He worshipped this dick

tranny phone sexHenry was nervous as he approached me in the bar, I could tell he was in to me but obviously he was shy and I ended up doing most of the talking. We had a few drinks and I invited him back to my place, he was so excited he was shaking, it was kinda cute. He was like a lost little puppy just following me around and honestly, enough is enough, that shy scared crap was making my dick limp so I just decided that he obviously needed a domme in his life. I ordered him to get on his knees and pulled out my cock, he stared in wonder at the size and thickness of it but I had no time for all that shit! I pushed it up against his lips and told him to worship my fucking cock. All that shyness went away as he gobbled my dick, he was deepthroating like a pro and swallowed every drop of cum too, I guess he just needed to be told what to do!

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