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His big black juicy cock spread through my walls! That King cobra is unlike any cock I have ever seen or experienced! He noticed me OMFG he noticed me!! I was standing in line at the club and he was being escorted in by his security team. He looked at me as I was screaming and chanting like a little groupie. He pulled me and my friends out the line and invited us back to VIP. My pussy instantly began to throb all I could think of was his big juicy 14in BBC. HE bought all the bottles leaving none for anyone else in the club. I was fucking white girl wasted! Me and my friends were drinking 1942 straight from the bottle. I was rolling my tongue in circles easing the bottle into my throat that’s when he demanded I get down on my fucking knees. He treated me like the filthy little white whore that I am. I love being mistreated by black men. I mean hello they have a huge cock and deserve to be served like Kings! His disrespect is a pleasure to me and an honor. While his big black juicy cock rammed me deep inside my big round ass I facetimed my husband and told him how his pathetic white cock could never amount to this BBC. I moaned intensely as he lifted and spread my ass “Finally I can get fucked by a real man a real fucking king!” I hung up on my husband, turned around, got down on my knees and begged for his cock deep down my throat. He whipped his cock across my face and said “You Snow-bunny bitch you are going to swallow this Big cock” I slurped, gaged and drooled all over that BBC. He dumped alcohol all over me and treated me like the dirty little whore I am. He drained his cock down my throat and then kicked me out of VIP. My pleasure is that I love being mistreated by a king!

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    That’s a thick ass

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