A Special Present for Myself

big tit photos sexy massageSince I am a submissive girl, my life revolves around pampering men. I take care of their every need, no matter how depraved. I decided it was not wrong to pamper myself a little every now and again, so I used my Christmas gift cards to buy myself a professional massage. I have never splurged on such an extravagant present for myself, but I have been beaten, tied up and fucked so hard lately, I actually have developed some kinks in my back and neck.

I booked an appointment with this guy my BFF swears by. When I entered his room, I saw why. What a hunk. He asked me to undress and lie on his table. I was nervous at first, but he assured me I had nothing he had not seen before. But I thought I might. Lots of bruises, welts and a few open gashes from being whipped. He thought someone had beat me. Told me I was a beautiful woman who deserved to be treated as a princess, not a punching bag. He was very sweet. I did not have the courage to tell him I am a slave, nothing but a worthless whore for men to use.

wet bald pussy worshipingTruth be told, I was enjoying the attention. He rubbed hot oil all over my body, being careful not to hurt my open wounds. Such strong but tender hands gripping my body. Made my pussy wet and my nipples erect. I was trembling. My body was not accustomed to pleasure. It felt wrong, odd, but amazing still. Instinctively, my hand went to grab his cock; I wanted to make him feel good, but he said today was all about me, all about my pleasure. “You deserve to feel good. Just relax and trust me, ” he said. I did just that. I got lost in the pleasure of his strong hands caressing my body. He spread my  legs and slid a finger in my cunt. I was soaking wet. I completely let go; stopped all thoughts I had of not being worthy of this kind of treatment.

I came hard, harder than I have come in a long time. He didn’t stop there. Said a gorgeous woman like myself deserved unlimited orgasms. He dropped between my legs, peeled back my engorged pussy lips, and started licking my wet bald pussy. I was drenched from the finger fuck, now I was about to squirt all over his face. He flicked his tongue back and forth on my swollen clit, sliding fingers in my pussy at same time. Just lapped up all my juices. I drenched his face a few times.

wet bald pussy big titsI begged him to fuck me. It had been too long since someone fucked me to make me cum. He had an amazing cock and he knew how to use it. We started out fucking side by side on his table, and ended up me, reverse cowgirl on his cock. I couldn’t stop cumming. My body shook and convulsed on his cock until I practically passed out. I felt so alive, so relaxed. I know I was born to service men, but it really felt amazing to be serviced for once. He enjoyed pampering me so much, he refused to let me pay him. What a gentleman. I came a dozen times, and he only once.  He said that was the way it should be. Women always cum first. Not in my world. I’m lucky if I even cum last.

I thanked him for a wonderful experience. All the kinks certainly left m y body. He will be my dirty little secret from my masters. I know they would never approve of me getting treated so well. Please don’t tell them! I’ll do anything you want, just keep my dirty little secret.

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