I was supposed to be the big tit fucking girl who ran the town by the men I had captured under my spell. I never did have a problem with getting any man to do whatever it was that I wanted. They’d bow to my every wish, I could always see them trying to keep their cocks from getting hard as I painted the picture of how much they would love drowning me in pain. They could never love it as much as I do, my uncle taught me how to get the most pleasure from a painful situation. When I was younger and just starting to get curious about the way my body works he came in and taught me how to take my thoughts to a whole new level. We started out with piercings, he came with me and signed off. I wasn’t even puberty age yet and I knew this was what I wanted all along.

Jump to 10 years later and I still love being abused and treated like the dirty female bondage slut I am. I just can’t help it. Maybe its because my uncle used to chain me in his basement every weekend and have his way with me for hours. His very favorite back then is now my own, there’s just something about being choked until I pass out while his huge cock was in my ass. I love hot ass sex! He always made sure his cum filled my ass before I woke up. Sometimes, he would let his friends come over and lock them in the basement with me. The thought of them using my body gets me dripping wet every time. I just love the look in their eyes when they see me gagging on their cocks while getting my hair ripped from my head. Dangerous sex is best when I’m the danger. What type of trouble do you bring?

Call me for all of your nasty and dangerous phone sex needs!


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    You wana be my nigger slave?

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