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If Todd only Knew

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I made him go so goddamn crazy so long that last night he went honestly insane he kept telling me that he was hot and bothered and horny. Todd lost his mind and went into the bathroom and jacked his rock hard cum-filled cock off right into the toilet. He was laying beside me rubbing on my scrumptious bubble ass getting terribly riled up. Because Todd is a decent guy, he refused to be too forward with me when all I wanted was for him to ravish my aroused frame and take me into his strong arms. I’m getting out of control with the way I edge him. Todd didn’t know he had no idea being the nice guy that he is so he discreetly excused himself and went to the restroom closed the door left the light off and started fucking himself hand style. He began to rub slowly is hard rigid cock before committing a wealthy rape fantasy on his big stiff dick. Todd imagined that it was me in there and I must say I could hear him just a little bit the torment that he was going through wanting to shove that cock inside of my wet pussy. He needed me he lusted for me but he couldn’t have me is what he thought too bad he didn’t know I wanted to fuck him and ride his cock like a prostitute. If Todd only knew.

I’m Lusting for Cock Now


Creampie Phone Sex

I’m so fucking horny right now and what can I do about it? I’m such a cum guzzling nasty slut I love to slobber on cock all night long, and unfortunately, I haven’t had any hard huge cock to slobber on. My pussy is soaking wet it’s thumping for someone to come and bump me madly. My body feels like I’m going crazy right now. I wonder can you be the guy for me, can you satisfy my sensual needs? Have you ever been with the slutty girl down the street who every guy knows so well? If you haven’t, you can believe me when I say that you’re missing out because the slutty girl from down the street is always an excellent fucking lay. I can wrap my pussy around your rigid cum-filled cock rod so tight it’ll feel like that I’m choking your cock, I will make your dick vomit cum everywhere. Don’t you know you need me it’s not a joke it’s not a game you need to cum hard, and I’m the one to make you so let’s get down and dirty? I don’t care about your wife, that bitch must be so dull she can’t satisfy your sexual needs like me. I will suck your dick and swallow every ounce of your creamy, dreamy sultry Jack juice. I’m begging you for it; I’m a cock worshipping whore. I’ve always done everything I could to get fucked, and now I’m saving a piece of my hot cunt for you. I will be your cum dumpster your cum guzzling slut I’m here, and I’m ready you can fuck me in my ass too. We don’t have any rules at all we can do whatever we want just give me your massive monster cock.

Score for Big Sis


Female domination porn

I caught my brother smelling my panties again, and this time I’m going to bury his face in my muff. This little motherfucker doesn’t know that I know he’s been stealing my panties, smelling them and jacking off in them. I think my brother even wears my panties at times because he’s a little fucking cock slut sissy. Ever since mom up and ran off with the gardener Julio, my brother’s been acting sexually strange. I don’t blame him though look at my nice puckered bubble ass if you were my brother wouldn’t you love smelling my panties too and jacking off in them? I walked in on him last night abusing himself. Usually, I let my brother have his fun fantasies, but this time I was horny, so I wanted to play with him. When I walked in on my bro, he had my pink lace panties wrapped around his cock jacking hard. I snatched my panties from him acting shocked and screamed you are a fucking pervert. I pretended like I had no idea what he was doing before that moment, but I knew exactly what my sadistic sibling was doing and how long he was doing it. Todd’s cock was bone hard he was crying with passion while thrusting his fucking cock back and forth. I said to him what are you doing you fucking pervert are these my panties? My brother looked at me in my eyes his hand still holding on to his shaft and said, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to I won’t do it again. I laughed at him, and said, you little fucking sissy this is what you used to do to Mommy’s panties. My brother tried to assure me that he didn’t do that to Mommy’s panties he said he was sorry profusely. I told him to lay down on his back then I climbed onto my brother and crawled up to his head and started fucking his face. I said to him, little motherfucker you want to suck some pussy, well suck my pussy, you want to smell my panties eat my cunt instead. My brother ate my pussy like a madman he loved every little taste of my soaking wet cum guzzling cunt. When my brother was through I came all over his face. My brother is a goddamn pervert, but I don’t mind because he can lick a pussy like a marathon runner wins. I slapped his face before shoving my panties into his cum filled mouth, and then I walked out, score bitches.

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex


Vavavoom I Worship You

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex

Fuck me good fuck me long fuck me strong with your big fat dick. I have been needing you for so long, and I hate that I’ve been away. I missed you every damn day that I was gone and I know you miss me too, and I want you I love you and every fucking thing about you. I am your black queen I’m your mistress I’m better than your girlfriend. Don’t you want to fuck me don’t you want to shove your big fat cock inside of my cunt after all I know what you like. We are so good together because we’re just a bunch of fucked-up Souls we do anything we will, and that’s great for us. I want to suck your fucking cock I miss it so much it’s beautiful. I love your big cabbage head and the way that you spray your cum across my face when you let go of those loads. Do you know that you are so important to me you make everything work out right all I ever wanted was you I’d do anything for the need I have to fuck you. Just love me just hold me just squeeze my body right like you know how because you always do it correctly. I am your cum guzzling whore, and I need your cum-filled cock. I worship you all I have been dreaming about is being inside of your love. Your chest is so chiseled and muscular, you are so sexy. You fuck me better than my boyfriend could ever even dream of fucking me because he doesn’t have what you have. I want your 10-inch big white cock deep inside my pussy all of the time. Fuck me until I can’t move you know that’s the best way to fuck me, after all. I need you I’m aching for you I’m crying for you right now. Come and get me and don’t hold back not even an inch fuck me hard strong and very long. I’m desperate for you I’ll do anything I’ll even open up your ass crack and suck it that’s right love anything whatever you can imagine I’ll do it.

My Cunt Craves You

Fantasy Phone Sex


My hot wet beautiful chocolate cunt craves you right now. Please dip your hard white massive cock into my dripping, splashing pussy. I can’t wait to give you all of me, every part of me. I need your substantially enormous erect sweet caucasian cock more than anything. I want you to desire me like I desire you, I want you to have dreams about me. I want you to go to sleep aching for my spicy hot wet cunt hole. I love you, and I love the way you penetrate my cunt. When I suck your cock, and you look into my eyes, it makes me crazy, I can tell that you love me on my knees. I demand that you treat me to some of your gratifying joy jizz and I will let you enjoy a sweet taste of my pussy juices. You’ve got to do the sexual work for me to know how genuinely you want me. I’m craving your throbbing hard raw meat to be inside of me. I want you right now, and I want you every day after. I need you to make a way for us to fuck all the time. I don’t care what anyone thinks about us I want to be with you. You make our relationship pleasant, you make me desire you more and more each day, and I appreciate you so much. You allow me to be my sexy for you and I cherish that. You are the best lover in my life. I want you to breed me. I want your seed growing inside of my belly.

When Trash is Talking

Black Girl Phone sex


Let’s get really nasty I can do with whatever’s on your mind. I don’t have any hang-Ups, and I don’t have any taboos. I only wish to please you I’m just dreaming of satisfying your lust. The girls on the strip told me that you were genuinely nasty indeed they said that you’re the one who likes to get sadistic. I have a question for you dirty fucker man, are they correct or are they wrong you can tell me you can let me know. I dream of getting ravaged by a big hard cum filled cock. All my fantasies there so true to me I have been the one that’s more than nasty I can handle what you throw my way you better believe it sexy every day. I’m a slut twat whore, and I like cum-guzzling shit. I can’t get enough of a roaring dick I want one deep in my ass I want your cock sliding down my throat I want to gag on it. Please give me your massive maniac cock. All the rest of those bitches might say that they can handle you, I don’t believe them. I’m really doubting their skills. When you get a hold of me you’re going to lose your fucking mind you will go crazy while you’re fucking me, can you imagine that. I’m super sexy I like to walk around wearing short skirts with no panties on and when I bend over it’s really easy to access my pussy or my asshole. I’m a lot lizard tramp bitch I love being vulgar, salacious and passionate that’s my first intention. I want to suck your cock throw that shit right down my throat that’s how I like it you better not be nice to me. When you leave me you’re going to remember that I’m making loads burst and explode that’s me no joke I do everything that I say. I want to open up your ass cheeks and stick my nose in your hole just before I take a nice deep whiff of your foul ass smell. I’m so fucking in love with being treated like a trifling slut bucket skank, I will do the most to get what I want. Before you know it you will feel my warm thick tongue driving inside of your asshole you’re going to love it I’ll make you please I’ll make you scream with joy. So let’s go behind this dumpster and do the fucked up shit we want, there’s no holding back let’s do it right now please baby. I like to be in the night in the streets acting fucked-up I’ve got no home training I hope that’s okay with you. Don’t you want to feel on these big double D titties you can do whatever you choose? I’m loose I’m nasty I’m wild, and I love it. No one can stop me, my mother, already tried but when I fucked her husband, she kicked me out of her trailer. I want to be your cum slut, and you can be my Maniac lover you can fuck me hard as you think you can, but I know that I can take more. I’m always horny and hot I’m ready to take it yes. Let’s get wild together I won’t judge you for sure you don’t have to worry about anyone saying that you’re too nasty or two wrong. I am the girl who will make you feel like your dick is like 12 inchs Long. Kiss my sloppy wet pussy while I suck your dick I will slobber all over it indeed. You know I want you, and you had better take this cunt, just give me three bucks that’s all I need I am a bottom Barrel whore, believe me.

New in the Game


Hot phonesex

I moved in with my mom and my sister and her husband they were having their third little rugrat, so that meant that I was going to be an auntie for the third time. I had lost my job, so I was desperate to get money even though I didn’t have to worry about paying any bills I felt like I was loafing on my family. I’ve always been an independent girl, and I hated not having my business in order, in fact, I was feeling somewhat desperate. I had to do something to make money because I couldn’t stay in this situation for too much longer. My sister and her Rugrats we’re getting on my nerves especially because she was pregnant and very moody. My sister’s husband he would look at me really fucking foul at times, I could tell he was lusting over me, I could tell I was driving his hard cock crazy. I wasn’t really interested in my sister’s husband because he was broke and that wasn’t going to get me anywhere but I thought to myself I should fuck him to see just how captivating my pussy was to him. I invited my sister’s husband out on a dinner date just to get away from his hectic life any way that’s what I said. We went to a nice restaurant in the Hilton, he had no idea that I was taking him to a restaurant in the Hilton just so that we could get a room and I could do my Dirty Deeds with him. I could be a fucking whore when I wanted to, and I wanted to for sure which gave me an idea of making money. I thought to myself if I could lower my standards to fuck my sister’s husband I could inevitably get involved in the selling sex game. We went out to eat as planned then after hour early dinner I invited him up to a room that I had rented I told him I wanted to show him some things and I need his opinion. My sister’s husband was more than glad to oblige me when we got to the room we entered, and I had a few negligees on the bed all laid out and ready to be modeled. I put on the first outfit and ask Jacob, that’s his name to tell me what he thought about it. I noticed that Jacobs cock was getting super hard just from the side of my tight little puckered bubbled ass in his face. Jacob kind of stuttered a bit as he told me that I looked fucking hot. I smiled just then I bent down and unbuckled his belt. Jacob didn’t resist not one bit he seemed to want it, he seemed to anticipate what was going to happen. I unzipped his trousers and took his huge 9 and 1/2 inch thick rock-solid cock out of his pants. I had no idea that Jacob was packing such a large package my lips started to moisten my mouth began to water before too long I wrapped my lips around his enormous cabbage head and started sucking and licking the tip of that massive cock. With both of my hands around the shaft of his enormous cock, I slid my lips down. His cock went father and father into my mouth until I started to gag. I sucked his cock like I was a seasoned cocksucking professional I know that it felt so good to him because he burst a massive load into my mouth I caught it all just then I looked him in his eyes, and I swallowed. Jacob couldn’t believe it, and that was just the beginning.

Get Her Back

Mistress Phone Sex


I’ll let you live at my house you nasty dirty bitch and what did you do in return. I can’t stand the bitch like this horror she has no morals at all she’s a dirty freak who tried to steal my boyfriend. I hate a nasty whore like you when I caught you in my bed with my fucking boyfriend I wanted to drive your head through the fucking wall. I already knew he wasn’t faithful and you would tell me all the fucking time that my dude was doing me wrong, I had no idea that you were a part of it. I’m so disappointed in you dumb bitch that’s why I’m getting you back. I’m going to make sure that I fuck your father in your mommy’s bed. You’re no good at all bitch you deserve whatever you get, and I am going to give it to you. You need to clean your fucking house you dirty whore your shit looks really fucked up anyway and didn’t your little one eat a roach yesterday. Your home is fucking disgusting you are damn nasty, everything about you is so fucking severe. So my boyfriend told me you were after him, he said you really wanted to suck his dick you have been begging him for months. Really whore you’re no good at all, I let you stay at my house because you’re lights were out. You must have been fucking your father I wouldn’t be surprised if you did that you’re a fucking cunt slut bitch. You know the worst thing about it all, your mother has to pay for your bullshit. I’m going to fuck your daddy, and maybe that’s going to hurt your daddy lover feelings too. I’m sure you’re fucking daddy the way he pops you on your trifling little ass I’m sure he’s getting in that. You’re a disaster tramp bitch you’re nothing you’re lower than shit, and I just want you to know that when I get your father, I’m going to videotape the whole thing.

My Good Friend Lot Lizard Linda



Cocksucking Phone SexLot lizard Linda is a lot of fun she likes to do nasty shit right in the open. Like yesterday at the baseball field this bitch went out, and she sucked some guy’s cock she was really fucked-up nasty and wild uncontrollable. Nasty Linda was a fucking sleazy slut. I got to watch and film her being more than XXX rated she was taking cocks right in the middle of the diamond two cocks in her asshole two cocks in her pussy two cocks in her mouth and cocks jabbing at her stomach in her face and her cheeks slapping her with man meat, it was beautiful. Lot lizard Linda is a fucking tramp whore who cannot be contained everytime I see her I know it’s going to get real Shameless. This girl is a fucked up bitch she does the most all the time wow I love it I can’t help myself. I love her she’s nasty a nasty whore just like I like so much. On the beach she’s a real piece of work she lets guys lineup and fuck her right out there in the sand she lets them film her without a care that’s my good friend Linda over there. Take that cock in her wet cunt. I love you, Linda, I want to kiss your pussy when they cum in it and suck all of that cum right out. I don’t like most whores because I don’t like confrontation but this bitch I love her so much she’s wild like a beast or a female Barbarian. If you want to talk to lot lizard Linda with me you should connect, and I’ll get you set up with her and me, and we’ll have a fucking disastrous orgy good time.

Let Me Rub Your Back

Black Girl Phone sex


I want to rub your muscular body down because you look like you’ve had a hard day and you need to give in to the desire in your life. You need me to message you starting with the temples on your head, rubbing you round and soft. After I’ve gotten your head all relaxed, I’ll run my fingers down to your shoulders and your neck and rub firmly and tenderly. I ‘m so turned on by you the truth is, you run my mind wild. The emotions that you pull from me makes my body shake and shiver in pure pleasure. The way that you treat me is the reason why I want to attend to you like the king that you are, recognize sweetheart I am your concubine servant here to please you without limits. I’m everything that you’ve ever dreamt about and more. I want to reach you with my pulsating monotone sound waves. I want to cause your body to erupt in yummy, creamy white sunshine. I love making you feel good that’s why I won’t forget to rub your back upper and lower and then I’ll go even lower, but this time I’ll be using lips tongue hands and my beautiful imagination. You know I need to satisfy you, and you have been waiting too long you are in definite need of me.

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