Hello, my name is Adriana and I am only looking for men that will spoil the shit outta me. I am no low class trailer trash whore, oh no, this is high dolla pussy over here! I can’t be seen in some broke down crap car with some little dick, broke ass loser that only makes minimum wage. Fuck all that, I need a REAL man, one that can ride me around in style while we are both dressed in our best. And I do mean in only the BEST of everything, I am no walmart shopper boo, my wardrobe alone cost more than some people’s houses. Don’t worry though, if you can’t afford to spoil me with expensive gifts and all, I can still find a use for you. After all, I will always need someone around to humiliate for my amusement. I have LOTS of boyfriends that are happy to help me with that too, they love to show off their huge cocks and Fuck the shit outta me while you watch and stroke your little bitty baby dickie. If you’re a good boy, I may even let you clean me up after too! So what kind of guy are YOU? Are you going to be my sexy new sugar daddy or are you my new cucky cum whore?

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