Coed Phone Sex~’Tis the month to partake!

Is there no better time of year for a horny fucking cougar with a pussy that runs like an open spigot? This time of year is like open buffet for me and my pussy can’t get enough! If your a nympho with a taste for fresh young meat, male or female…this is the month for you!
Every year the streets, clubs and beaches are full of eager young people just graduating and throwing graduation parties for the next generation of the hot and horny!  All ripe for the pickin’, especially when impaired by alcohol or drugs. Both if I am lucky! The more fucked up they are the longer they fuck!
Almost every party has at least one keg and we always end up doing keg stands, which I love because a keg stand guarantees you will be wasted in 90 seconds flat! But last night we took keg stands to the next level.
So what is better then a keg stand?
A naked keg stand?

Hail to the next generation!

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