Adult Phone Chat about Being My Bitch

adult phone chat tranny sexI placed an ad on Craig’s List as a very special escort. The sexy pictured I used didn’t reveal my secret. I love the surprise element. Seeing a man’s eyes get big and maybe even a little scared when he realizes I have a nice thick cock between my legs. I know it is risky duping men like that, especially in these times, but when it’s behind closed doors, and no one will ever know, guys succumb. Every time too. I think most men have bisexual thoughts they suppress. It is about image. But, I promise to keep your dirty little secret. No one will ever know you like it up the ass. No one will ever know you are a bottom. No one will ever know that you are a talented cum guzzler.

When my client arrived at the hotel, I saw him hide his ring in his pocket through the peep hole. Married men are my favorite. I gave him the best blow job of his life. When we moved to the bed and my skirt came down, surprise. My cock popped right out. That’s right, the best cocksucker he ever met, had a dick like him. He stumbled back. I think he thought I was going to blackmail him or steal his wallet, but once he realized I was just interested in making him my bitch, he relaxed so we could have a hot time.

I schooled him on the art of cock sucking and being a bottom. And being a cum dump. That married man is a closet fag. And now he is my married closeted bitch. Want to be next?

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