Body Art

Do you like the photo I posted above? I was at a BDSM party and decided to play with a domme. She told me she wanted to make me a work of art. She had me lay down on a black blanket in the exact position as in the picture. She had a male slave some over and hand paint all those flowers on me. I had to lay there for hours while he painted on me. My domme would occasionally use a cattle prod on different parts of my body. She said it was so I didn’t get too comfortable. She would also take the cane to my inner thighs and feet. She would let me move my fingers every now again in my pussy. I stayed wet the entire time. I was so turned. When the male slave finished my domme had him stand up on a chair and take the picture of me. I must say I really like the picture. I think it turned out great. I was of course rewarded for my good deed. My domme took a flogger to my ass and made it redder than the flowers painted all over my body. She could see how much I enjoyed the pain and continued to torture me. I came because she had the male slave ram his hard cock in my ungreased asshole. It hurt so bad! She also had clothespins on my nipples and she used the flogger to knock them off at the same time his cock was violating my back door. The pain was too intense and I came all over. I had a great time. The next time someone asks me if I want to be art I won’t hesitate to serve!

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