Daddies bad girl

hot squirting pussyI’m daddies, bad, good girl. I like showing Daddy he is the best. Whenever daddy comes home late from work, I am waiting for him with the cutest outfit ever. This weekend was a three day weekend, so I knew I would have daddy home longer. I was going to take full advantage and make daddy feel like the king. Daddy indeed is my king. I worship daddies dick and daddies fuck. No one brings pleasure to me like my daddy. I have always been such a daddies girl since I could remember. I like to spread my legs for daddy and let him push his massive rod in me. I am his spinner willing to take his cock and spin all over it. I love having a hot squirting pussy, and I am always ready to show daddy why I am the best personal slut for him. No one teaches me better than daddy-o. Can’t wait till a fun-filled week of fucking.

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