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cuckolding phone sex

Sissy Christina is a Latina like me and he loves watching his wife get pounded by big black cock! Sissy cuckolding phone sex turns me on especially husband! He says Latina women need to be fucked hard and deep and having a husband with a small pecker isn’t good enough for her. This fucking faggot has his wife dress him up in the cutest and sluttiest outfits around so he can go service the local glory hole! Sissy Christina is such a forced- Bi husband! That sweet and sexy little sissy voice as he tells me he needs his ass fucked every which way upside down makes me laugh at him. His outfits his wife puts him in makes him look like a street whore and all the big dicked black men know they can fuck this sissy whenever they want. If your a fucking sissy and need a sexy Latina to laugh at how much a whore you are, you fucking know where I am, Your ass pussy will thank you! Bring me that clitty! 

BBC sissy phone sex

sissy phone sexFor sissy phone sex play, you’re nothing but a miserable bitch boy. I fucking love your weakness, and I thrive on having power over you. Whether you want it or not, you’re putting your body, mind and sometimes soul in my hands. I’m willing to bet that the prospect of me owning you makes you wary! I could tell you wished you weren’t such a little dicked loser who didn’t stand a chance of having pussy. I can actually read them. I approach you and give you a stiff cocktail, hoping to persuade you to unwind a bit. I whisper in your ear that I want to play with you and go somewhere private. I take you to my house, where there is a party. I take you up to my sister’s room and begin stripping you naked. Look at that little clit getting hard, I snicker and you are embarrassed now. 💟
You’re not going to get what you think you’re going to get, oh fuck no. I want you to be my personal sex slave and slut extraordinaire. You will look and act the part at all times bitch boy! I’ve got you all dolled up and am dragging you downstairs. I lead you into a room where a few other girls have already brought their little bitches. I shove you in front of a big black cock and tell him you belong to him and his friends! He takes out a massive black cock. I force you to the ground so you to kneel in front of him mouth open wide! He’s not just going to force fuck your slut mouth he and his buddies are going to make you a piggy roast slut on the end of that BBC!
Black Cock Phone Sex you wont forget!

Baptized For Satan with Cum

Blasphemy Phone SexHard for  Blasphemy Phone Sex? Not knowing where to turn too? Look, I might be a hardened bitch because of the streets, but I have a satanic past that will blow your mind and um, your load! I was baptized by cum as a girl. 

Bathed and oiled and put in my Christening gown as Papi brought me to be sacrificed in a ritual. I barely survived the gauntlet of cock and beatings. Now I only want to help men get off by doing the same things to these girls! 

All in the name of a satanic cult! My soul was gave to Satan a long time ago. I always get what I want! I take all the cum in my sweet tight cunt and splattered all over my tits and face as an offering to the Dark Lord Lucifer! 


Now, I am a snuff accomplice who brings one sweet tart at a time to sacrifice for men who think like me. Drugged up little pre sluts who will be savagely fucked and often killed on the altar. 

CBT Phone sex And Castrations

CBT phone sex Take a long, hard look at me. Do I appear to be a girlfriend type next door? No, I don’t think so. I’m a real sadist, and I’m looking forward to my next CBT phone sex call because I get so much pleasure from hearing you mess yourself up at my behest – hearing you scream and moan in pain is a true turn on for me. Take a long, hard look at me. Do I appear to be a laid-back player? No, I don’t think so. I’m a real sadist who can’t get enough of it. I don’t mind if you don’t cum when you refer to me as your deviant slut. Torture gets my bald smooth brown cunt off!  Let’s have some fun, my sexy slave. Snuff, castration, and accomplice play are just a few of my favorite things! You want to fuck with this sex crazed Latina?  I want you to know that I enjoy pain, both giving and receiving it. I enjoy stripping you naked in my living room, grabbing you by the balls, and dragging you to my room, of course by your fucking balls. Next, I’ll blindfold your fucking ass and tie you up on my bed. Mother fucker, you’ve hit the cock and ball torture, Jackpot bitch!  Maybe I’ll tease you with some cocksucking phone sex. I’ll start cutting those balls with my switch blade, stuffing them up your ass, and fucking you with my strap-on. Old, big blue, my 9 inch monster dildo is waiting on you! Then I’ll use this knife to fuck your manly back door cunt. If you’re ready to phone fuck, let me know.

P man accomplice phone sex

accomplice phone sexI see you over there just aching for accomplice phone sex with a brown skinned slut. I know what deranged and demented men need. I had a man call me a cunt the other day in the most endearing way. Get over here cunt, I know where prime pussy is when I see it. When he pointed her out I laughed at his face and said honey that’s not pussy, that’s cunny. There is a difference between a sweet and little tiny cunny and a tight little teen whore pussy. Any p man can tell you the difference straight away. Sometimes you don’t realize that you’re a p man and that what you like is very taboo and forbidden. You’ve always bordered on that gray edge of the girls and women you like to fuck. It’s only illegal to go just a tiny bit down the scale. Dear Lord we will never be able to take you to a nude beach a sweet little rug rats and innocence faced young whores. A cock would be constantly standing attention. Everyone would know what you were. I know what you are. A p daddy who needs his fix. Even to go as far as calling me from your little girl’s room. You are stealing her dirty panties just to smell them and jack off. So when my client told me that he wanted this little whore in the making I knew I had to get her for him. And I wanted to be the one to help get this girl get her first daddy fuck in that Young bald pussy (cunny)!

Cocksucking Phone Sex Turns Demonic

Cocksucking Phone Sex

Dark skinned whores have the best mouth for cocksucking phone sex. My mouth drools for a cock.  It’s instant when I see a cock bulge, I want to taste that warm cock milk flowing down my throat! If you have never sucked a cock, and many men I talk too have, then you do not know the satisfaction of making a cock pulsate and jump in your mouth as he is spurting his shot! If I was a man I would be gay, or at the very least bisexuals’, because GOD is cock good. If there is a heaven it better be filled with 10 inch hard cocks for me to suck off for eternity! Better yet let me reign in hell, and suck Satan’s cock! I bet he is the big dick man who can tear a throat out in 5 seconds flat! Then fuck my whore ass and it keep repairing!  I bet his shit covered cock tastes so nasty! I have done enough work for him that he should let me suck every cock I want for eternity! Just call me the cocksucking brown skinned demon whore! 


P.S. I love blasmephy phone sex so much I couldn’t let a cock sucking blog deny you of my fuckery!

Hot ass sex Rider!

hot ass sexIt’s a hot ass sex kind of day! I was craving a fat juicy fuck stick to ride with my ass hole. And I found just that! Jose and Pete came over to deliver my money and I had just enough coke coursing through my system to be horny for lackey cock. It was their lucky day. Well one of their lucky days at least. Pete had no peter and Jose’ was massive. Im talking every bit of 9 inches and thick as tree trunk! Aye! Papi! And when I ride I need a big thick cock in my ass hole. So Petterless Pete got to watch the show.  Next time I will make him clean my shit of Joses cock! He got to see what tight ass hole I have and how a real man gets to fuck and he doesn’t! All is fair in fucking and cuckolding! If your cocks not big enough to fuck, then you get to sit on the sidelines and watch a real man fuck a tight booty! And trust I got skills when it comes to getting my ass cavity reamed while I ride it like there is no tomorrow! You need a brown eye to fuck up? I’m the whore Ass To Mouth Phone Sex flavor of the day! 

Racist Snuffs Me Out

snuff phone sexThe men who love to fuck me, are deviants who need snuff phone sex just to get hard. The most vile and raunchy taboo subjects are what they seek. I had a man who hated spic women the other day. He asked what kinds of cock do I like, apparently all was not a good answer. He wanted to know if I ever fucked men of color like wet backs and gooks, chinks and even niggers. He was a white supremacist who wanted to see me dead. I was taken back I was going to be his victim, Intrigued I proceeded. Turns out the pictures of his big white cock were worth my ass getting snuffed. It was a slow torture with every kind of object he could find being shoved up my cunt and ass. Even a hot curling iron, I would never fuck again. This was not my normal call, but even bad bitches need to be killed once in a while during hot phonesex! I don’t make the rules of what gets me turned on and has me cumming. But his racist murder fantasy has me masturbating all day long.

Sometimes you Feel Like a nut…

CBT Phone Sex

Sometimes you feel like having a big nut, sometimes you don’t get to with cbt phone sex. Are you worthy of ejactualing? What have you done to impress me lately? More importantly, how big is your dick? I like to know the size of my canvas at least baby! How much torture can I give those big balls before you tap out?  Will it be sounds and stick pins all night, or do you need something little stronger for your own demise? I’m thinking of a nice thin blade, like a scalpel to peel back your cock skin and dissect your ball sack! See now I am wet and in the mood for a different kind of sissy phone sex. One where you bring your balls to me on a platter and I decide if you get to keep your family jewels. I really hope you are done procreating. Because no cum isnt very helpful in trying to get your bitch pregnant! Ha! Who am I kidding. You going to have to get a bull cock just to fuck her, because your dick will be absent completely if I have my way with you!

Hardcore Ass Fucking By Alanza

hardcore ass fuckingAre you ready for your hardcore ass fucking? This bitch isn’t playing around no mas! I have a sweet thick strap that is lubed up with my pussy Juices and raring to be buried 8 inches into your ass cavity! Can you fucking imagine how full your butt will feel with my tits pressed against your back and my soft silicone dong nestled up against your prostate?
I will slowly start to pump these ethic hips and start massaging your prostate as I begin to milk you. Now I must warn you, that dick…No matter the size of it…will be so fucking hard. The likes you’ve never seen before. You, are, my..bitch, now!
Back that ass up as I begin to give you the ejactuation of a lifetime.
Harder and faster, one hand around your cock, or dicklette? I’m not choosy when it comes to anal phone sex. Big or small, I fuck asses all! ANd one hand around your throat! You belong to me, my pet. You ass pussy will forever know me as its best fuck.
Harder and faster until you beg and plead for me to stop. But where will this ass fuck go, nobody knows! Let me push your boundaries tonight!

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