When I think About You….

Phone SexIt’s been so long since I have talked to you.

I missed the sound of your voice and how you instantly make me wet.

I think about you next to me and your strong hands exploring my young tight body.

You always know how to touch me.

But you aren’t here and I am so lonely!

I let my hands fondle my small tits the way you would, pinching my hard nipples.

I reach down with one hand and feel how swollen the lips around my clit are. They are so puffy and smooth and I can feel my pussy contract in anticipation.

I am dripping just from thinking about you and I scoop up my juice and lick it off my finger….just to taste what you taste.

I want to feel you inside me, to feel you stretch out my tiny little cunny and fill me up with every inch of you!

I am so close to exploding….so close to splattering all over the walls!

I need you!

Don’t keep me waiting!!

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