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Accomplice Whore Has a Hot Squirting Pussy

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His wife wouldn’t give up the pussy anymore. I would gladly help his sexy ass out on that one. It started as a simple I need to fuck buddy that opened me up so good every time. I was his slumming side piece slut. I already knew the reason his wife wouldn’t take his cock anymore, besides her being a prude. His cock was huge and she always said it hurt her. I loved how wide and thick that trouser snake was. He always fucked me so hard and deep that I would walk funny the next few days. She really is a stupid bitch never questioning his sluts that sought him for one on one personal training. I personally knew a few bitches that had taken his fat white boy cock in on this same weight bench! But I was his favorite little dirty ghetto whore. I knew something was up as he paced back and forth in front of me after making me his cream pie, he was tired of the wifes shit, he just wanted a nice fuck before bed and there was something else too. The little red headed daughter has just started to biome a little bitch to her daddy. His little Princess has begun to back mouth her daddy.  I grinned and asked if he wanted to fuck the attitude out of both of them, forcefully. His cock came to life again, and he grinned. “But we would have to murder them both afterwards.” ( Like that would be a problem for this snuff whore.) The first thing we would have to get that first and last grade pussy set up so daddy could have his way fucking her until she went limp. And wifey would have to be made to watch to pay for her keeping the pussy away. Her fault daddy needed to fuck that daughters plump and pussy cunt until she dies. And then MY Boys would tear apart the wife in a true Gang bang torture session. ANd my cunt would be squirting all over each of them as we finished off his little family!

You know where to come to get your dirty Latina queen fix!


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Murder Monday

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Here we fucking go again. Another bitch to add to my snuff phone sex notch! I have to make this quick, but I couldn’t help but paste this Vato all over the internet. What he did can’t be forgiven and he paid the price with his girlfriend and his balls! Leo had this little whore of a woman who he couldn’t keep satisfied. So I found her in bed with my big brother and MY man. Little bitch riding my big dick with her crackhead pussy!  I slapped the holy fuck out of her and punched her nose in. That is my cock. My man can fuck other bitches but not skanks and he better invite his sassy sexy Latina queen into bed with them! With her nose bleeding and his cock still hard, I mean why fuck with a ham sandwich when you have steak! She was crying on the floor as I got up on his cock and rode like the wind. I busted my man’s nut deep in me. Dirty dick or not. Hell it made my brother hard I couldn’t deny him a jack session could I?  Then I got up and did my after sex piss all over her shattered face. I was in a violent mood and I knew how to make my man cum instantly one more time for me! I grabbed his boot knife and thrust it into her so deep that she seized and bleed out in seconds. Then I fucked her ass with it and put it back in his boot sheath. my brother enjoyed fucking bloody ass as her body coagulated in a pool of blood. Then I called Leo to come pick this Puta up. He didn’t know she was dead until he got here. My big strong brother and my man both held him while I jerked off his cock until those balls were huge and crushed them with my big vice. He screamed more than his dead bitch did! . 

Leo you really should have kept this slut on a tight leash. I am not sorry I put your balls in that vice at all! 

 I am a sexy big assed Latina who is down for your sadistic needs!

This Sexy Accomplice Loves Miami Dope

accomplice phone sex

There is so much an accomplice whore will do  for some good dope! A very good guy friend told me he would hook me up with some of that good white. A nice eight ball but I needed to do something for him. I figured he needed a good blow job and some hot Latina pussy. And I wanted that Miami cocaine!  I was willing and able to give him what he wanted. I knew he had that good white boy cock, a couple of my home girls had fucked him last weekend and walked funny after! So you know I was down, I am a lot of things but cock whore is the first and foremost! When he met me in his apartment I saw he has all these saved murder articles and pictures of young girls who had been killed. His proposal was for this slut to go find his next victim! She had to be blonde, petite and a virgin. And I was to help him hurt and force fuck her. I smiled and crept along my face and my cunt got so wet I almost came on myself. Hell, I loved cutting bitches up and fucking tight juicy holes! And some good dope on top of it. 

I came back three hours later with the perfect girl. Shy with strawberry blonde hair and a smattering of freckles. I threw her on his bed as she cried out for her mommy. My knife put the fear of god in her and she shut up just in time for my man of the hour to show her what a cock was for the first time in her life. He rammed her throat as I squeezed it jacking her off with her neck from the outside. When it was time to fuck her he told me that after he came he wanted to fuck her in her still beating heart, That was how we were going to snuff her out….

Bisexual Phone Sex With LuNa

Bisexual Phone sex

It’s been awhile since I hooked up with My Sexy Badass Luna. Since I came back I have been all about bad girl bisexual phone sex with her. You see her tight little pussy? That pussy has been fucked so many times and its still sucks my finger in like she was a virgin! There’s nothing like me tying her up and finger fucking her in front of My homeboys. I love for those chubs to grow as we play!  My mouth needs to be on her pussy as she is completely helpless to me. And those sexy sounds she makes as she moans for her Mami! What I really know is she is very expectant of those big Latin King cocks that are just inches away from us. One thing you bet your ass off is they know they can’t have her or me until we are ready! I’m the Queen of these southside mother fuckers and untied Luna is a savage bitch too! Luna willingly lets me have my way with some bondage, and she is a party whore just like me, after a few squirting orgasms like the ones I gave her a few months back she needs more cocaine and more of that skunk weed. Luna is a wild cat in heat pouncing on me and helping to make our gangbang go all fucking night long. That’s why I love our 2 girl phone sex calls, because I go right back there to that night as we got fucked by five of the biggest cocks and were nothing but a couple of bukkake party girl whores. My pussy instantly gets wet at the thought of her cumming for me and her licking balls as I get fucked. We might not take any shit, But we will take all the cock!

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Phone Sex Castration

phone sex You are so fucking submissive that your wife has had you in chastity for thirty days. You have to call your hot Latina Domme’ for your castration phone sex. Am I supposed to feel sorry for you? You get ten minutes every month to let that 4 inch sissy penis cum, and who do you come to? ME! Why do you come to me? Because I am that Bitch who tells you exactly how I want those balls removed. No rubber band around those testicles for you. Your wife and her long term bull want you to be an eunuch for them.

Pretty pathetic that your little baby dick wont ever be able to cum after We remove your sweet little balls! I don’t feel one mother fucking ounce of pitty for you ass. You are a toy, a pet to play with. Shit I treat my mutts better than you get treated. I let Fido and Spot cum, whereas your balls will soon be in the blender or in My furry friend’s stomach! A nice fillet knife working under you as I flick your cock cage and ask you if you’re ready.

Like I fucking care if you are! The blood that starts to pour has my cunt soaking and slippery. I take my time working through your cum tubes and skin. Your cries of pain only bring me to arousal more. I hold up what used to be the last remaining fragment of your man hood. You are nothing now. A lowly servant to your wife and her bulls cock. You better behave, because if I hear about any misdoings am coming after that limp clit you have left. I will make you have so much pain you will go insane. Now be a good Eunuch whore and fetch me a nice cock to play with!

The Hottest Blasphemy Phone Sex

Blasphmey Phone sex

Your daughter and wife are the subject of our blasphemy phone sex. Your wife came into money and she runs a church. You have other ideas about worship. You renounce god so much you have used the church profits to start your own heathen church. You make women have an abortion for the acceptance into your dark lords home. And The orgies that go down as we piss and cum on bibles are so fucking hot! Then there is your daughter who is almost a teen. She is so fucking naive and pure, but once I get my hands on her she wont be baby. We are going to fuck her up!

It just takes some good shit to spin her out of her mind. Now This whore takes her and cuts off every single piece of clothing and shows her sweet young body to your lackeys. Big black men with bulging cocks who want a piece of her. 

Not here, I have better plans, I bring her into your wife’s church right under Jesus and have that sweet young bald cunt Ripped apart! She screams and cries out for you. There is no help for her. Now it s my turn to fuck her daddy while she watches and cum oozes put of every hole she has.  Poor thing has no idea the life we have in mind for her. We have paid abortion doctors on staff, and lots of drugs to keep her fucked up and fucked. Your daughter is going to be an heroin addict and we will pimp her out and make money off that bitch! When your wife comes home from that Mission Trip. I will be wearing her high end undergarments and waiting for her. Your cock belongs to me, you satanic man! I am going to kill the competition and we will live Like Queen and king off her Life insurance policy!

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My Rape Phone Sex Fantasies Victims

rape phone sex fantasiesLook what two Whores I found Cruising with the big boys? Blonde preppy little bitches fresh for some mutilation and rape phone sex fantasies. Guess they ended up on the wrong side of the tracks looking to score some dope. One of my girls alerted me that Frank was flirting with these two bitches and they had set up a threesome so they could get little action. Yeah his cock wanted action. But when I walked into the bar, his eyes widened and he knew he was caught. Dumb Bitch one and Dumb bitch two had no idea what the fuck they were messing with. I asked names. Geneva, I asked “like the candy bar?” She giggled at me and I smacked her hard across the face until she fell to the ground. I might not be the smartest but I’m to be respected in my own hood!  One heel on her throat I told her she had one choice and that was to stay there. I enjoyed that blood running from her lip.My cunt began throbbing at the smell of her blood!2 Girl Phone Sex
“Next up little blonde slut, Whats your skank name? “..Faith,” Oh, lord these two bimbos. Sexy as fuck no wonder Frank had a hard on and was acting like he got his hand caught in the candy Jar. I yelled back to round up South side boys. He knew what that meant, I pulled my blade out and told the bartender to open the back room as I escorted these two live ones back to the saggy dirty mattress and chains in the floor.
Frank was back with five of our best contenders. If Geneva and Faith wanted some dope, they better start working for it. My homies gave me one hundred a pop, to fuck these pretty blondes to numbness. I lit some mota up and decided that pretty faces were meant for riding and my pussy to piss and squirt on. Between the facial abuse my men were giving them. Both Those asses were bloody and raw and the bruises looked so good on that pale white whore flesh.  Now look at my bitches whoring for me and making me money the old fashion way!  If they don’t work the street I will murder  both whores and stuff them in the dumpster. accomplice phone sex

Your Snuff Phone Sex Addiction Has Begun

snuff phone sex

He never knew he had a snuff phone sex addiction until he met this sexy whore. I enjoyed telling him about the slicing  and dicing we do to little bitches who dare cross my path. His daughter had a big mouth and we discussed ways we could murder her. But not before daddy had a chance at that young hole. Bent over the washer with his cock deep inside her pretty pink twat. She began to scream, but my hands around her throat muffled the sounds. His wife would be knocked out with the GHB I gave him. After he tore his daughter up, I would lead him upstairs and he would carry his daughters body to lay beside his wife. I would undress and he would fuck me right over them. I would slap the Mrs. Until she woke up to see her dead daughter and me getting fucked by her husband’s big dick. That’s when I would cum, and my pussy would squirt all over his wife, right before I murdered her. That’s when the blade would pierce her heart. I feel his cum explode at the same moment and And The fucking would really begin. As a payment to the Latin Kings, those dead bodies would be fucked until they were stiff. And in our pocket would be this mother fucker. Cum play with your new obsession, Alanza!

Faggot fucker

BDSM Phone SexLet’s talk about big black cock phone sex! Don’t be shy I know your faggot ass loves big black cock in your mouth. That’s what I heard! That you sucked the meat market managers cock. I heard he has it big like a fucking horse! That’s why you don’t fuck your wife anymore huh you worthless faggot ass mother fucker! Every time we drive by the meat market we see your truck parked in the back and we see your head bobbing up and down! Fucker we know what the fuck you are doing! You are sucking big black dick! One time I saw you bending over by your truck. Not only are you a little cock sucker! You are a little fucking faggot that loves big black cock up your tight little worthless white man pussy! Face is you wish you had a nice tight pussy like mine. Not like your worthless 2 inches of hard cock!

Your balls in your mouth

Cum Slut Phone SexWhats up mother fucker I’m a cum slut phone sex whore, but you will do as I say! The number one rule up in this bitch is, always stay on your knees. If you need to shit or piss you must ask me if you can. If I feel like it I will let you go use the restroom. Don’t you dare shit your self-fucker or I will make you clean it up with your mouth and eat it like a dirty bastard you are! Then I will take my baseball bat and ass fuck you so fucking hard you won’t be able to hold your shit in in weeks! You nasty mother fucker plus you know I always carry my butterfly knife to chop your fucking nut sack off since you are a worthless bitch ass little faggot. I’ma take those balls and shove them deep down your fucking throat!

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