Ass to Mouth

ass to mouth phone sexHave you ever fucked a woman in the ass and then she refused to suck your cock? What a fucking prude. I LOVE ass to mouth phone sex and I know you do, too. Most women won’t suck a cock that’s been in her ass. Baby, you will never have to worry about that from me. It’s honestly one of my favorite things. I love how taboo it is to suck a cock that’s got my ass juices all over it. Maybe it’ll even have a little bit more than juices on it. Fuck, that turns me on so damn much.

While we’re waiting on your cock to get hard again, you can use my dildo and fuck my ass over and over again, making me clean it up every single time. You can watch me degrade myself by being a cock sucking whore who loves the taste of her ass juices. Once it’s clean, stick it in my ass again and get it dirty for me. I’ll keep doing that until your cock is hard again and you can fuck my hot little cunt. It won’t take me long to cum because I’m so fucking excited. Do you want to fill my cunt, or make me eat that, too?

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