2 girl fun with Gracie

My uncle asked me to come over and babysit for him.  I invited my best friend Gracie to come along with me.  Gracie and I are cheerleaders, so while we were babysitting we were practicing our moves.  My uncle came back home and we practiced in front of him to see what he thought.  He loved our moves and said he had to go do something.  So Gracie and I just sat around and talked until we heard some noises coming from my uncle’s bedroom.  Being the nosey little slutty girls we are we decided to go and see what was going on!  Gracie and I went down the hallway to my uncle’s bedroom and he had his door cracked open.  So we couldn’t resist and had to peek in!  OMG he had his cock out stroking it watching a dvd of our cheerleading practice!!  Gracie and I stood outside of his door talking about what we should do and we decided to go in and catch him!!  We went in and asked what he was doing (of course we knew but we had to ask hehe) and he was like omg I can’t believe you came in here.  Gracie and I told him we would help him out by sharing his cock.  I sucked on it while she licked his balls!  He was enjoying it so much that he told us he would by us a car and make the car payments if we did this every week!  My uncle is so cool!  We have to make sure and by an SUV so Gracie and I can fuck him in the back of it!!  Anyways he was enjoying our blow job so much that he was ready to explode!  He asked us to make out so he could shoot his load all over our faces!!  Gracie and I love to play together, wouldn’t you like to play with us?

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