5 little ones + me = good time!


With 5 little ones running around it’s hard to get some alone time. Don’t get it twisted, I love spending special time with my naked brats but there comes moments where mommy’s kitty needs a personal touch. One night when the little ones were asleep I went straight to the kitchen to get a late night treat. I grabbed some ingredients to make a salad and instantly got turned on when I grabbed a cucumber from the bottom of the fridge. It was thick and long and I knew it would be the perfect thing to plant in my secret garden. As it slid past my lower lips deep inside me I instantly started fantasizing about how yummy this would be in my daughter’s virgin-like hole. She was a pro at taking her brother’s lovely cocks but this would make her want to really eat her veggies! I imagined her misty little cunt getting stretched wider and wider as I rammed the cucumber deeper. The thought of her young body shaking with pleasure made me want to really burst. Then thought about how my oldest son’s shithole being ripped open by this girthy plant. His black ass rocking back and forth moaning as mommy pleases him deeply. That’s when I lost myself and I had an orgasm so loud that the light switch flicked on. I must of woken my little darlings up!

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