She fucks WHAT?

Phone sex companies

Being a good GFE Phone Sex worker is easy! I am the total package. 

But I have a dirty secret. 

I love wrapping my hands around the handle. 

Working my fingers and pushing all the buttons on a game controller. 

Something about killing zombies, not just shooting them but stabbing them in the fucking neck and watching their blood spill and splatter. 

It makes me so wet in-between my thighs. 

Big Tits Phone Sex

I slip off my wet panties and start rubbing my cunt with the controller. 

My guy liked to watch me stick the controller in my pussy lips against my clit. 

He even helps spread my cunt open to fill it up! 

I take the wii controller and stick it in my cunt and fuck myself until I cum. 

But before I am done with the controllers I have to have more. 

I need to have cum dripping down my thighs into a cum puddle when I can watch my nerdy man lick up my cum.

Then I suck the controller clean and start playing and getting horny all over again! 


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