Your Next Door Neighbor

barely legal phone sex

When I dress appropriately, people assume I’m just a sweet, unassuming young girl. They couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’ve noticed the way you’ve been looking at me when I go out to check the mail.

I’ve seen the way you peek over into my yard while I’m laying out or enjoying a nice swim.

What’s going on in that sick, perverted mind of yours?

Are you imagining what my little pussy looks like? How incredible it must taste?

Imagine the opportunity of having me all alone in your house finally presents itself. What sort of plans do you have in store for this willing little closet whore?

I know you see me for what I really am and it keeps your mind constantly distracted with the filthiest of fantasies.

God the amount of times you’ve jerked off to me must be countless. You probably think about my young, tight pussy while you’re fucking that used up wife of yours.

Call me, baby and let’s get nasty.

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