Yes, Master!

The only word you will hear from me is yes. Suck it, yes. Lick it, yes. Whatever you desire. Anything you want from me you will get and more too. I’ll be your good little whore. The best little whore in town. I thrive on submission and tonight you are my master. The master of my body and mind.  My body is yours to control and punish, so do what you see fit. I can handle it, no amount of pain will keep me from pleasing you. I am ready and willing to do anything you ask, no matter how degrading or seemingly impossible. My pussy is wet with anticipation of my duties. Consider me your fuck slave. Tie me up and gag me. Yell at me and tell me what a pathetic little bitch I am. Tell me how I don’t deserve to have you inside of me. Slap my pussy until its red and swollen. Tell me master, tell me what you want me to do.

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