Why would I want you?

cuckolding phone sexTell me loser, why in the world would I want you? I mean just look at you, you’re pudgy and out of shape. Your cock is really too small to even be called a cock, it’s much more like a clitty. Honestly you should just give up on being a man at all and just start dressing like a woman because you are much more womanly than you are manly. In fact, there is nothing manly about you at all! You are not handsome, you have a tiny dick and you definitely do not have enough money to make me try to forget those things. I know it seems harsh to say it so bold like that but you need to know that no quality woman would ever want to fuck a man like you. Women like me we like real men. Men with big fat cocks and wallets to match. The kind of men that think nothing of dropping a few grand on a night out with me and then fucking me for hours afterword. You could never do that now could you?

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