A Fight For Ownership

adult phone chat alanzaThis bitch thought she was a bad ass. Wanting to fight me and win my subservience and own me for a week. Her weak ass terms was a fist to cuff, knuckle up fight. The idea of kicking some ass had my cunt all wet but I am a little badder then just hand to hand combat.
I accepted her challenge but told her I would make the rules. We would dual with swords. I wanted a real fight. The looser, if she was still breathing, would not be owned by the winner for a week, but until the winner was tired of her.
The look on her face was priceless and I saw her bad ass attitude fading. But I was not going to let her off the hook.
We would meet at sundown at the abandon warehouse outside of town. I made it perfectly clear that if she didn’t show, I would hunt her down.
I spent the afternoon sharpening my sword to deadly perfection and fencing with a good friend.
When she arrived I could smell the fear coming off of her. Her weapon was mediocre to say the least.
As my blade sliced into her flesh the first time causing blood to flow, I came with delight and my adrenaline began pumping.
When I was done she was sliced to smithereens, Not one bit of flesh visible. She was alive but barely. I grabbed a bottle of Jack and poured it over her delighting in her screams of agony before dragging her by the hair to my car and tossing her in the trunk.
She is mine now and I have so much planned for her!

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