Hooked on Older Men

Everyone thinks Wendy should be with Peter Pan, but if it were me in her shoes I’d have fun with Captain Hook. Peter isn’t man enough for me. He couldn’t make me feel as good. I love men. They’re strong, they know how to make me drip with yummy juices as I ride those big, long dicks. They want to buy me nice things and make me feel extra special. They remind me of my daddy. And I want that naughty old Captain to be my daddy. I want his mustache to tickle my thighs while he licks my little pussy like no young boy ever could! He can stuff my holes long and hard as we sway in his cabin, my flimsy blue night gown riding up more and more showing my tender, budding titties for him to lick and tickle with his tongue. Then he tells me I was a dirty little slut for being with Peter and makes me sorry for it by letting the crew pass around my sweet, fresh cunny.

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