The “Switch” chick with a dick Zetta

I put my panty hose on one foot at a time and I love sexy satin against my skin. I love dressing up and looking super feminine just like every other woman in your life. The only difference, and it is a rather “big” difference is between my legs tucked in my pretty panties is a nice cock. Feast your eyes on it baby, it can be all yours.

Nothing turns me on more than to slide my cock between your lips, besides maybe having you slide yours between mine baby. Two hard dicks and a 69 sounds like a recipe for an orgasmic evening. Add in a little prostate massage and ass humping and we can have ourselves 2 very happy cocks. You do me and I will do you …. both of us cumming until we are all through!

Stroking my cock until you call, Zetta

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