You’re the big bad wolf!

Fantasy Phone Sex“Little pig, little pig, let me cum in!” You growl as you shove your cock deep inside my tight, wet cunt. Oh my god! You are so massive and love the way you stretch me out to accommodate you!  You know I’m nothing but your little pig, and daddy, you sure are blowing something down! You’re the big bad wolf! Use my tight hole to jerk your cock just right daddy! I was born to be your little slut! To please you, so please, fuck me like only you can daddy! Fuck me hard, and slam that cock balls deep! I want you to break my back daddy!  You’ve been fucking me since I could take it. Well, if we are being honest you did it the first time you got me alone. “Yes baby girl, you’re my cum whore aren’t you?!” “Yes daddy, I love to be a good cum whore for you!” You slide you cock out and start licking my dripping wet pussy, cleaning up every last drop. You know just how to eat my pussy and within seconds I’m squirting for you! “Good girl! Squirt for daddy! Now roll over ! Daddy wants to cum in that round little ass!” I love when you’re in my ass daddy! You never disappoint and I’m sure to squirt again! You reach around rubbing my clit as you pound me out. “Damn daddy who told you you could be this amazing?!” I think as pleasure rolls over my body.  I’m shaking with ecstasy as you pound my ass. “Thank you daddy! Thank you for using me and making me your whore! I’m not worthy!” I moan as I feel you cock grow. “Yes baby girl, you are my fucking whore and I’m about to fill you up with all your siblings!” You grunt as I feel the welcomed sensation of you making me a cream filled slut. “Now put that ass on my face, daddy wants that cream pie!” I comply, I mean who am I to deny your orders daddy?!

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