Yes Master


cock worshiping phone sex

I’ve come over to your house just like you asked but I’m sorry- I know I’m a little late, Master.
But I’ve worn the little school girl outfit you demanded I put on before showing up. You answer the door and I enter shyly, knowing
your plan is to dominate me. You order me to strip for you, down to the bare nothing
that is my beautiful young naked body. Then you tell me to lay down belly up on the coffee
table, leg’s spread open and to get ready. You tie my ankles and wrists to the legs of the table
and bring out your furry friend. I can’t stop what’s about to happen. Your beast is going to
have it’s way with me and what I do not know is you’ve been training it for months to do
it’s job on me. You stand at my head and force fuck my face while your fuzzy freak humps away.
I scream and beg for it to stop but it fills my cunt up as you cream down my throat. You untie me,
but give me a direct order to not be late for master tomorrow or you’ll do worse. What could
be worse than that, Master?

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