Confessions of a Cum Junkie: When Fantasy Becomes Reality



Last night’s escapade was something else. Straight up X-rated, and I’m here to dish all the dirty details.

I connected with a dominant force, an alpha male who knew how to make my knees weak. No messing around, this dude was straight to the point.

“You’re my little fuck toy tonight, understand?”

Oh yeah, I understood all right. His cock was out and ready, a thick piece of manhood that had my mouth watering. I worshipped it like the holy grail, deepthroating and sucking until he growled in approval.

But I wanted more, needed more. I craved the rough touch, the possessive grip. He obliged, pushing me down on the bed and spreading my legs.

He went to town on my bald pussy, licking and biting my clit until I was writhing in pleasure. Then, he penetrated me, and the ride began.

He pounded me hard, each thrust precise and powerful. He made sure to remind me who’s boss, calling me his “little fuck slave” and “bald pussy bitch.”

I loved it. The way he manhandled me, the filthy names, and the rough sex. I was his human sex doll, and he demonstrated total dominance.

His cock felt amazing as he hit all the right spots. I could feel the sweat building, the intensity rising. And then, he pulled out, making me beg for more.

But the best was yet to come. He went down on me again, tongue dipping into my juicy slit. He licked up all my juices, savouring the taste before thrusting back inside me.

It was animalistic, raw sex. And the filthy dialogue just amplified the whole experience.

Let’s just say, I got exactly what I craved and more.

Adriana, the bald-pussy bitch who loves it rough

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