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Hardcore ass Fucking Accomplice Version

hardcore ass fuckingHardcore ass fucking when your an accomplice can get a crazy and cum filled. I love my ass fucked as much as the next whore. But what I love even more is fucking teen ass. So, if by chance I get a sweet little lady who needs a good rip, and you want to fuck both of us.. This Crazy bitch is so down. I know that you will do anything for me. Including by me that donkey dick strap that I can fuck up a tight ass, Including yours. Oh don’t act like you don’t know.

I need to fuck your bottom Cunt Just as much as you need to fuck my tight little Hispanic ass. You will be a slobbering mess, saying yes mistress and please I can’t take anymore. Remember this my faggot want a be, you are my accomplice in thirteen fuck session. You can have her holes but i get yours as well. Don’t be a sniveling bitch take it like a man. It’s that Pelvic thrust of a woman you can’t do without. Come on, I just want to bottom you out a little bit! And it’s that little whore under you that makes me pump faster. If this whore didn’t love dick in my own ass so much, I would spend my time fucking girls and sissy fags, but you just need a big fat mother fucking bull dick in your pussy and ass sometimes.

Cum and Jack it with my hot phonesex, and bring that dildo for you ass! 

Make sure you suck it clean after you clean up you cum!

Dirty Little Latina Cum Slut Phone Sex

cum slut phone sexYou need your dirty Latina cum slut phone sex whore. I am the one who drives fetish thoughts through your head.  I need cum just like I need air to breathe. And when he walked into the bar, I knew I had to have him. My cunt spasmed and I wanted to claim him right there. He turned and his blue eyes shot right through my soul. It was me he was here to see. I was his primary suspect in the car heist. This ain’t no fast and furious this is the hard and horny! I threw my pool stick on the table and walked right up to him. I needed this Gringo to go away and fast. He wasn’t safe here. My pussy isn’t safe around him either. I motioned him to my office as his eyes followed my ass swinging. I hope his cock was ready! As soon as I locked the door I pushed him against the wall and climbed him like a tree. My thong was pushed to the side as he entered my whore hole. “Fuck me daddy!” Got to love when men slum. I had his expensive suit wrinkled and my Puta little ass high in the air. I crave cum and being a bad girl always get me the biggest loads and the biggest cum dumps! No wonder I get away with so much shit. I have the best tight Hot squirting pussy!

Hardcore Ass Fucking For A Pig

What happens when a Pig comes to my side of town?
hardcore ass fuckingI get to give that fucking police officer a hardcore ass fucking he deserves! And you fucking came alone.
What a mother fucking idiot! My homeboys and a few of my girls were on him like white on rice, or brown on shit! Pushed down and stripped of his uniform I had your cock in my hands squeezing it hard.
“Oink for me Piggy! Squeal like the piece of shit you are!”
Look at all these Latina Bitches who want you fucking dead!

My big 11 inch strap on needs to scoop you out but  have better plans for you.
You deserve all the punishment I can give you. I fucking hate cops!
It wasn’t long before I pissed down in your mouth making you drink my golden nectar. I shoved your own berretta up your ass. I assaulted you with your own weapon. Made you scream like a little girl.

Blue lives don’t matter to a thug Bitch like me!

But that wouldn’t save your dick. I rubber banded the whole thing. God you were so hard, I made you beg for your life as I had my homeboys shove you mouth full of Mexican cock. Not so big and bad now pig!
The last thing you feel is your cock is severed and I pull the trigger of you gun to kill you as I give you an ass fucking that killed!

I want to get off on your humiliation!

Tis The season For Snuff Phone Sex

snuff phone sex It is the perfect season for screaming young whores! Wait I meant snuff phone sex. All I can think of right now is that nobody will think anything of a screaming bloody little slut this month. We can say it’s just cosplay for the haunted house. And with her face mask on no one can tell who she is! A change of clothes and pulling her hair into a ball cap and they think she is a little boy.

AND moms are so fucking dumb not watching those young ones when they are out in public. It is easy to snatch a girl, take her to the bathroom and duct tape her mouth and bring her to you. As for the older teens, my god just tell them I have some killer weed and a little blow and they sacrifice themselves to your cock!

It’s just all about fucking them up and making those pussies so slipper bloody that you can cum multiple times in side them. My hands are down my panties as we fuck up girls, teens and even your next door neighbor! Cum play with my pussy and let me give you your sacrifice! Your wish is my command. Let’s get you some young bald pussy tonight!

Your Phone Sex Goddess Of Fetishes

Phone Sex

Sick and twisted is what he asked for, but he did not know he would worship this Phone Sex Goddess of fetishes for the rest of his life. He needed a woman who could pop out a brat and put her to the side of her and keep fucking. Erotic birthing, a whore who got off on it. Body fluids and sex make for an erotic fun time. What this man did not know is he had found someone with his own twisted mind and her body reacted the same way his cock did. His cock hard for this roleplay and snuff whore. We both love and get off on blood play and hurting and fucking bodies. As he exploded in my ear my pussy convulsed around one of my new toys. The metal ridges make a beautiful texture in my slutty wet cunt as I get off on our fetish fantasy. And like a lot of callers I have that was just the start to our night. We both got our lines perfecta and thus began a new and exciting roleplay as each of our bodies soaked up that cocaine and got horny again!  I am his cocaine snuff phone sex Goddess and I enjoy the bloody and taboo side of life with him! He is under my spell and we will hunt together very soon. I love my sadistic, bloody lovers on the other end of the line!

snuff phone sex

Pleasing Cyber Sex Phone Sex Domme’

Cyber Sex Phone Sex

How do you please a cyber sex phone sex slut? You do exactly as I say and stay on your mother fucking knees!  You don’t move until I tell you. Take my little daughter and eat her sweet pussy. Lick her piss and shit hole up nice and clean. You please me by being the nasty mother fucker I always knew you were, and making sure I feel good the whole time we are playing. Oh you want to do more, well then you have to pay. You see I am a freaky coke and cock whore who loves the deviant and explicitly taboo things in this life.

I will snort a line off your cock if you are supplying and get even more nasty as we spend time together.  Spread the wealth baby. My daughter has a friend over and it’s your daughter.  My Boot knife sure looks sweet against her flesh as I ask her what she would do to stay alive. I bend her over and cut her clothes off and finger fuck her little pink fat pussy hole. I desire to see you fuck her now!

Or else if you don’t obey I will bleed her out! Did your cock just twitch. I see you will have no problem pleasing me when your body betrayed what you really want! See I never mind sacrificing a sweet Lil’ One as long as I know it will get my pussy off and a nice cum load from that big cock. I always get my mother fucking way you nasty P-Bastard! My pussy will be squirting as we destroy your tight bodied Lolita! 

Cock Control Goddess

cock control

I own you! I am a cock control Goddess when it comes to you and your body. You did surprise me by being a sadistic brat killer. But you come to me begging for pain. Some men need humiliation and some punishment. But you have had your way with too many girls and you are feeling the need to be used by this Killer! Your cock skin is going to be the first thing I filet off, causing you to have a raw dick. Then my little accomplice orphan whores will be all yours. Oh the pleasure and pain as your cock is still hard as you feel the tightest cunny along your raw dick. You never thought that tight hole of a girl would bring you so much pain. Normally its you ripping little slits open, but that fresh skin shaving really did something for you. And as you cum involuntarily your cum stings your cock like acid!  I can fix it you know? Bow to worship me in every way and pay a tribute to your Goddess of the ultimate desire and I will use fresh boy cock skin to make you like new! Submit to the pain and be reborn!

Forced Intoxication Phone Sex

Forced Intoxication Phone Sex

Forced Intoxication Phone Sex with your slut of fuckalicious freaks. Well we are all sluts to a degree. I just spent some time forcing a man to smoke meth until he was so fucked up he couldn’t speak. I like forcing men to do what I want them to do. It is a huge turn on and I can make them go even further!  I got the confession that he made his sister sell her pussy on the streets. I was so turned on as we progressed and I made him burn himself with the lighter. I asked if he would die for me. And Make money on his sister’s pussy for me.  I have to say he was so fucked up by my encouragement I got a good pay piggy day out of him. And I was convinced of his loyalty to one day off himself for me! For now I need him to keep pimping his teen sister and torturing himself so we both can stay high together! Come and take a walk on the wild side with this dark skinned bitch!

Snuff Slut Loves Nut Juice and Forced Fucks

snuff phone sex

Snuff phone sex whores can be very slutty with huge tits and not completely scary. Just Because I need for you to force fuck sweet teens and young ones doesn’t mean I’m not a hottie with a body. My luscious curves and hot attitude make for a hell of a package deal. The fact that I need you to have sweet young ones wrapped around your cock doesn’t mean squat. What makes my cunt throb is giving into your sadistic nature. I wnat you to dump your load in these sweet fuck dolls and let me suck every last drop out of them. Meanwhile you are filling up my cunt with sweet cock cream for the next victim. It’s a cream pie massacre waiting! The way we will kill them and fuck cold young bodies is always the best part of our snuff whore game! Don’t be shy, let your fuckalicous freak flag fly in every disturbing fetish you have!

Rape Phone sex Fantasies : More than Fantasy

Rape phone sex fantasiesRape phone sex fantasies are more than you could ever want! You cock deserves to take the virginity of your daughter. She doesn’t want it, but that’s the plan right? Step daughters, Daughters, nieces and your wife’s sister. I know how much you loathe that very feminine existence. Her body isn’t hers, when she teases you like that! These snobby bitches who wont give up beautiful slick cunny and pussy to you! Who the fuck do they think they are! Maybe your bratty daughter doesn’t understand what she is doing to you. But she should never open her whore mouth and wear those tight shorts and skirts. That little whore is begging for it! You just need a sexy accomplice to force her into her role. He role on the end of your cock. My nipples are hard and my cunt lips swollen as I lower myself onto her screaming mouth. My hands wrapped around her throat as you rip her. Even your sister in law deserves punishment and we can take car of her too! A fuck for all in your bed with cum oozing out of every fuck hole after I break her neck. I live for snuff and rape fantasy. I need to cum on your cock over these dead whores!

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