Galactic Sexual Encounters are Out of This World

hot phonesex slut wife big titsThis weekend I had  a girls night for me and a few of my closest friends. I have a small group of fellow slut an trophy wives that I get together with once a month when our husbands are away on a golf outing. Our plans for clubbing got cancelled thanks to Mother Nature, so I invited my girlies over to my place. After dinner, we started playing Cards Against Humanity and drinking wine, lots of wine. Somehow we got on a conversation about non human sex, which turned into a discussion on the weirdest things we have ever fucked.

I’m a slut wife in her sexual prime, not much I have not fucked, animate and inanimate. But, the wine allowed me to reveal a situation that happened a decade ago. I was really sick with some virus. High fever, on bed rest and lots of meds. I heard a strange noise and saw a bright light that startled me awake. I went to the living room to see what the ruckus was thinking it was an earthquake. The whole house was shaking. I saw something that couldn’t have been real. I remember passing out. I woke up in some futuristic plastic cage. Surely I was having a fever induced nightmare, I thought to myself.

Fantasy phone sex MILF trampThen some alien creature appeared. Not a little green man from movies, more of a robot looking hybrid monster that was way bigger than ET. I was pulled from my cage, stripped naked and probed. Every orifice I had was poked and prodded by a slimy device. I was certain I was the victim of alien experiments. I had heard about such things all my life having grown up in Roswell, NM. Aliens explored my pussy and ass with cold metal devices and tentacle like fingers. I kept hoping I was hallucinating, but I could feel pain. Plus, the experiments were leaving marks on my body as the creatures groped me. From what  I had seen in the movies, the victims of alien abduction were usually released home with no memory of what had occurred. I hoped that was the case with me.

wet bald pussy dirty mommyA different alien came out to see me. This one way bigger and more aggressive. He was putting his tentacle hands inside my pussy like he was fisting my cunt.  I was so scared. I prayed I was delusional from the meds. Then the creature unzipped his pants and out popped a huge alien dick. Looked creepy. It was a spotted color and very slimy, not to mention huge in size. When it penetrated my pussy, I felt pain. It was so big it hit my uterus. The slimy feeling was gross to say the least. I grunted and screamed, but the creature just kept force fucking me. I think it was trying to impregnate me. I guess I appeared to be good alien breeding stock: thick, mature with big tits. It ejaculated some galactic jizz bomb inside me.  Felt my womb filling up, expanding. “Oh no, I’m pregnant with an alien spawn,” I thought to myself.

The next thing I remembered after that was waking up in my bed. I thought it was all just a fever induced dream, until I pissed out some neon colored spunk and saw strange markings on my body. No one believed I had been abducted and fucked by aliens, not even my girl friends I was telling the story too. “Sheila, you are such a creative slut,” said one of my BFFs then laughed it off as some made up story to compete with our non human sex tales. I wish it had been made up, but the memories are still vivid of my galactic sexual assault. You may not believe in alien life, but I agree with Fox Muldar, the truth is out there; alien life is very real.

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