Are You On My List?

When I get a guy in my sites he goes onto my Fuck-it List., my version of a bucket list. To be on my Fuck-it List my panties have to get soaking wet as soon as I see you or hear your sexy ass voice. Being a cum slut, it doesn’t take much to get this pussy’s attention. I have all kinds of ways to make you mine for the night. Trust me if you make my Fuck-it List you won’t be there for long. I will fuck you, use you, abuse you, make sure that I have marked every inch of your body with my sweet ,sticky cum and them leave you alone, wanting more, wondering when I will cum to you again. No darling, I am not the kind to make return visits or to keep you for any length of time. I am a wham bam thank you man kinda girl. But one thing is for sure, you will enjoy it while it lasts.

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