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snuff phone sex

One might say I peddle to extreme snuff phone sex perverts. And they would be right, I sling my ass here and on the streets for filthy fucked up men. I know that dark desires must be pandered to! The full moon made me especially deranged and my blood lust was unparalleled. I was training a new whore to find Johns with deep pockets and I noticed track marks on her arms. Not a problem, if she was using under my care. Hiding her needle marks made me so fucking pissed, that means that means she is skimming dough. That stupid teen bitch! I set her up to be a real profitable whore. Now she would be a risk, and had to make sure I made money off my investment.

Old dirty Mike had an idea. There was a big baller with a sick fetish in town that had put out feelers for a little Mexican girl. I dolled this baby girl up and had Old Mike tell him that I would be sending him a special delivery, but I needed to be the accomplice phone sex whore on watch. My legacy proceeded me and he agreed. With a needle full Of black tar I brought a present up to the penthouse’s suite for him to torture and fuck until she over dosed on the bathroom floor. No biggie he has goons who made sure they erased all evidence! The scene is fresh in my mind and I need to let it all out and make you and me cum with it! accomplice phone sex

Talk to me I bite!

BDSM phone chat That’s right I bite, and an skilled in the ways of BDSM phone sex. I’m a rough rider baby, Just ask Julio down at the Biker bar. He likes to get freak nasty with me over the pool table and give everyone a nice show. He has a couple scars from when I bit the shit of him as I came on his cock! Only tonight as I’m bent over the pool table his buddies can’t help but to get some of this mix bitches mouth and throat too! So I’m sucking cock, beer is pouring over my head and down my tits as I give a nice BJ! I’m not mad about it either, as I’m being pulled train on I know whose cock is who and what their secret perversions are. Julio has a thing for little afro puffs and dark cunny. I get him a sweet one on his birthday every year. Although he doesn’t know the money I make from secretly recording him and his little victim, a bitch has to get paid after all. And when I’m nice and drunk and full of Mexican biker cock, I walk the streets looking for men as fucked up as this snuff phone sex bitch!snuff phone sex

Snuff phone sex and more!

snuff phone sexYour looking for a sadistic thrill of a snuff phone sex whore and just don’t know if your too much to handle? Did I get that right? You need to have your balls drained and your life force sucked right out of you. I know killing by succubus pussy, and I know a man needs to fulfill that carnal part of him that needs that cock impaled by a specter figure and milked until death! Paralyzed on sight of a figure who chills the room as you’re jacking off to some nasty material. “Oh you like them young baby, well it’s time to be milked by my tight pussy until you give me the demon seed, I so search for!” I mind fuck you because this sexy snuff slut needs an evil sick ad twisted man for my demonic offspring. And we really know how fucked up your fantasies are don’t we? Your own rape fantasies of young ones and mommies are why I came to take your cum and make you the father of baby girl fucking and killing demons! Cum to the dark side you have no choice with this pussy milking your life from you!

Cuckolding and Creampies

cuckolding phone sex

Cuckolding and Creampies are what wet dreams are made of. My pussy is made to be filled with the best cock cream around. And if I ever have a man who can’t fuck me right, he will be shown what my pussy and ass hole likes. Even if I have to tie him up and make him watch this slut get fucked. I Fucking hate, and I do mean hate small dicked mother fuckers! 


I was opened up young by a very big black cock, my very own father, so you think you can just come fuck me with a shrimp dick? You couldn’t even be a motherfucker with that little thingy. Go find you a mommy to soothe you and tell you it’s okay to have a small pee, pee! Because if I was your mommy you would be a disgrace to me! You,  baby boy, get to eat out my creampie!  Only after you are tied up and impaled with a big dildo and made to watch a real man fuck my brains out! I will soothe your aches and hypno fuck you until you tell me that you will Serve your queen and all the queens men! Do what I say because your life just might depend on it!

creampie phone sex

BDSM Cum whore

BDSM phone sex I enjoyed being his BDSM phone sex cum whore in his dungeon of pain and pleasure. My accomplice to orgasms gave me something no-one else could. The full body treatment of being strung up like a side of beef, whipped and penetrated with a huge steel butt plug. He was my first introduction to pain. My body quivered under his guidance into the realm of pain producing pleasure. While we we going deep into his fetish world, he had me recount every detail of my gangbang sexual assault when I first was initialed to the gang. His dick sliding between my ass cheeks as he put hands around my throat. My wrist burned with the cuffs as I hung and swung in time to his fuck rod pounding me in an already sore ass hole. This was the man who broke me off a piece of the cartel dope game. I had been fucking and blowing him for years before I knew what a true kinky bastard he was. Receiving pain only makes me even more wet to give it to others. A good accomplice and snuff slut knows just how good it can be, and how bad it can get when you cross that threshold.  I will always be a bondage phone sex freak for you!bondage phone sex

Femmi Remi

sissy phone sexFemme Remi calls me when he needs twisted as fuck sissy phone sex. He needs his ass gaped by 15 BBC at a time. His mouth is so fucking good at being used as a cum dump too! Every load ate up like its candy on Halloween!
Enough back door pounding to put that sissy hole out of commission for ever! This is a undercover whore of ass fucking who needs to be reamed like no tomorrow. And he knows that I will give him every cum load due to that beautiful ass hole. Although that ass hole might not be in usable for very much longer if this fag keeps getting fucked in a gang bang black cock ass fiesta! Speaking of which, it’s October and it’s a month where all the spooks and freaks cum out. Is you ass lubricated and ready to be used my my sissy slut femme Remi? Perhaps you need a good rim job yourself and want a sexy bitch and a sissy to lick your holes? Femme Remi has asked of he could play with a big black cock or two with me. I love spooks with big black dicks and I love freaks of nature and ass whores Like my sexy panty wearing Femme Remi! black cock phone sex

BDSM Whorez Do It Sadisticly

BDSM phone sex

When it cums to BDSM phone sex some whores are just pain sluts and sadist! Even when dealing with men and other women sometimes I need a good beating and bondage game to get off. I prefer to be abused by other women and I have no clue why? Some have said that if it weren’t for my love of dick I would be a straight up Lesbian!  Able sure enjoys turning out his whores on me. Maybe it’s his way of making sure his dominatrix women are up to par before they begin taking clients. I know he enjoys breaking my spirit or at least trying too. I have been subjected to a couple of his prime Dom whores in the ass hole and his cock always finds its way to my ass and then to my mouth. He better be careful because his hoes will soon be snatched off the street and subjected to my own rounds of punishments. But that’s only if I ever stop loving his cock and the way these other bitches use me! Do you need a pain slut to be your second in a hot 2 girl call, I just might be up to it if I’m feeling the need to be fucked like a common whore under the overpass! I’m always game to abuse another slut though!😋

versatile phone sex whore

phone sex You love this versatile phone sex whore. When you need a little ethnic trash you cum to me. I have to be fucking nasty for you. I have no choice in the matter. Can I help it if the perverted is what gets my brown cunt off? I love murder, rape fantasy and men who need a fucked up chick to get off with. I go from mommy p-whore to sadistic castration in 5 seconds flat. You need to catch a mommy watching some brat sex movies, and force her into giving up her little Pre-whore to your thick dick? I am down to fuck for that! And when you need to go a little further and fucking slice her little head off an fuck her in the eye socket, well I’m your whore for that to. Sometimes I am mommy to a little penis man, and sometimes I’m beating you to a stump as I fuck a gang of black men while you die. If I have gave you any ideas feel free to jack that cock off with this whore of Snuff phone sex and so much more. You know your fucked up fantasies are welcomed here.
I can take your p-fantasies
Snuff ( accomplice or Mistress!)
Race play
And Sissy dreams of serving.
BBC Fucking 

Hit Me with your biggest cum shot

biggest cum shotFire away! Hit me with your biggest cum shot to my face or inside of me any where your cock pleases!

Never a shy whore when it cums to talking about the filthy perverted deranged topics hat make you hard. No need to skirt around you taboo freak for all fetish. I’m a cock sucker to some pretty brutal guys in real life. Men who would fuck up a cunny and take money for her little body on the black market. Sold like a side of beef if you will. That’s where the term fuck meat originated! That’s right I will suck you dry while you have the virgin blood of a little fuck doll all over it! Men who are known serial killers and force fuckers get me off so hard when I suck that evil dick!

I’m non discriminatory to I love little boys cocks too! I will even bring you one of my little boys and be a snuff mommy for you! I will let you live out all your murder and rape fantasies of any fuck doll or victim you bring me! I’m all about the evil, bloody and dark side of humanity! Always down to your accomplice phone sex slut for the twisted shit that makes you hard as hell!

Breeding Your little ones

breeding phone sex

Have I ever told you what a brutal whore I am during breeding phone sex?

Well here goes…

He needed me to help pop some sweet ones cherries and make sure they were ready for his daddy cum. His very own sweet ones at that! He knew this mixed bitch was raunchy enough to pull those little girls legs apart as I grind on his innocent daughters faces for him! He says “cum on her face as I implant this incest seed in my offspring!” 

And of course I’m gonna grind this spic nigga cunt all over her young mouth for him! That shit gets me so drenching wet and out of my mind with pleasure! I love helping daddies use those precious littles of theirs as breeding whores! I’m the accomplice that will make sure you daughters and all their little friends end up with flat chests and big pregnant bellies and swollen little pregnant cunts for you. If we have to kidnap them and keep them in the barn until they deliver then so be it! Maybe we can snuff a couple out with some brutal fucking too! We can always replace the little crotch goblins! I hope your cock got hard for that and you know where to find me! I love the dark hours where I find the most sadistic freaks like you! 


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