You WILL Dream of Geneva

Yes Master…..the words he wants to hear. Apparently I remind him of Jeanie and that makes my pussy dripping wet! Jeanie was one hot bitch! He bought me this bottle that looks like the one in the show and said he wished he could put me in the bottle and keep me with him every where. In his fantasy all he would have to do is pop the top and I would come out of the bottle to serve him when ever and where ever he was. We are going shopping tonight for a Jeanie out fit and I can’t wait to put it on for him! The idea of materializing for him out of smoke at any time in this hot ass out fit and him being my master is such a turn on it makes me crazy! I have been practicing all day in the mirror my blink and the poses that Jeanie used to do. I want this to be perfect and sexy and hot as hell for him. I never thought I looked like Jeanie but he thinks so and so that is what I will be for him! I can’t wait to make him my Major Nelson and to submit to his kinky sexual fantasy. Would you like me to be your Jeanie in a bottle? After we are done you will dream of Geneva and never stop!

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