A Lot Lizard and a Soccer Mom Become BBC Anal Whores

black cock phone sex milfsMy friend Cleo called me up last week and said she had a way to make some good money, but needed my help. I love helping out my friends, especially when it involves big black cock. I’m a suburban housewife; my access to those anacondas is not as easy as it is for Cleo, a trailer park whore. She met a couple black dudes willing to pay for two Latina MILFS to use as cum dumpsters. I’m only part Hispanic, but Cleo is a full blooded mamacita. A full booty and huge ass tits was all the Latina they wanted in a MILF, and I have that and then some.

cum slut phone sex BBC sexI met Cleo and her young hung studs at her place. Put on my sluttiest outfit that hugged my ample curves to demonstrate I could be just as trashy as Cleo. They had party favors to loosen us up a bit. Apparently, our asses were going to be violated as well as our cunts and mouths, so we needed to feel relaxed to take 15 inches up our fuck holes.  Cleo is a professional cum guzzling slut. Now I do love my bukkake, but I’m not necessarily a black cock whore. I’m just a whore for young hard cock. But, I never say no to good money or good cock. And, I always help a friend out.

MILF phone sex bukkake whoreCleo and I warmed each other up with some tongue lashing while our BBCs stroked their dicks in preparation of our tight holes. I love her cunt. Her pussy juice coated my face. As I started to bury my face deeper into her twat, I felt a huge cock stab me in the ass. No lube, no warning, just BAM right on in. With every thrust in my ass, my face went deeper into Cleo’s warm wet snatch. She didn’t seem to mind my tongue fucking her! Then the other BBC grabbed and started fucking her on the couch. He flipped her over exposing her hot ass. We were both getting our booties shoplifted by big black cock.  We were screaming, but it was out of delight. No white dick can penetrate my ass like that.

mature phone sex BBC fuckingThey pounded our asses, but both pulled out to jizz all over our tits and faces. Apparently, they like to paint their bitches in their cum, which was fine by us. Just meant we could lick cum off one another’s bodies. Cleo is a lot lizard; I’m a soccer mom, but we share a love for anal fucking, cum and big black cock. We got coke, cum and cash out of the deal and they got to get nasty and aggressive with our fuck holes. It was a win win situation.  I’ll take it up the ass any day for free, so getting paid is bonus.


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