1st Aid for the Little Brat

I recently performed ‘my version’ of 1st aid on an unconscious brat whom had passed out after running and tripping over a tree limb, in a secluded wooded trail where my friend and I were biking.

The little whore was dressed like she was looking to get fucked; wearing skin tight, jogging pants and a skin tight top.  My friend and I left our bikes and came to her aid.  (After ensuring that there was no one else around) I started by slicing her shirt and pants off of her, then cutting off her bra and panties-exposing her for my male friend to fuck.  While he mounted her unconscious body, thrusting his hard cock inside of her ass; I began chest compressions (punching her chest as hard as I could, until I heard her ribs crack). Meanwhile, my friend moaned with pleasure as he left a load inside of her ass. I licked her asshole clean, after he was finished with her.  My pussy juices ran down my legs, as I was an eager lesbian cuckold for our sadistic work. Our work was done here.  We left the bitch naked, fucked, and ready to die, in the cold (only to be discovered, after the wild animals have ravaged and consumed her flesh).

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