3 is the loneliest number

Submissive Phone Sex

Master is out of town. He told me to stay here, locked up, away, for the whole week. It’s been so hard. I need the pain. I need the release. I went into our bathroom and found a pack of razor blades. I’d started cutting in middle school. My grades were bad and I was so lonely and cutting myself was a physical and sexual release. I would slice into my skin, watch the blood ooze out, and play with myself. I used to cut my arms, mainly, but I cut my stomach and thighs a few times. Just thinking about the razors piercing my skin got my pussy wet. I grabbed the blade tight between my thumb and forefinger and very slowly pressed it into my wrist. I drug it up my arm, the endorphins going wild. Why did I ever stop? It was such a rush! When the blood started seeping out of the second slice, I put the razor blade down and swept a finger through the redness and used it as lube to rub myself into an incredible bloody orgasm. I cut myself one final time and then lit a cigarette. I’m not usually a smoker but the seratonin and dopamine were surging through my system. I fingered myself as i smoked and I was close to cumming as the cigarette was coming to the end of its life. I used my cunt as an ashtray as I came, and the pain was extreme and exquisite. I flicked the butt into the toilet and passed out, coming to as the sun was setting in the small bathroom window. Sigh. Only 4 more days til he gets back.Submissive Phone Sex

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