Biggest Cum Shot in the Club or at Least That’s What I Tell Them!

biggest cum shot

I went to the club last night to pick up some extra cash. I have a spending problem. I like to live beyond my means, but when you look like me, getting cash is never an issue. I may be in my 30s, but I work a stripper pole better than 2 20 somethings combined. Big Al lets me feature dance whenever I want and that pisses off the younger dancers because they get bumped to a less favorable time slot. Big Al and I go back to my barely legal days. He was a savior to me, but I made him lots of money and helped him build his gentlemen’s club empire. I was loyal to him for a decade, he is loyal to me still. The audience was filled with a bunch of wealthy Japanese businessmen visiting the nearby Caterpillar plant. Asian men love a tall buxom blonde. I was making serious stage money and I had not even started the lap dances or gone into the VIP room yet. It was like no other girls were in the club. I was the queen stripper. After my stage show, I went to the VIP room to make the real money. I will act like those tiny Asian dicks can give me the biggest cum shot in the world for that green. The key to making money in a strip club is making every customer feel like he is the only guy in the club. That is a skill Big Al taught me and it has been making me money for over a decade now. I let the Asian businessmen play with my big boobs and stroke their cocks. I even let a few of the more well-endowed guys fuck me because rent was due, and I still had other bills to pay. I walked out of the club with more than enough money to pay my bills. Those Asian men will be talking about the blonde giantess who rocked their world for years to come.

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