A Night To Remember

Don’t you ever take a minute and wonder what I fantasize about?  So many of my caller’s lust after me but none never ask what I like. Well I want to let you in on a special secret on what I fantasize about.  There is this one hunk I light bondage pornlust for ever night.   A certain task force Captain from the hot TV show Chicago PD.  I wish I could be right with him through his every move.  I’d wear the sluttiest naughty outfit.  I would just lay myself across his desk sticking whatever is handy inside of me.  When he would come in I’d lay back and masturbate to his presence. I would guide his hand to my clit and have him rub it till I came.  I want him to desire my dripping wet pussy and take me out and throw me on his police car and fuck me like a convict. Yeah baby slap those cuffs on me. Fuck me with that night stick. I bet all the men who pass by would get hard watching him treat me like a slut right there in the open.  I’d be his own personal badge bunny. Doesn’t that make you horny? I bet it does.

Why don’t you come tell me your deep dark fantasies? light bondage porn

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