jerky of your cock? You know you love my tiny hands around your dick, stroking you. But it’s the weekend and that isn’t all you are looking for, is it? You want the full package. Like what you see? My tiny heart shaped ass and my perfect tiny little pussy? Maybe you are looking at my little asshole? You want to open it up and stick your big cock deep inside of it don’t you?

I bet you are one of those dirty perverts that want me to lay on my back, pillow under my ass so that it is raised nice and high. Then take turns pushing your cock inside of my pussy and pulling out and pushing it into my asshole. I will hold my legs wide and high for you. My tiny perky titties will jiggle with every stroke. Where to put your load? You seem unsure. Don’t worry baby I have the most perfect idea. Pull out and aim at my face. Cover my eyes and nose and mouth and cheeks with your warm thick streams. Think how hot I will look like that baby. I know you are just burning to spend some of your paycheck on my hot kinky tiny body. I will be waiting for you.

You Want The Late Night Package?

fantasy phone sexOh, baby are you looking for a special treatment tonight? I would love to take very good care of you. I am also a very horny girl so I can offer you a discount. We have a special late-night package tonight. It offers the around the world treatment. Does that entice you? Would you like to make that purchase? Of course, you do, let me lead you back to the room and you can get undressed and put on this robe.

I will be running your bath water. It is the perfect temperature for you, and I take your hand and remove your robe and show you the stairs to enter the bath. I grab my oils and sponges and soaps and set them beside you. Then I take off all my clothes. My little tight perky tits and bald pussy join you. You sit back and relax while I wash you. I sit behind you and wash your back. My little hands rubbing up and down your back and around to your stomach. Then down between your legs. I reach for you cock and start stroking you. You feel my tiny perky nipples and wet bald cunt rubbing against you. I then stand and move in front of you and sit. I open my mouth and put your big cock inside my mouth. Does that feel good baby? I am only getting started. You want the late-night package too love?

You Need Me To Jerky You?

fantasy phone sexHe come in for the special. You know the special. The special with the happy ending. He always requests me, and I love to please him. He pays extra and I give him massage naked. My soft tight body rubbing up against him as I give him massage. I put oil on his body and make him nice and soft and slick. My hand reaches under the towel, and I rub his ass. Sticking my finger inside his tight asshole and giving him a little finger play. He tightens his ass and makes a moan. I tell him to turn over. I can see his cock is very hard and the towel is sticking up, like a teepee. He tells me to come closer to his mouth. My tiny perky tits rubbing against his chest as he whispers into my ear that he wants me to jerky jerky him. I smile and tell him of yes, I will jerky jerky him. I rub and stroke his cock until I feel the precum. I then whisper if he would like to upgrade? I let him cum in my mouth for more money. He shakes his head yes and I take his dick deep in my mouth and swallow all his warm salty cum. I have an appointment available. Would you like me to jerky jerky you too baby?

I Want To Please You

fantasy phone sexSee my little cotton black panties? You want to sniff them? Smell my sweet Asian cunt? You want to pull them off with your teeth and unwrap my wet bald tight pussy? Don’t be shy baby, I know you do. You have heard all the tales of Asian girls. The tightness, the sweet asses and their unbelievable desire to please you. So come play with me let me show you exactly how those rumors are true. Make me your little Asian whore. A slut to your every desire. A never say no girl. Watch as my ass gapes for you. That heart shaped ass in your face as my tight asshole gapes in anticipation of your big thick cock. You can’t resist my petite little body. You must have it. Ram your cock deep inside my ass and hold my tiny hips in your hand. Fill me with your warm cum. Stick your cock in my mouth and let me clean you, make you hard again so that you can turn me over and pound my tight little bald pussy. I am here for your gratification baby, so come on and use my body. I will be here waiting for you.

Want A Happy Ending?

fantasy phone sexI see you passing by my massage parlor. Walking back and forth, wanting to come in but still so unsure. You want your happy ending but don’t know how to inquire. I catch your eye and smile and nod for you to enter. I am at the desk waiting for you. You tell me it is your first time and I smile. I love popping cherries. I decide I will be the one to take care of you. I walk you back to the room and tell you to undress and lay on the table. I hand you a soft warm blanket to put over you. I excuse myself to get the utensils and oils. When I open the door, you are laid on the table with the blanket on top of you. You try to hide your erection, but you can’t. I don’t acknowledge it as I drop my robe and stand beside you naked. I reach under the blanket and start stroking your cock. I ask you if you would like the full treatment. You shake your head yes and I remove the blanket to begin.

He Got His Happy Ending And Then Some

fantasy phone sexWe have been very busy at my massage parlor lately. A fresh young group had arrived, and the clients are breaking them in nicely. However, that does mean the wait has become incredibly longer than normal. That is just not acceptable for some of my high rollers. So, what does a money hungry horny business owner do? She puts herself on the menu. I didn’t even charge the uptick on my services. They were in for quite a treat. I picked one of the regs and as he was escorted to the backroom as he opened the door he saw me on the bed, completely naked and eager to please him. A smile crossed his face as I asked him if he was ready for his happy ending. He shook his head in agreement as he started unbuckling his pants. Like a good submissive whore, I quickly went to help him. Laid him on the bed and started the massage. He had his happy ending and decided he wanted more. I never turn down money, so I made myself and all of my tight bald holes available for his entertainment. He didn’t hold back and by the time he left I was gaped, stretched and covered in cum.

Cum Play With Me

fantasy phone sexYou have a hot Asian girl fetish? Don’t lie, you have at least thought about it. A pretty petite porcelain skin doll to play with. A pretty heart shaped ass. A tight bald pussy and tiny perky tits. You know you can’t resist. Fortunately, I am here all alone tonight and extremely horny. I need a big strong man to use me. Put my lips around your cock and look up at you as I suck you deep. Lick your balls and rim your asshole as you push my head farther into you. Push me on all fours with my tiny ass facing you and force your big hard cock inside my tiny hole, hands on my hips as I move back to meet you. Put me on my back, spread my legs and pound my tight pussy hard. Lay on your back as I lower my tiny body on you and ride you. Give it to me anyway you want, as I live to please you baby. So, give me a call and let me take care of you.

Today You Will Please Me

fantasy phone sexHe came into the parlor looking for a good time. My girls were busy, and I already knew he was a demanding prick so I decided I would take care of him. Today he would have the tables turned on him and I would make him my little bitch. This Asian princess was going to show him who exactly was the boss. We went back to the room, and he undressed and lay on the table covered in a towel. I also undressed and came over to him telling him that I was there to please him. He smiled and the towel moved a little further up as his cock gets hard when he has women submit. I started the massage and was going for his first happy ending. Once he unleashed his load all over my hands I smiled as I licked all his warm cum from my fingers. This did exactly as I suspected, and his dick was rising again. But this time I reached down and grabbed a cage. Quickly snapped it in place and swallowed the key. He was pissed but then I started to finger my tiny wet hole and his cock was trapped. He winced in pain, and I laughed at him, telling him he would now please me, at least for the next day or so or until I decided the cage would be unlocked. His cock throbbed against the constraints as he made his way between my legs and started eating my wet pussy.

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