Adult Phone Chat and Taboo Night with Kassidy

adult phone chat


     Adult phone chat seems like it can be so dirty don’t you think?   When I saw you in the parking lot I had no idea that I was going to be able to get your number and have a session of adult phone chat. You were into the kinky and the taboo things I loved and could only dream of doing. My undercover need for the erotic and fantasy of things was driving me crazy and I just loved the way that you added that you had wanted to try some new positions as well. It was all about the way things looked when I came home. I wanted to create the atmosphere of true taboo in my little apartment and you were due to call me in less than thirty minutes. I quickly changed into my costume for this midnight of madness and then waited for the phone to ring. My body was in need of attention and my water from the rivers of my pussy bed lay me down and let me know that I was going to need to be released.

       Your voice brought warmth  to every part of my body and I was ready for whatever things you could tell me to do to please myself. I wanted to grab hold of anything to try to bare the time to get to what you wanted me to do. I was trying to think of all the things you could do with me and it was just too much to bare so I took my leg swung it over and started playing with my apple pie filling until you could call me. But it wasn’t enough and soon I found myself in my room with a coat rack laid across the bed inserting it in and out of my tiny asshole. But wait that wasn’t enough and then.. I picked up you were on the line I was ready for what you could bring!’Start with the beads you said, I placed them in my hand and waited for each command that followed…

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