Afternoon Delight?

fantasy phone sexHappy Monday to you baby. Did you have a nice weekend? Wanting to keep the party going but those pesky obligations got you in a funk? Don’t worry baby I am here to take care of you. I can be your dirty little lunch or break secret. Go to your car or lock your office door and let’s play. My tiny tight pussy did not get all of the attention it needed this weekend and perhaps your cock needs some afternoon jerking too.

We meet for some afternoon delight. In your car, in the parking garage. You know I am a horny slut from the next office and I have already given you a sneak of my young bald cunt under my dress. You push the seat back and my perfect pouty lips will be happy to service your big thick rock-hard cock. I lean over and take you deep. You are amazed at my lack of gag reflexes and push your hips deeper. Your hand reaching over and fingering my wet pussy as I sucky sucky you. I taste the precum and don’t want it in my mouth. I want it in my tight twat. I lift up my dress and straddle you. My little body fits nicely on top of you and I fuck you. You fill me with your warm cum, a treat that I will feel running down my legs all afternoon. Ready to play babe?

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