Real Men Sleep in the Bed; Losers with Brokedown Dicks Get the Floor

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One of my stepson’s paid me a visit last night. My husband, his daddy was home too.  Now my old hubby with his broke down dick, knows I fuck his sons. He is okay with me having surrogate lovers since he can’t satisfy me anymore. But, he doesn’t usually watch. His son charged in our room, drunk and high, yelling that he need his mommy’s pussy. I was turned on by his bravado. I looked at my husband and said, “It’s time for a show, Hun. You are going to see what a real man can do.”

I pushed him off the bed, made him sit in a chair and watch his son take his role in our bed. I enjoyed laughing at my husband too. Here was my college age stepson, wasted, and still able to get a hard on and fuck me like a real man.  He ate my pussy first.  Made his face glisten with my cunt juice. He made sure I was good and wet before he slid his young hard cock in my pussy. Right there in the bed where my husband and I sleep, he fucked my pussy for an hour. Grabbed my big tits, and pounded me. He was fucking me so hard, you could hear his big cum filled balls slapping against my ass.

When he came in me, he looked at his daddy and said, “Guess this makes me the real man of the house.” I went over to my hubby, with his son’s cum dripping out of my pussy, sat on his face and forced him to clean up my cream pie. At first he resisted, but I am a bigger girl, got me some strong thighs. I smothered him with my legs and ass until he cleaned out my snatch.

I made my husband sleep on the floor, and let his son, the real man, have the bed. If you can’t satisfy me, you will get the floor too. Only real men get to sleep in the bed with me.

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