Adult phone chat memories

Adult phone chatI remember while I was a girl just getting into Adult phone chat, I was going to fail a class and knew I absolutely couldn’t do that so I offered my lips. Before long I felt my teacher getting ready to cum hard down my throat and I readied myself. What I didn’t ready myself for was for him to slip my top up and begin tweaking my nipples. I twitched hard at that, unsure exactly what my teacher wanted from me while he was stuffing my throat so nicely. I wanted an A for sure, that’s why I was at this, but that hurt and -ow! I glared up at him petulantly and he chuckled, letting me know I had to work for what I wanted. Age Play Phone Sex isn’t normally nearly as painful as this, so I rolled my eyes angrily, and twitched around him in pain at his newest tweak and squeeze. My tits were sensitive, and he was abusing that to make this so damn hard! I couldn’t let this stand, I pushed him halfway down my throat and went for it with reckless abandon. “Careful!” I heard him shout, and I was having none of that. I’m a cockhungry cumslut and always have been, and I’ve never once had any intention of slowing down when I have a dick in my pretty mouth. I’m thirsty to a fault, not willing to back down from even the greatest challenge, and ferociously after my real prize. No, not the A, though that was technically why I was down on my knees doing Bratty Girl Phone sex in the middle of my classroom. My real prize was the massive helping of cum I knew he was about to give me and the shocks to my system his fingers were forcing on my nipples. I felt it, knew it in my blood, he began to thrust into my throat and I let him deeper into my hot volcano of bliss. I opened myself to his eager hips and his weapon with relish. It was coming, I was so ready!

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