They definitely enjoyed the view

tranny phone sexI have a pretty private backyard no one can see into it except for one house right next door. They have one window that overlooks my yard and here lately I have been noticing someone standing there watching me every time I went outside. It was a little thrilling for me honestly, this quarantine has me bored and the men that live next door to me are sexy as hell so I figured why not give them a show? I put on my bikini and started watering my pants but that soon turned into me getting wet and naked back there. I could see someone watching out the corner of my eye so I kept going, I sat down in my garden and stroked my cock. I was making sure that whoever was in that window could see my huge cock grow as I stroked it, I wanted them to come down but they were just too shy. Maybe next time I will just go to him and take what I want.

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