Mesmerizing Mariana

I see you watching me, I know exactly what you want lover and I can give you all of it. I am a beautiful woman with long legs, big firm tits and a 12 inch cock. I have it all and then some, I’m exactly what you’ve been craving don’t even try to deny it, you just can’t fool me lover. You need to surrender to your hidden desires and give yourself to me. Don’t worry lover, I’ll be gentle as I sculpt and mold you into the sexual being you’ve always longed to be.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because I am gentle, I am weak. I will own you completely, dominate you the way you have always craved to be dominated. I will guide you and push you into doing things you never thought you would do. If you are a good boy and do exactly as you are told, I will reward you with a taste of my big fat cock, you’ll be gasping for air as it slides down your throat.

I can feel your excitement as you struggle to swallow it all so I will push you face down on the floor and fuck your tight little ass until you are screaming with pleasure and begging me to allow you to cum. Are you ready for the night of your life lover?

Mesmerizing Mariana

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