Young Guys

Gilf phone sexSome young guys were campaigning for our next mayoral candidate door to door in my neighborhood. They were both in their mid-twenties, very well dressed, and looked the part of politicians themselves. I knew there was more to them so I invited them in. I pretended to listen to their whole presentation about change and hope but I constantly licked my lips and made fuck faces to whichever of the pair was not speaking. I caught them both staring at my tits and ass as I made excuses to enter and exit the room constantly. Finally one asked could they help me with something else. I led the two young men to my room where they double penetrated me like the slut that I am. They took turns going in my ass and pussy, stroking and pounding and giving me the good fucking I imagined when I saw them approach my porch. One stayed in my ass while the other walked around to the front and face fucked me with all his might. As he flooded my throat his partner flooded my asshole. They left a sticker for their candidate and left. I’ll give them this, they earned my vote.

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