Anytime, Anyplace, Any Position

I wait until after five o’clock, so we can have all the privacy we need.  I get up from my desk and pass a crowd of co-workers waiting for the elevator.  I make my way to your office, sashaying my hips in anticipation of what we’re about to do.  I stand in your doorway and wait for you to notice me.  The scent of my perfume makes its way to you, and you look up at me.  The sexy smile creeping across your face tells me that you know why I’m here.  I step in, close the door and draw the blinds.  When I turn around, you’re right there.  You unbutton my blouse to set free my lovely tits.  I unzip your pants and free your steel rod.  Your Johnson is in my mouth before you can take another breath.  You want me bad, and I’m already wet for you.  We make our way to your desk.  Your strong arms grab my hips, and you pull me on top of you, as you lay back on the desk.  You love the up-close view of my big, brown bubble butt.  I ride you until I cum.  You hold me to you, get up and put me on my knees, never breaking the connection of your thick cock and my juicy twat.  You ram that big pipe in me fast and hard, making my ass jiggle and dance for you.  I cream all over your cock again.  You grab my legs and rotate me, swirling my pussy on your pole until I’m facing you.  You pull me to the edge of the desk, throw one leg across your shoulder, grab my tits, and penetrate me until you’re balls deep.  I gush my juices all over you, and you fill my chocolate puff with your cream.  What a way to end the day!

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